(Closed) Have you used the pull out method?

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  • poll: Would you trust the pull out method (POM) to avoid pregnancy?
    I have solely used the POM. : (158 votes)
    42 %
    I have used the POM along with another form of contraception. : (80 votes)
    21 %
    I would consider using the POM at some point, but haven't yet. : (24 votes)
    6 %
    I would never use the POM. : (112 votes)
    30 %
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    Nope, I’d never trust just that. 

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    Darling Husband and I use pull-out pretty exclusively. I don’t like pumping myself full of hormones so no BCP and neither of is is super crazy about condoms.

    We certainly DO NOT want kids yet, so he is super extra careful to use the method appropriately. He’s about to go to grad school so he’s totally against making babies right now.

    And of course he’s my husband so I trust him 100%. I never have any anxiety over it and I don’t have any issues enjoying myself because we aren’t using another method.



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    Fiance and I only use the POM. I’m allergic to latex, which I found out only after the second time using them. Too Much Information, but I thought my ex had given me an STD. Doctor confirmed it wasn’t, thank goodness!! Luckily (sarcasm), it was only after the second horrendous time that I found out I was allergic. I’m not down with trying sheep skin or any other animal condoms. We also have big time fertility issues in my family so Fiance and I decided that we don’t want to increase any chances of not being able to get pregnant. We still have a year before the wedding, after which we will be whole heartedly trying. The past few years have been solely POM and it’s worked just fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I asked my Darling Husband and he said he was pretty sure we could do it, but he definitely wouldn’t want to. “You gotta finish somehow!” Haha that’s my hubby ๐Ÿ˜‰

    For us abortion isn’t even an option and we’ve agreed we’re a few years away from TTC, so we wanted to be really sure of our BC. I got an IUD (takes away that element of human error that you mentioned) and love it… no pills or patches to remember or condoms to mess with. Just sexy time with the husband ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Maybe when we’re more ok with the idea of having a baby, but for now 73% scares me too much ๐Ÿ˜€

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    No, because I have NO interest in getting pregnant at this time, so I do not play with fire.  

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    @PetuniaPie:  What about the polyurethane and polyisoprene ones?

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    I would never rely on it as a sole method of BC if I didn’t want to be pregnant. I could see myself using it as a backup method in conjunction with HBC or if we were undecided about having a kid but open to it.

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    Yes. I used it for almost a full year and did not get pregnant. The very first time we did not use that method I got pregnant. So I feel fairly confident it worked well for us. That being said, before we decided to use POM as our only real birth control we both agreed that we would be okay with a pregnancy if it happened. I wouldn’t have used it otherwise. Also, once I have my baby when I would NOT be okay with getting pregnant again (first year after birth) I don’t think we’ll rely on POM. It just doesn’t feel as certain as say, an IUD. 

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    Condoms cause me serious UTIs and (according to my FI), birth control pills cause me to turn into a total bitch. So right now, that’s the only method available. Been using it for at least a year now. So far so good…. I just hope it keeps working until I get married >.>

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    @PetuniaPie:  Yeah I’m allergic to latex too, get random rashes, and also like I said before, Any condoms cause me UTIs. As soon as I stopped using condoms, no more UTIs!

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    @RedPandas:  we have been using it effectively for the past year. I think it comes down to trust and knowing your body. My Fiance has never even been close to making a mistake and I trust him completely. We also don’t have sex around the time that I am ovulating. When used correctly, it is just as effectibe as other forms of birth control. 

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    In my younger more fertile years… this was a NO GO for sure.

    In my late teens & early 20s, I was on BCPills and that is all we used.

    In my mid 20s between kids, I had a diaphragm and did some Natural Family Plannng (watched my cycle, both Rythm & Mucus)… so in that way “doubled up” at time (or abstained entirely)

    Then my Ex got the BIG Snip.  No more worries.  Yippee.

    I met Mr TTR in my late 40s.  We used a variety of methods… and sometimes doubled-up.

    Abstaining, Fertility Awareness, Condoms… and yes “Pull & Pray” have all been a part of our tool box.

    Now as much as I don’t want to get pregnant, my family Dr outright told me that at my age (our age) chances are slim.

    These old eggs aren’t what they used to be… then add in the fact that my body would more than likely reject a pregnancy (self termination) so there you have it… BC for the older woman


    And still no fun after all these years.

    — — —

    Personally, I’d NEVER RECOMMEND the POM / P&P Method for anyone who was young and VERY Fertile… just too much of a risk.

    Men just don’t have enough self control… and even then, altho lots of medical stats will point to the fact that there is NO Sperm * in pre-cum… there are a lot of babies running around with Parents who SWEAR that is how it happened !!

    * Sperm exists in pre-cum that is left over from another session earlier in the day (be it intercourse or masturbation).  It is “supposed” to clear if a man urinates.


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    My husband and I use the POM as our sole method of birth control. We started using it right after we were married. I went off hormonal birth control (after 14 years) because I didn’t like the side effects and I trust that my husband has control over his body. It’s a very personal decision (obviously) and what may not work for some, may work amazingly well for others. No close calls for us yet. The bottom line is that in order for it to work, your man must pull out. Pretty simple concept. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    We only use the pull out method, have been for 2 years and no pregnancy, he had a lot of practice doing with his ex for 10 years, I wouldnt recommend it, but condoms hurt me, and the pill makes me gain weight like crazy, Not interested in a shot or anything like a IUD put inside me

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    We use it in combination with NFP and have been since February. That said, we’d be thrilled to get pregnant. if we weren’t, we wouldn’t be having sex or would at least use condoms in the fertile window. 

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