Have you purchased from Tigergemstones on Etsy?

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Blushing bee

I haven’t ordered anything yet but I’ve been in contact with the owner for a few months now, as far as I can tell they’re super helpful and polite and willing to help. I’ve been reading the reviews and a lot of them mention her offering free returns and resizing if the ring doesn’t fit. What are you thinking of ordering? πŸ™‚ I’m going to get a wedding set after Christmas and I’ve got my eye on the 2ct solitaire.

Also, if you follow tigergemstones on Instagram you can see before and after photos and videos of the jewelry πŸ™‚

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Blushing bee

Ooh, congratulations on your upcoming engagent πŸ™‚

What size finger do you have? It could be worth going to a jewellers and trying on rings in those sizes to see which fits your finger best, I have size 7 fingers so a 2ct doesn’t look as big on me, I would say that 1.50/1.75 would have been my ideal but they don’t offer one that size with the setting I like.

I’m 22 so I know what you mean about not wanting a ring that will stand out in a bad way. 

Thats why I’m shopping there too, I have a smaller diamond ring (that we bought from a conflict-free store) that I’m upgrading but I want to go conflict free again.


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Busy bee

They do have some very pretty rings, those prices combined with their strange use of terminology make me tilt my head a bit. I think they’re something more like CZ jewelry/diamondique sort of thing. 

Not that it makes them any less lovely. However just be 100% sure you know what you are paying for. If they were lab created diamonds, they would be much more expensive. Lab created diamonds are only about 10-30% less than an equivalent natural diamond would be, not $100 for a one carat solitaire set in silver. Plus if its something other than diamond, you want to know that way it can be cared for appropriately, as different stone types require different maintenance.

Good luck with your purchase! Early congrats on the upcoming engagement too!!

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Bumble bee
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They’re pretty rings, but I went “ehhhhh?” when I saw that the owner was going to a “huge gemstone show” to source and hand select her “conflict-free gemstones” annually … I bet they’re just going on vacation. I just don’t like the terminology and way she’s marketing her CZ “gemstones.” I like cz, the jewellery is cute, but I don’t like the angle this owner is taking. 

Marketing is everything but this is bordering on lying. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

I haven’t purchased from them, but went over to browse and after looking at this one, I’d have concerns about quality: https://www.etsy.com/listing/175296946/sale-2-carat-high-profile-engagement

The prongs look sloppy and it just overall looks like a cheap setting.

That being said, the others don’t look as bad, so who knows.

Based on the price points, I’d have to agree with southsun that it must be CZ or something similar and not a lab-created diamond. Actual lab-created diamonds are pretty pricey.

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Busy bee
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I checked out her etsy store and like her jewelry but I don’t know why she doesn’t say they are CZ stones instead of saying man made. Personally I think you’ll get better value and quality at Berricle.

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Sugar bee
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Aqua59:  I would recommend Berricle.com, QVC.com, or emitations.com over an esty seller that lies about what the stones are made out of.  Like PP said it is simply CZ.  If you go with QVC diamondique they will repair, replace, or refund it for life.  Plus you can get diamondique in 14kt gold setting on limited styles.  Better metals = last longer. 

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I know this is way late, BUT. I got my engagement ring there. She has updated her site to go into more depth about the difference between her stones and the difference between other man made diamonds.

I would like to add. I don’t care what it is called, it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL in person. It sparkles even in the dark. I have the 1.2 6 prong oval, but I feel like I have a disco ball on my hand.

for the price it’s totally worth it!

for the quality and the “pretty” it’s above and beyond worth it

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Sugar bee
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This seller annoys me, she hashtags her stuff on intstagram with #diamond and #diamondring and uses creative wording to make people think they’re buying something other than a CZ. She had said something before about the stones being some super special top secret Russian creation, probably to avoid just straight up saying it’s CZ. 

Her instagram has lots of pretty pictures, I think she has nice pieces I just wish she was more honest about her product. 

