(Closed) Have you managed an epidural free induction? Or labor? Advice or encouragement?

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I have a pretty decent pain tolerance and the pitocin made the contractions so severe and right on top of another that I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  I was induced with both of our kids.  Hoping that I might actually go into labor on my own.

If it helps, I’ve had several friends (and recently my SIL) who were induced and went without an epidural!

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A friend of mine had her baby with no drugs, but it was because the doctors didn’t realize how dilated she was. When they finally realized it, it was too late. The pain was awful, according to her, and her baby was only 4 lbs 8 oz. 

That’s just one story though. Is there a real risk with using the drugs? I would go that route, if it’s quite safe, so you don’t turn this into a huge ordeal. 

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@ASH.:  Hi! Labor could start any moment now! I have three children, haven’t used pain medication for any of them. So its possible. I have to admit, the first one was the hardest because I didn’t know what to expect! The other two were pretty painful but I knew what was coming.

Try to stay as relaxed as possible. Focus on your breathing (with first baby I was put on oxygen) and remember that although it feels like it will never end, it won’t last forever and you’ll have a beautiful baby at the end of it.

When my water broke, that was the hardest part. Contractions were coming very frequently and very strong. I just kinda let out big breaths and groans (I guess that you could call them that) for as long as I could, trying to make it last the whole contraction.

Good luck! I had my mind set on med free delivery and thankfully I was able to do it. You will know if you need the meds or not. Just trust yourself. πŸ™‚

Edit: As far as being induced, I wasn’t. For all kids I was about 4-5 days before my due date. For two of them, the day before I gave birth I went on long uphill walks. One walk was trickortreating on Halloween. lol. That could’ve pushed me into labor!

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manually have them stretch you then walk walk walk. I  put in 5 miles with my eldest and then went home for a nap and woke at 1am in labor. I had three kids drug free and my middle child was almost pain free. Walking is your friend. Labor isn’t so bad. It is the fear of labor that is the problem so the first time always seems worse. PM me if you ever need a pep talk

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There was a poster a while back who had an induction without any pain meds; she used the Bradley method to get through the pain.  She posted about it here (her username is december).

Have you been preparing with a natural birthing method?  I’ve heard the most success stories using the Bradley method or Hypnobabies!

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I got induced and was hoping to go without pain meds, but couldn’t make it. I tried walking, labor ball, breathing techniques, and whirlpool tub. Like PPs have said, the contractions were just on top of each other and intense! I did have back labor though. I was given Cervadil and Pitocin. In the end, an epidural was the right choice for me– the pain was making me extremely stressed and my blood pressure go up and put stress on the baby. Good luck! πŸ™‚

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Mrs. Spring i have heard a bit about hypnobirthing too! one lady was saying she accidently had her first at home as she didnt think she was far enough along as she had put herself into a trance, and didnt feel that it was time to go to hospital. Baby #1 was born on her bed. Baby #2 was born within 12 minutes of getting to the hospital and it was a similar story with baby #3. 

ASH. sorry dont have anything to offer but good luck!! sending lots of well wishes!!!

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I am going drug free too if I can! πŸ™‚ I am going to use a birthing pool – is that available to you? Also google some breathing, relation and massage techniques. Try to relax.

Good luck! x

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I was induced and had a med free birth. I was lucky in that the dose of Pitocin they gave me was low and my body kicked into labor pretty quickly on it;s own after that. I had done a lot of preparation for a med free labor as tat’s what I hoped for but what really got me through it was having support from my mom and Darling Husband in the room, cheering me on and helping me through each contraction. I did a lot of patterned breathing and moaning towards the end and had Darling Husband do counterpressure on my back during contractions. Knowing there was a purpose to the pain and that it wouldn’t last forever definitely helped a lot too. Good luck!!

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