(Closed) Have you lost/kicked out a bridesmaid from your wedding party?

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  • poll: Have you lost or kicked out a bridesmaid from your wedding party?

    Unfortuneately, yes. (Elaborate in comment)

    Thankfully, no I haven't had any issues!

    I haven't, but am actually considering it


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    You mentioned her complaining about the dress and shoes.  I don’t know about the music (maybe it’s coming out of frustration from the other stuff).  But as for her attire, I can kind of understand where Bms come from when they get bent out of shape over wearing something they don’t want.  I certainly think BMs need to be fairly open minded, and understanding about the bride’s wishes.  But from the BMs standpoint, if they are wearing something that they hate (just told, no input) and have to pay for it to boot….  Did you ask them for opinions, so they feel like they have a say?  I was one to want my girls wearing the same dress.  (God bless the brides who say pick out your own, just make it X color.)  But I made sure we picked out the dresses together. 

    I have a hard time finding too much wrong with a LBD, but to each her own.  Whether or not this stemmed from the dress or if just one of many issues, I don’t know.  If she seems to have leveled out, perhaps the attitude was really about something else, and unfortunately was taken out on you.  (As in, she felt a lot of stress and putting in time for your wedding seemed like an extra burden she didnt need at the moment.)  Hopefully it’s passed.  Good luck.

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    My first guess is this girl is a little jealous.  Maybe she didn’t get what she wanted for her wedding so she’s attacking all the great things in yours…  Just goes to show you that some people are never satisfied.  Bottom line is, do you want her out or not?  I’d call and just ask her if she is really looking to get out of this.  She may do you a favor and say yes.  No one deserves drama or stress like that.

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    No, but I would love to. Was that bad to say? They’re driving me nuts.

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    My FH’s sister told us that she is pregnant and her due date is the day before the wedding. Usually this would be an amazing blessing but unfortunately due to the circumstances it is not. SIL had to move back home, she was kicked out of her apartment, the baby’s father is in jail again. Its just a laundry list! I am afraid that since the baby father is out of jail they are "secretly" seeing each other and he will not let their other child (our nephew/godson) be in our wedding becuase he is not welcomed anywhere near me.

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    Miss Perfume…you are too much.

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    One of mine is going through a divorce, and I’m not so sure if it’s good for her or me to have her have to be in the wedding…  We’re going to have to confront some tough issues together.  I’m sure the story will unfold more.

    I think any time you get a group of girlfriends together, there’s bound to be stuff that comes up…

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    Hugs I totally know how you feel. I started out having 2 maid of honors two of my best friends of 10 years. This one girl we have shared everyting talked about are wedding when we where younger what they would be like and so fourth. Now im getting married and she is never there I had to demote her because it wasn’t fair to my other friend doing all the work. She told me all we ever talk about is the weddign and i get tired ofit. Well anyone whoes anyone knows that this wedding is one of the biggest things in my life. I lost my mom in jan and my job so this wedding keeps my mind off of the sad things. The one perosn i thought would be bye myside all these years and thrilled to death to help me plain and do things has turned out being the worst bridesmaid.  I demoted to bm. Then she asked me a day before dress shopping  if i could buy her dress because she spent all her money. Me i don’t have a job and she does and the dress in only 50.  That night before we went dress shopping she told me she had the money thankfully .Then she bailed the day to getthe dresses because she coudlnt miss play practice so i told her i better get the money or that it and she gave it. Now her dress is to short and im having to run around and try to do all these things to fix her dress for a person who dosn’t want to do one thing for me. I told her in fact im keeping the dresses im not just hers i don’t know if she is going to be in the wedding or not come june in fact i wouldnt be suprised if she called me and dropped out.. I love her to death and have tried to mend are friendship but a friendship can’t be mended when its oneside. I know she is not jelious because she is planning on getting engaged soon. Its just sad and frustrating ;/

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    I unfortunately lost a Maid/Matron of Honor and best friend, I honestly wish I unserstood why. We were bffs for over 13 years, as close as you can get. That all changed when I got engaged. My ex-moh was the girl who ALWAYS wanted to get married. Every guy was “the one” but after multiple heartaches she never made it down the aisle. I was there for her each and everyone time, however, when I met the man of my dreams she just couldn’t be happy for me. I didn’t see it at first but it became painfully obvious when her negativity became a headache for me. Every idea I had or plan I made (dress, location, shoes, hair/makeup, date) she found a way to make it a issue for her and I was more than accomodating! I tried to ignore her comments hoping it would stop. Eventually she just stopped talking to me and sent me a text that she couldn’t be in the wedding. I have to admit my feelings were hurt at first but after reflecting on it I realized that I cannot let one person (regardless of how many years we’ve known each other) affect me or stop MY day. I hate that anyone else would have to go through this but I really feel everything happens for a reason.

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