(Closed) Having a hard time dealing with pregnancy weight gain :(

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@MarryMeTiffany:  Oh hunny I could have written that myself, (apart from the 4 kids to look after, Well DOne!) I dont have any really good advice cause I am going through the exact same thing. 4 years ago I lost 25kg (55pounds) and got down to 43kg(95pounds) (prob bit too skinny) I gained 7kg back when i gave up smoking and stayed that weight (50kg) with lots of hardwork and heaps of exercise for the last 3 years. i also started running and ran a full marathon a month before getting pregnant. 

During my pregnancy (I am 34 weeks) I have gained 13kg (29pounds) despite continuing to exercise and by exercise I mean 3 sessions of bootcamp where i still am running even now, 1 personel training session a week and the occasional Body Pump or RPM. i am watching what I eat too, but I am soo hungry so am eating more than I am expelling and consequently have gained weight all over ;( 

I get so upset when I here what other pregnant women have gained, some of my close friends even lost weight during theirs ………

I try not to think about it to much cause I get really upset, everyone says that it doesn’t matter, that it is normal, but as I get closer and closer to my max weight I really start getting worried and upset, especially cause I know that when baby arrives I am prob going to struggle to fit all my exercise in. 

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I feel your pain.  I lost 30 lbs right before my wedding in december and it took so much work.  I am 5’4″ and I have never been a “small” girl, always a little chubby.  I am not going to lie and say I can’t help but be disappointed every time I gain weight now.  I got pregnant a month after the wedding so I didn’t even get to enjoy a summer in bikinis 🙁  I told the OB not to tell me how much I weight unless it is a serious problem because it makes me too depressed.  I know its healthy and just baby growing but I feel like a fatty.

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I am only 8 weeks along and I am already feeling horrible. It really dosn’t help when the Husband touches my stomach and says “somebody is getting a belly!”.

I say, No! I am Not! Thats Just Gas! and get all huffy about it

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I haven’t gained anything yet, and I’m already terrified. I gained about 10 pounds after the wedding and was working that off before the BFP. I’m already bigger than I’m comfortable at, and it’s not even due to baby (yet). I thoguht for sure that stopping drinking would help melt the pounds away (DH and I do love our wine), but nothing yet. It’s been crazy at work since I got the BFP though, and starting next week I should be able to get back to exercising again. I just feel blah.

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I feel you! i’m still so early on so any belly i have is just that…belly! haha. I just am really scared i’m going to use this as an excuse to eat and eat and eat. I’m terrified of gaining more weight than needed for a healthy baby.

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I understand it is frustrating.  I too lost weight before my wedding two years ago and then gained back.  I worked with a personal trainer from Dec-Feb and lost 10lbs.  Then got prego.  I’m now back at what I was in Dec.  I’m okay with that.  But I’m dreading what’s around the corner these next 6 months.  I have been trying to walk the dog every night.  But these past couple of weeks have been hard- late nights at work and bad weather.  I don’t have any other kids so I can only imagine how hard it is to find time for you!

PS I’m writing this as I’m eating a bowl of ice cream!  LOL

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I was terrified when I fell pregnant about losing my figure.


I have made a concerted effort not to eat crap at every given opportunity and at 5ft 1, a few pounds can really transform me from fit to flabby.


However I’m a big believer in lifestyle=body shape. I really do believe if I reinstate my old habits after the pregnancy, there’s is no reason why I should hold onto a lot of extra weight. In saying that, my metabolism was always super slow and I really didnt eat a lot anyway.


At the moment I’m ignoring my fat face in the mirror, pretending its not there- but I have a few people who have decided to come visit us a few weeks before I give birth and am not totally confrotable being paraded out for judgemental looks when Im most bloated and have the most weight on! 🙁


I took pictures of my stomach straight away after my BFP and now at 33 weeks- looking back I cant actually believe how tiny I was- why did I not give myself credit for it at the time!




When I see other pregnant Ladies, I think they are rocking the baby look so much better than I am.

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@cacamillis:  THIS

I did the same with the photo right after my BFP.  For me, mypurpose was to document what I looked like pre-baby so that I could have a realistic goal in mind when getting back in shape after.  Now I look at those photos and think “wow, I looked a awesome.  Why was I always thinking I was fat!”. Haha!

Now, I’m up 30 lb at 29 weeks and can hardly believe it!  Not sure that I could have done anything to make it less.  I don’t eat too badlyand have been exercising, but of course I can’t run or do the level of exercise I did before.Hopefully, it’ll come off after…

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Oh Ladies i feel all your pain. I have gained 25 pounds and i am only 24 weeks come sunday. I am totally freaked out by how big i may get. My upper arms look like sausages and i just generally feel round and dumpy, like humpty dumpty. i am 5’7″ but i still filled out. i was SUPER skinny at my wedding (like 115 lbs which is crazy for my height) and then gained about 25 lbs when i went off the pill and started TCC. I have crazy cravings and definitely feel like i eat too much sugar. I am trying to get it under control without dieting. I do eat alot of healthy food and execrise as well. I am starting to become more comfortable with my body. I too see other women on here and think they look so much better or feel sad when they say they have gained only 10lbs and how fat they feel or how they have lost weight. i always wanted to be one of those thin women with no weight anywehre but her bump but i am starting to see that that is not only unrealistic for everyone but not what this is all about. We are creating a miracle here, our bodies are making a huge sacrifice. so long as we do our best to take care of ourselves and love our babies and our bodies i think we should be proud. women are always scrutinizing our bodies. we gotta break the cycle and see our beauty. I’d like to add that there are several of you that i have seen on the bump love thread and you ALL look beautiful to me. truly. 

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@Audreysdance:  I couldn’t have put it more perfectly than you just did.

You need to try to love your body. I know what it’s like to have body issues, and we’re all going to have our “Shrek” days going through this process, but you have to look at what you’re doing here. This is not about YOU. This is about your baby. You have the rest of your life to get your figure back- right now, it’s all about making sure you’re happy and healthy for your baby. Time to take a step back and focus on what’s important here.

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I decided I had two choices:

1. Fight the inevitable and have a miserable pregnancy


2. Embrace the inevitable and enjoy pregnancy (as much as I can!)

Now, if you’ve got 4 kids then you are way, way more experienced in this rodeo than me, since I’m only pregnant with my first. But from what I hear, the truth is, most women’s bodies are determined to gain a little weight in preparation for the resources that need to be diverted to the growing baby–now and after birth. It’s very hard to fight that determination and can be impossible to stop it unless you run the risk of harming the fetus (and yourself).

For me, I decided that this was my chance to figure out what self-acceptance really means and to appreciate my body for what it can DO, versus how it looks.

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