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Helper bee

My fiance and I wanted to know what her rings were so we actually bought a cheap sale ring as an experiment! We brought it to a jewler and told him what she claimed the product was “a simulated diamond with perfect cut and color but better than a CZ.” He tested it and looked at it with his little jewler scope thing and told us it was indeed CZ. He apologized for our hopes being high but he didn’t want us buying into it if we thought it was a real conflict-free diamond. 

The ring is beautiful and sparkles like crazy but I too wish she would just say what her product is. It’s fine if it’s a high quality CZ but please tell me that’s what it is. 

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Helper bee
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If you read her reviews, a lot of people think they just got a diamond ring for $80. It’s sad she’s so shady. It’s like McDonalds saying that McNuggests are chicken. 

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When I first found Tigergemstones, I was amazed at the awesome looking rings and the incredible prices. I was blown away by all of her positive reviews on Etsy, too. I decided to do a little searching around the internet to find out more about her and came across this thread and one other. I saw a few negative reviews and also saw people pointing out that the stones are clearly CZs (unless this etsy seller has discovered some new, magical stone!). Anyways, I ordered a pair of earrings so I could see for myself  what they were like.

This is the review I left on etsy – “The earrings were pretty but got foggy after wearing 3 times. If you are considering getting one of these rings as an engagement or wedding ring, I would suggest first ordering earrings so you can see the stone and the quality (that’s what I did!). I was also disappointed to find out that she cannot make all of her sterling silver rings in 14k – only the rings she already has listed. This makes me think that they are not handmade rings, rather they are purchased from a supplier and resold. I also thought it was strange that when my package arrived it had a totally different name – PBY Holdings. The fact that the seller won’t explicitly disclose type of stone is used is odd.I’m 99.99% sure they are just high quality CZs. This is totally fine, but be honest about what they are. Fun for costume jewelry but not for an e-ring.”
I woke up this morning with a message on etsy titled URGENT. This is what TigerGemstones (Tabitha) sent me – “I just read your review and I would like to address your concerns. The reason why Tiger Gemstones is not on the label is for your own security. Any package that has the words GEMS will tempt a thief to steal it. I am not hiding anything from my client – PBY Holdings is the legal name of my business.
I make all of my items – Etsy reviews the entire process before I am able to sell here. They go through a very thorough process and you can also contact them to verify.
Individual molds for gold and silver are different and it takes a lot of work to create them so it is cost prohibitive. In addition, I only have a certain budget to work with so I cannot carry a huge amount of gold in house.
Please see the care sheet that came with your jewelry, it requires maintenance to keep clean. I can assure you the stones did not fog on the inside and the surface just needs to be cleaned with soapy water. Our products all use proprietary formulas for our stones but they are absolutely simulated diamonds (not real) as noted in my listings.
I really hope that you are willing to adjust your review, I would prefer if you would remove the information about my company name for your and my client’s protection. I take the security of my packages very seriously. I would also like you to reconsider your review, I work very hard to maintain my store and a 3 star rating is really going to hurt my search ranking.
I hand make, pack, ship, and reply to every message I get personally.
Please let me know if you would like to return the earrings and I would be more than happy to provide you a return label at my expense.”

First, I have a problem with an etsy seller asking me to change my review. Has anyone else ever had this happen? I never had! Then again I am the type of person that usually leaves 5 star reviews. Secondly, when I wore the earrings I was very gentle on them. I made sure they never came in contact with water and that I put them on after I had applied skincare products and makeup (and yes I made sure to wash my hands before even touching the earrings). After being that careful, they still managed to lose a bit of their luster and fog up after wearing them three times- this tells me the stone is CZ! Lastly, her excuse that PBY Holdings is her business’ legal name is not true. The package said PBY Holdings, LLC on it. After doing a quick search on the Nevada (the state she is located in) Secretary of State Business Entity Search page (every state has this to look up legitimate corporations and LLCs/LLPs), it came up with nothing. She may use PBY Holdings, but it is not a legal name. I work in the legal field, so I am pretty savvy when it comes to these things. Overall, I would caution anyone that does business with her. She seems dishonest. If you leave anything but a 5 star review (which the package came with a note asking specifically for a 5 star review), be prepared to receive a similar etsy message. 

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