Have you seen a neighbour naked / has a neighbour seen you ?

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Honey bee
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My neighbor’s horses got out of their pasture and were running up and down the street. I sent my kids up to one end to hold them and I ran to his front door. He opened it holding his overalls in front of him while rushing to put them on. We spent 20 minutes chasing his horses up and down the street, me and the kids in our jammies and him in his overalls and…nothing else. We see each other all the time and we simply don’t speak of the time I saw him naked, it was an emergency lol! 

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Buzzing bee
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My elderly neighbour opposite seems to know everything that goes on so i’m sure she’s watching sometimes and might see when I go briefly past the front window wearing very little. I don’t do it often!

When I was 9 I saw my next door neighbour naked in her bedroom with a man who wasn’t her husband. It was 2pm and I was outside on my bike. Nine year old me was shocked. I told my mum and she didn’t believe me until the affair came out a few months later.


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Honey Beekeeper
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Nope!  I live in the middle of 2 acres surrounded by trees now so it hasn’t happened to me.  Previous places I lived were in the city, so I always had blinds shut.  I did see one girl trying to squeeze into her mini skirt once, but that was it.

My friend however, is always nude at home.  He said he actually had a neighbor asking him when he was going to get curtains shortly after he moved into his house.  This guy has actually walked half a block in the middle of the city butt naked (granted it was like 2am and he just had to grab something out of his car…. but it’s more than possible someone saw him and we joke about how he’s lucky he wasnt caught for indecent exposure!)  He just couldn’t be bothered to put on clothes for 30 seconds!  His parents are kinda nudist also, and live in the woods so unless you actually drive down their driveway to the house, theres no way anyone can see naything.  But he’s dropped by with his wife (without warning) and caught them running back into the house to get dressed.   And another time they caught his dad out by the pool… with a newpaper on it.  The learned pretty quick to stop dropping by unannounced.

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Helper bee

My next door neighbor prefers gardening nude….so there’s that.  He wears tennis shoes with socks and that’s about it.  Every once in a while he will throw a pair of tightie-whities on. We’ve always found it hilarious and its a joke in our circle, because he only does it when he thinks nobody will see him.  The few times he has been caught he has sprinted inside with “it” flopping up and down as he runs and tries to not be seen. I should also add that he is elderly, probably 70+.

I am now expecting and no longer find it funny.  It’s funny how things change.  Next time I see him like this he will be informed that if he is ever outside naked again that we wil call the cops…

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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When we were in the process of buying our house, we drove by it slowly one day just to look at it, and the owner’s 60-something boyfriend was right in front of the glass storm door NAKED doing JUMPING JACKS!  haha wtf.  It was so weird.  Saw way more floppage than I wanted to.

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Helper bee

lol some of these stories are cracking me up. I do have a nosy neighbor who has legit nothing better to do with her time but stare at my house and bother us, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s seen me walk around in my underwear when my roomie is gone for the weekend. Nor do I care haha, she can look away. I haven’t see anyone around here before, but at my last job, the building was next to an apartment complex and one of my co workers could see some girl getting dressed…creepo didn’t even look away !!

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Bumble bee

No one has seen me naked that I know of, but I saw my neighbor naked before I even met him. I ended up marrying him. Since he’s ALWAYS walking around the down stairs naked I wouldn’t be surprised if other neighbors have seen his ass or junk. His house is VERY close to the street. Ugh. 

Then a couple of years ago when Darling Husband had a steady daily walking routine, we came up to this house that sits on the corner. The first floor sits somewhat elevated and it’s kinda on this little hill. Anyway I happen to glance over and this guy was standing practically pressed up against the open window. Like it was all junk and balls, and his torso. His face was covered by a curtain or something. I think he’s just some pervert. 

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Bumble bee
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Yes, when we were in high school we were at a party and playing strip poker. LOL!


But this is the only neighbor for it to happen with. 

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Busy bee

We live on the 33rd floor. Don’t see much traffic up here. 

I suppose the other buildings around us could see in, but I can’t see into their windows, so I doubt it. 

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Helper bee
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When I was little, my neighbor did something or other to his wife and got kicked out. I don’t know why he was naked. But he was just standing on their porch, naked as the day he was born trying to talk to her while she threw his stuff out. He didn’t even care, didn’t grab any of the clothes she threw out.

My sister and I sat in the window watching. We thought it was funny at the time, didn’t really understand what was going on. Just…hey look a penis, isn’t it weird looking?  

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Honey bee
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merighthere :  Husbands office recently moved location. It has a four storey apartment block opposite. His building has those reflective glass windows. I think the people in the apartment building get confused and think that just because you can’t see in doesn’t mean that the people in the office building can’t see out! 

The office is used at night and I think that the apartment dwellers think its not. That combined with the reflective glass makes for some interesting apartment dweller behaviour that can be seen from across the road. The old guy who does his cross fit and rowing machine nude, the group sex couple, the every night at 9pm masturbater. The nude balcony BBQ guy… He grills sausages with his sausage out. The list goes on. 

His big boss finally got around to doing a letter drop at the apartment across the road telling the apartment dwellers that everyone at the office can see everything that goes on because of that weird thing called a glass window.


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Bumble bee
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