(Closed) Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?

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@tmsing:  Yes, I had to because mine were impacted. Some folks can keep their wisdom teeth with no problems at all, whereas other people have serious issues from them. It is really up to your dentist, but I would say that if they need to be removed, popping pain pills is not the best idea. You need to get them out or else risk causing worse damage down the line.

The surgery is really minor and routine. I was back at work the next day.

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I have three total and they have never bothered me. I’m not bothering to have them removed unless they’re a problem.

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I had all 4 of mine removed a couple weeks ago. Sometimes, it’s pretty necessary to get them done. One of mine was pushing on other teeth (it was sideways), and another was causing me to bite the inside of my mouth all the time. The procedure itself actually wasn’t that bad. I was pretty nervous, but they knocked me out and gave me laughing gas beforehand. I didn’t even swell, and the pain was really minimal. 

My mom still has all of hers, though, but they all came in normally and don’t bother her. 

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I have had all four removed and it was fine.  They were not erupted, but based on radiographs were suspected to cause a problem.  I had them all out at once by an oral surgeon.  I was swollen and on pain meds for a few days but no big deal.  My friend had hers all out one at a time after they errupted by her dentist, and I think she had more issues with discomfort.

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Honey bee

I had all 4 out, and all were impacted. I was back to school/work within a few days.

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I have all mine. They came in just fine and simply cause minor pain (sometimes worst than others). I have room in my mouth for all of them too.

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I had my pre-molars removed in order to make room in my mouth for braces. It left me with enough room at the back that I was supposed to be able to keep my wisdom teeth. However they came in sideways and were pushing on my other teeth messing up my ortodontia work so I had to get them removed as well. The three holes that didn’t dry socket healed up pretty quickly, but the dry socket was super painful and would keep me awake at night for a couple weeks. It didn’t help that the first day of the dry socket I found out the hard way that I am allergic to vicodin, so I went through it on ibuprofen.

I was awake for the pre-molar removal, and they put me under for the wisdom teeth removal. I don’t really remember either of them being very traumatic, though they certainly weren’t pleasant.

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I had to have all mine removed because they were pushing against my other teeth causing them to move, the pain really was unbearable. So for me it was a must. getting them taken out was a breeze though 

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I only had three and I got all three out at the same time. I got it done when I was 18, about 4 days after having come home from studying abroad for a year. They knocked me out and I didn’t feel anything. I thought the pain would be a lot worse than it was, but both the pain and swelling weren’t really that big of a deal. I was better by day 4 and 5. 

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I had all four of mine cut out when I was 16.  They were only partially through the gums, and they were slanted so that they were pushing on the back of my molars.  They didn’t cause me pain, but they said that eventually they would essentially cause damage to my molars because of how they were positioned. 

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I had all four of mine removed right before I started college; they were all impacted and my jaw just didn’t have the space for them (I actually had to have 2 permanent teeth removed to make room).  The surgery went just fine; I was completely knocked out (no laughing gas), and I don’t remember much about the first day or two of recovery because I just slept through it all.  I remember my mom waking me up every so often to change my gauze and give me some Ibuprofen, but that’s it.  Never got dry socket.  Wasn’t given any prescription painkillers.  I stuck to soft foods and liquids (no straws!) for a few days before carefully experimenting with solids, and I was probably back to 100% normal within a week or two.

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Mine were removed at the beginning of the year. If you need those teeth removed, the longer you wait and the older you get… The worse it is. I was 26 when they were removed and it really wasn’t thaaaat bad…. The first day was the worst, but now I can hardly remember.

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I had all 4 done at once and they hadn’t come in yet.  Not getting them removed can be dangerous. If the roots get too long, they could hit a nerve and cause permanent damage (and a droopy face). 

It’s not bad having them removed.  I was put out for the procedure and was eating pretty normally by dinner time.

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I had all 3 of mine removed when I was 21 because I was having minor jaw surgery so they took them out at the same time “just in case”. They had never caused me any pain or problems before. It wasn’t bad at all, and I was only swollen and unable to chew for one day; I was fine the day after. I had no bruising and didn’t need anything stronger than aspirin, even with the other surgical part. It’s not as bad as some people make it out to be.

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