(Closed) Having a baby in an apartment—thin walls and noise?

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1) yes. If you can hear them, they wil be able to hear you… at all hours of the night since babies cry when they want. And yes, they can and usually are that loud at least some of the time.

2) Depends on your baby totally. You can run a fan in the baby’s room to help them sleep because of the white noise. Plus a fan is recommended anyway to help prevent SIDS  http://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/news/20081006/sleeping-with-fan-may-lower-sids-risk

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@sunsetchristy:  Darling Husband and i are TTC and we live in an apartment. i was nervous about it at first but i’ve gotten to the point where i just don’t care. our neighbors aren’t considerate about noise so i’m not going to worry about them hearing a baby. they have the same layout as us so if the baby is crying in the middle of the night, we can take it to the living room. it’s so expensive to buy a house in my area so all of our friends with kids rent. it’s not a weird thing around here and i think people somewhat expect it.

as far as babies waking easily, it depends on the baby. when i was born, my parents were in the process of having an addition put on the house and i slept through all the construction noise.

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Yeah, your neighbors will hate you. I would actually break a lease and move if I had thin walls and a neighbor with a kid.

Our townhouse has cement walls for the shared walls, and double pane windows. We never hear the newborn next door. I think it’d be less stressful for you to live somewhere that has better insulation for sound, or a house.

My niece is 4 and she runs around screaming at the top of her lungs. They literally only get louder. Something to think about.

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My FH and I live in an apartment and are going to start to TTC in August! We may be moving into a townhome after our wedding, but this a good post! I live in a luxury apartment technically and can’t hear my neirobors,  but I worry about a screaming baby too! Hopefully we’ll be out of our apartment before the birth though, just for more space for baby items!


if you have unfriendly neighbors that you can hear, I would move!

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My upstairs neighbours where I lived last year had a toddler, so the kid slept through the night. But boy, would he throw tantrums during the day! I heard him screaming all. the. time.

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I wouldn’t let your unpleasant neighbors infkuecce your decision to TTC one bIt.  i would put more time into thinking about whether you have enough space. , logistics of getting strollers in and out , storage , Etc.  As for queregard about how easily babies wake , that depends on the environment they become used to meaning, if you walk on eggshells and never make a peep, babies will tend to wake with any sound.  My sister refused to tiptoe around my Niece , she would run a vacuum in the same area , dry her hair , talk in regular voice , turn lights on, well the baby could sleep through anything , even a horrific thunderstorm ! Now this only applies tno newborns, she wakes more easily now that she’s a toddler.

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Yeah, your neighbors will probably hear the baby. When I lived in an apartment there was a baby next door and we did hear it a lot. It’s not ideal, but that’s just one of the down falls of apartment living. don’t worry about it too much.

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I would be SO PISSED if I lived somewhere and all was quiet and then my neighbors had a baby.  In some of the luxury apartment complexes around here, they try to put families with kids on one side of the complex and grumpy old people and people like myself on the other.  I think that might be considered housing discrimination but they paint it like “aww, your kid will be right next door to the neighbor kids so cute” and people go for it.  The people I knew who moved into one of these complexes were so pissed off when a family with kids moved from the kids side to the grumpy side and the kids were thundering up and down the stairs all the time.  Is your complex big enough that the management could shift people around if they were irritated with the noise? 

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I’m due in August and we live in an apartment with a shared wall with one other tennet.  At first I was nervous, but like a PP said, my neighbor isn’t considerate about noise either.  I mean, he plays his rap music at all hours of the evening and early AM.  And he and his girlfriend fight at like 2am on the regular.  So I’m not going to even worry about it.

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The neighbors below us have a baby and we hear it every time it cries, it seems like :/

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I think it will depend on your baby. If your baby has colic or tummy troubles or is not easily consolable you may have a problem. My baby would cry in the middle of the night but as soon as i picked her up or fed her she would stop but if your neighbors are the type who you think will complain I would rather move than have to deal neighbor complaints on top of having a newborn.

Im pretty sure my upstairs neighbors can hear my baby cry but i can also hear their little dog run around and bark so even thought my baby most likely annoys them and their dog annoys me, its a tradeoff and we have both have never complained about each other.

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It’s all a part of apartment living! Too bad if they don’t like it, I say.

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