(Closed) Have you had any negative comments on your age?

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  • poll: Have you had negative comments about being to young to get married.



    Yes, but only from strangers/acquaintances

    Yes, my family/friends have been the worst

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    @MissAtoMrsV2014:  I’m 22 and DH is 26 (we got married this year after our Birthdays in April). No one that I know of has said anything directly to us, but I’m sure there’s some speculation. There’s always someone who will have something negative to say. 🙂 I’ve lived on my own since I was 16 and I’m in a much different position than anyone my age. It’s just a number, and your life experiences tell a lot more than how many years you’ve been on the Earth. 

    That’s my opinion anyway. 🙂 

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    Nope, I’ve actually had the opposite.  I’m 29, and I constantly hear that I’m going to be too old to have kids, and that we should have gotten married younger.  Younger didn’t work for us, and I’m glad we waited.  Although we were dating at 21, our 21 year old selves were too much into partying and not ready for marriage! LOL

    I wouldn’t worry about what other’s think. If you and your Fiance feel you are ready, that’s all that matters! 🙂 

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    @MissAtoMrsV2014:  everyone assumes I preggers, even though our engagement was 18 months long… sometimes I get people saying that I need to experience more. Normal dumb stuff.

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    Sometimes people our age will ask what it’s like to be getting married “so young” and say that they can’t imagine doing the same.  I have a sneaking suspicion that people who don’t know us very well think we’re doing it for religious reasons/family pressure, since people are always shocked to learn that we’re living together and that we both came from very liberal backgrounds.  Overall though, our friends and family have been super supportive (way more supportive than I expected for getting married in my 20s).

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    @MissAtoMrsV2014:  I get the, “oh you’re engaged? How old are you? You guys are getting married young!” thing a lot. Considering FH is 7 years older, I guess it’s partially correct haha.

    The thing that KILLS me is, “but you need time to live!” This is usually insenuating that I need to go out and party or date around. I would be curled up with a book watching Doctor Who regardless of if I was married or single. The party thing has never been for me and being single would not change that.

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    I get comments but it’s usually “you guys waited a while huh?” – I’m 26. Future Sister-In-Law married last March, she’s 22 her husband is 32 and everyone told her she was “soooo young” but she’d tell the same person her brother (25 at the time) was getting married and they’d reply “Isn’t that a bit old?” So unless you think 23/24 is the only appropiate age to marry that just means there is no “perfect age” an people are going to comment regardless.

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    My family and friends who know my Fiance and me and our relationship are so happy for us.  They know that we are ment for each other and are in love.  They all have bets on us moving up the wedding becuasue they think were waiting to long to get married, a few have even said if they could they would pay for our wedding just so we could get married sooner, becuase the only reason we’re waiting is because we want a nice wedding.  Strangers on the other hand love telling me that my relationship is doomed because I’m so young.  They want me to sit there and listen while they tell me my Fiance is to immature to get married, these people have never even met them and don’t even know his name!  I learned a long time ago that you just have to show confidence in you and your choices, as long as you as you are confident nothing matters.  All that matters is that you and your Fiance believe you are ready. 

    And just for reference Fiance and I are both 21 and will be 23 when we get married, we are only waiting to graduate and get a good job so we can pay for a nice wedding and honeymoon and still be able to have savings left over married life.

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    I am kind of the opposite. My Fi and I are late-20s and have been together many years and for probably the past 2-3 years we have been getting the “when are you two going to get married” from friends and family. Its all in good natured fun and we don’t really mind, though people we meet are shoked we aren’t married yet when they find out how long we have been together.

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    I’ll be 21 and FH will be 23 when we get married next year. No one I know personally has said anything. It’s only on the Bee – and I don’t think any of it has actually been directed at me personally – that I hear anything about being too young to get married. 

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    In the beginning of our engagement, yes, people we’re quite rude about how young we we’re lol. Now I don’t really care what others say anymore. But today, we went ring shopping at a high end store, we actually had a couple grand in cash to spend and when I asked to try on a ring in our budget, the lady told me I didn’t look old enough to afford it. She said it with a little more class, but we ended up getting our rings from a smaller store. I’m 22 and Fiance 26. 

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    @MissAtoMrsV2014:  I’ve only heard actually negative comments from people here on WeddingBee lol.  Where I come from this is a totally normal age to get married!  We are waiting a whole year after we graduate with our bachelor’s degrees, so we’ll be 23.  Our families are thrilled.  I have had one person (a really awkward coworker) say “You’re engaged?  How old are you?  Wow!  So how are you going to pay for a wedding?” Uh, my fiance is an engineer, so I guess that’s how.

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    Nope. I’m 29 though

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