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Yes – and it was the worst thing I have experienced in my life to date (and I’ve always been told I’m a good sick person and I have a really high pain tolerance)!  Just awful!  My doctor said that the recovery is 10 times worse in adults than kids.

It was a full two weeks before I started to feel okay again and I was taking narcotic pain meds as often as allowed (with normal pain meds in between narcotic doses).  Forcing down some applesause or a pudding cup so that I could even take the narcotic put me in tears because it hurt so badly (have to eat food first to take it).  And you have to constantly drink water/gatorade/etc to keep the wounds wet and just sipping anything hurt like HELL!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but be prepared to be absolutely miserable.  I’m sure it sounds like I’m making this sound way worse than it could possibly be but it really was that bad.

Things that were good to eat (but still super painful):
Pudding cups

Things I really didn’t like having:
Ice cream – the milky coating it left over the wounds was unpleasent
Water – got really boring when you have to drink constantly

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@thmpper:  Ok, I haven’t posted here in a long time, but I had to respond to this. 

I had mine out at 19. The worst pain of my life. Do NOT let your pain meds wear off- set alarms and take it every time you can. I got thrush from all the antibiotics I was on and everything sweet tasted metallic. It sucked. I lived on mashed potatoes for two weeks. As said before, drink, drink, drink, drink. If it dries out, you’ll cry. I would recommend warm liquids first thing in the morning, as cold was too much for the dryness. Make sure you have a full two weeks off with nothing to do… you will need the full time! 

Now, for the good news!!! I have not had another sore throat since I had them out!!! I am sick much less often and my breath smells a million times better! (the infection in my tonsils always kept me chewing gum and mints all day to mask that smell) Also, I lost about 20 pounds (score!!) It’s really hard to go through as an adult, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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I ditto the PP’s. I had mine out at 30 and it was not pleasant.

The first day after the surgery I was fine – talking, laughing, etc – basically doing everything that I wasn’t supposed to. I paid for it big time by the next morning! I took liquid Valium for 3 days, but it made me throw up (which, when you’ve just had surgery in your throat is NOT pleasant!) so after 3 days I gave it up and just stuck to OTC Advil. The pain was manageable. Not fun, not easy to eat/drink/swallow/sleep, but I wasn’t totally writhing around in agony, either.

The WORST part of the entire ordeal was about 10-12 days later, when my throat formed scabs. It was disgusting, coughing up and gagging on pieces of scabs. I didn’t drink enough water, and that made my scabs hard and bits of it would flake off so I’d be gagging and coughing on them, not to mention when you let your scabs get a dried out it literally feels like someone is stabbing you with a knife every time you swallow…which makes you not want to swallow…which perpetuates the problem.

So, my biggest, most important piece of advice is MAKE SURE YOU STAY HYDRATED!!! Drink until your’re up to your eyeballs in water, and then drink some more.

Interestingly, here in the US doctors tell patients to stick to soft foods, while in the UK I have heard they tell patients the opposite – to eat basically wahtever you want. I did a combination of both. I started out with chicken broth and applesauce (the acid can make it sting a little) but after a week I was so hungry that I was eating teeny tiny little pieces of steak and potato chips.

The hunger and the scabs were the worst. I lost 10lbs in 7 days, but eventually gained it all back. ๐Ÿ™

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@thmpper:  Hate to say it, but my tonsilectomy at 18 yrs old was worse than my abdominal myomectomy (essentially the same as your hysterectomy) a few years back. While the first day or two after the abdominal surgery was exruciating, the recovery after my tonsilectomy went on for over 10 days of extreme pain. I lost almost 15 lbs in two weeks because I jsut couldn’t eat anything. With the stomach surgery, I could lay still and avoid pain if I wasn’t moving. With your throat, there isn’t anything you can really do. Be sure to suck on ice or cold stuff all the time. And as others say, do not miss any pain pills. Take them around the clock. You will have trouble swallowing them, but it is worth it. Good luck and remember you will get through it as we all did! Hang in there!!

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Ugh! I had a tonsillectomy and I had a rare side effect — losing some of my taste! For 6+ months after anything sweet tasted HORRIBLE! I first realized when I chewed a berry flavored piece of gum and spit it out. I asked my friend what was wrong with the gum. Turned out I couldn’t taste things normally like soda, gum, anything sweet. I’ve gotten most of my taste back but it is actually duller than before surgery. Supposedly, it had something to do with the tongue clamp…So just be aware that you may temporarily lose some sense of taste afterwards.


I remember all I wanted to eat after surgery was popcorn. I was so sad!!!


ETA: I had a ruptured appendix, and let me tell you, the pain of my tonsillectomy was nothing compared to that. Don’t be too freaked out! Also, just remembered — I never had the scabs fall off like the Dr. said I would. That part scared me.

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Mine actually wasn’t so bad and I had them out around the same time as my wisdom teeth.  (About 21 or so which I guess isn’t really adult?)

For me, the pain wasn’t so bad, especially when compared to what my doctors had said was tonsillitis about 14 times a year.  But I did find that I couldn’t take the pain medication or the antibiotic because I just couldn’t keep them down for more than two minutes after taking them.  The surgeons unfortunately didn’t remove all of the tonsil tissue so I still get sick but not as often or as bad as it used to be.  Only once did I see a doctor after that and that was at my boyfriend’s insistence.

My advice on recovery and the thing that helped me the most was ice cold water and popsicles.  Not only are popsicles yummy but they can help with numbing you out, getting you a few calories (depending on the brand/type), and they give your tastebuds a break.

Good luck!

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Worst experience of my life! Couldn’t eat for 2 weeks. I suggest taking the pills instead of the liquid medicine. The liquid burned my throat and made it worse ๐Ÿ™ It is all worth it in the long run though.

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Personally, my doctor told me to stay away from milk-like products because it causes mucus production which can make you have to clear your throat…which you don’t want to have to do for at least a week! Even involuntary coughing is painful. I sneezed on like day 5 and started crying, lmao  Anyway, I’m surprised your dr’s office is suggesting Carnation Instant Breakfast because on the box it says to mix it with milk.

I guess you could mix it with water, but I doubt highly that it would taste any good. Also, in my experience, it’s hard to get all the little powder lumps out.  ๐Ÿ™

I’d go with the Boost. It’s thicker than the Carnatation, and cold it will really soothe your throat. I drank it after my sugery. ๐Ÿ™‚  I also used Ensure and Slim Fast.



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