(Closed) Have you/Would you ever discipline your dog by hitting?

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    Special Snowflake

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    Have you ever tried the clicker for when she does good things and just a firm “No” when she does something bad.

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    I don’t think many people will admit to it, but yes I have. Only with one of our dogs and it is NOT an all the time thing. Both our dogs use pee pads in the house. One of them started peeing off the pad, like she wouldn’t even bother trying to get any on the pad. I would show her the mistake and smack her bottom. It worked and reminded her that she needed to pee on the pad. The same dog will also get smacks on her butt if she starts w/ her incessant barking after warning her repeatedly to be quiet.

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    Absolutely would not and have not. I also will not hit/spank/lightly slap future children, either.

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    yep, she gets a light smack on the nose with a finger. Also a very stern “BAD DOG” and a 2 to 5 minute time out in her bed. She only gets this when she either gets into the garbage or if she eats human food without permission.

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    Oh wow, I guess I assumed all dogs got a tap on the head or a spank on the butt.

    I love my dogs like children, but sometimes the younger one needs more than a NO.

    Our 6 year old doesn’t require anything physical anymore. (Well.. about a month ago, she was eating out of the trash while we were home and I snuck up behind her and spanked her butt, it was honestly kinda funny because she did not see it coming and she was SO into eating that food!)

    I mean, when you think about it dogs have thicker skin/hair than we do so that slap probably hurt less than my SO’s playful slaps to my own butt, LOL.

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    For the most part, I don’t. There have been a few times when she has gotten a light tap on the nose, but it’s very rare. Shortly after we adopted her, we took her to a trainer who taught her what the word “no” means within about 5 minutes and that’s usually all it takes to get her to stop doing or prevent her from doing something.

    ETA: From what you described, you’re not a monster, in my opinion.

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    lmbo at special snowflake.

    OK I’m going to say this then run and hide.

    Yep, I would discipline my dog by hitting it. (EEEK) Please don’t hate or judge me.

    Let me preface by saying that I am a HUGE animal lover.

    Now I would like to explain – for starters I wouldn’t abuse my dog, I would never hit it hard. I would only touch it hard enough to get the dogs attention if nothing else worked. (clicker, my voice, etc)

    Physical discipline or training in any sort of way with a dog would be the last thing I would try, but in the spirit of honestly if all else failed I would. 

    That being said, I do not think a dog understands what you are doing when you resort to hitting it for discipline or training. Hitting isn’t natural in the canine world.  I watched a show on the dog whisperer one time and he did not advocate hitting a dog rather he suggested using a grabbing motion. Specifically, making your hands simulate a bite to get the dogs attention and show your dominance.

    I was disciplined as a child with the belt or a wooden spoon and I consider myself a stable loving adult, I think a dog would be fine too.

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    We had to spank our dog when potty training but we got her as an adult dog that was completely untrained. I did learn a trick from a dog trainer in animal planet. If you make a honking sound at them rather than saying no it is far more effective and it really works with our dog.

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    I’m pretty horrified at the percentage of people who said they hit their dogs.

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    We’re not talking about abuse, we’re talking about light smacks (that’s the assumption I’m under anyway). Like gocubbies said, some dogs need more than a stern “no”.

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    Yes, I have swat them on the nose and behind. :/  It’s actually not a good thing to do, I usually just tell them in a firm voice “No!”

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    I have, but very infrequently.  In the year we’ve had Moose I’ve maybe smacked his butt 5 times.  The only time I do this is if he’s done something that I found out about after the fact.  He’s very well behaved when he’s with us and a quick no will get him to stop anything naughty.  However, the few times we have tried to give him some freedom while we are away he has torn up whatever space he is in.  I take him to the mess, say no, and give him a smack on the butt.  My feeling is he needs to learn that his behavior isn’t acceptable just because I didn’t see him do it.  But again, it’s a light smack, it’s not like I’m beating my dog.  And it certainly doesn’t result in him being afriad of me.  He will usually sulk for a little because he knows he is in trouble… but then he will be all over me kissing me and cuddling me.  My husband is not allowed to even do little pats on the butt because he is VERY large and probably more like to frighten the pup.

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    My pup gets a light swat on the butt if shes out of control..which isn’t often at all. It’s certainly not hard, more just to get her attention.

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