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Blushing bee

I can only comment on the "getting them close in age" question.  I highly recommend it!  I have 2 that are not close in age, 8 yrs and 2 yrs . . . and 50% of the time it is like settling a fight with immature siblings.  You definitely want them to get along, makes life easier.

And, very cute puppies, both pictures!!  How can you pass up that second baby??!!  I want her!

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t have dogs, but I do have cats.  I find that its really nice to have more than one cat, for the cats, as they have someone to keep them company when you’re not around.  Some people say they pay less attention to you, and sometimes that’s probably true, but I think they are generally better adjusted socially when they have a little pack that is there all the time, which we humans are not.

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Fi and I have two dogs. One’s 6yrs old and our other one just turned 1 in sept 07. As you can tell that’s a hugh age gap. My oldest one was over weight. When we brought the lil one home he did not want anything to do with her but all she wanted to do was play. After having her for only a couple months we noticed our older dog started to loose weight. Everywhere he went she had to follow… walking led to running (to get away from her) and pretty soon they started playing with eachother. So having a big gap isn’t such a bad thing. My 6yr old’s not a biter. Every time she’d bugged him he would simply get up and walk away. But he does show her who’s boss too! Having 2 dogs’s not that different than having one. You’ll have 2 vet bills but I think that’s just about it. They both eat the same kibbles but it’s not like you have to buy a whole variety. They’re both Beagles (one medium, the other small) but that didn’t stop ‘grandma and grandpa’ from buying them a bed big enough for a german shepard. Ha Ha..

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Blushing bee
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i found the jump from one to two to be not bad at all, but the jump from two to three was waay more overwhelming… somehow, three was just a lot of dogs!

i’d agree in getting them close together in age… it’s hard to have one old dog, who just wants to sleep, and deserves being able to just sleep, and one young dog who just wants to play and can’t understand why the old dog just isn’t interested! however, you can be apart by a couple years and still be fine. it depends on the old dog and how playful he/she is.

having two dogs isn’t bad at all… crate train them both, that i do recommend. then you can easily put the cranky one in a time out when things get a bit out of hand. calms them down, gives them some space, and saves you some headache. 🙂 

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My fiance and I just got a second dog. We have a gorgeous red bloodhound right now, and we got a basset hound. The bloodhound is 11 months old, and the basset hound is 10 months old. They love to play together, and our bloodhound seems a million times more happy . . . but be prepared for some territorial issues (especially with toys, food bowls, cuddle time .  .  .the list goes on).

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We just got a second dog too .  They’re only 3 months apart (both were adopted though, so we got one when she was 1 year and the other when they were both around a year and a half) I dont think it’s that much extra work, I actually think it’s much easier because the dogs play around so much with each other, we have to remind them sometimes that we’re still there.

Ours our both medium size dogs, so travelling with them is a bit more difficult, but it’s not bad and you shouldnt have that problem!

I think that the most important thing when getting a second dog is to have the two meet before you decide on the dog to make sure that they get along ok.  I have seen a lot of people get a second dog only to find out it is extremely incompatible with their current dog. Since you already have a boy though that shouldn’t be as big of a deal (girl-girl combos are usually the most touchy).

Also, when you go to bring the dog home, if your current puppy is a little territorial over things you may want to have them meet outside the house, just in the front yard or something, and let them play a little and then go in together.  Just do the obvious things like supervising when they eat and play for a while until they get used to each other and things should be fine. It’s pretty natural for the current dog to get a little territorial with you two, but if there are any scuffles just separate them, and dont scold either.  They’re just doing what’s natural and woulndt understand why they are being scolded and could actually wind up harboring some resentment and jealousy for it.

I have actually heard that 3 years is a good age difference because then there won’t be a battle for dominance among them and one won’t be too old to play.  We didn’t hear that until after we got our second one though, and havent had any problems…and we have two very strong willed herding dogs…

Sorry that this is sooooo long (and sorry for any typos!)…I love dogs…and pretty much all animals…so I have a hard time shutting up about them

Both doggies look very cute! I’m very excited for you! Let us know how it turns out!!!

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Helper bee

We almost always had at least two.  Once you get past the house breaking stage then it is in some ways less work.  Like younger siblings they always want tot do what the older is and will learn commands faster because they are copying the older one.

Three can be an issue because there is a lot more dominance and pack issues involved.  With two the only extra work is a little more pooper scoopering, grooming and a bowls to clean.  You walk them a the same time and they entertain each other during the day so there are less seperation issues.  They are more expensive.

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well, i have one baby. he’s a 1 yr old shih tzu (2006 Christmas present from FH) and i had considered getting another when he was older (like 10+). Just glad to read this information, i am no longer so sure if getting a 2nd one later would be that good of an idea.

 Hershey is very playful now…but he has a tendency to get jealous when he’s not getting the attention around other dogs. nothing violent. just a lot of barking.

i’m not sure how similiar Shih tzu are to Pomeranians or their mixes. but my baby is an extreme people person and cuddler (gotta love that trait). but he also gets a bit antsy when other dogs invade his space.

 lol…i have no idea if that was helpful at all…..

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Blushing bee

This should be moved to Non-Wedding

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Worker bee
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I have two dogs and a cat, so the first piece of advice I would give would be to see if your pet offers a "multi-pet discount."  Yes, it’s a little more trouble getting them all in the car for a ride to the vet, but since they are all on the same schedule for annual checkups, shots, etc. we save 15% by bringing them in all at once.

Second, you will have to be prepared to be diligent with the discipline b/c two puppies will sometimes egg each other on to mischief.  And of course, before you decide on a second, you should see how she and Harvey get along. 

I got my second dog to keep my first one company while I was at work.  Both were about 1+ years old when I adopted them from the pound about a year apart, so they were out of the major puppy stage. They get along great, but the first one still can get jealous if she thinks the second is getting too much attention.


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Hahaha…I thought it was about real kids, and I was like "huh?". Dang, and I was going to use this to bug Mrs. Bee about a Babybee website.

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I can’t give any great dog advice right now (after Bark Busters I hope to be a pro) but I just have to OMG they are Soooooooo cute! And good luck, no matter what you choose to do!


You have beautiful kids! 😉 

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Cute!  I love pomeranians! 

We have two mini dachshunds and they are only one year apart and it is perfect!  They never fight and they always play together.  Our little girl (Savvy) follows her big brother around everywhere and they sleep together in their bed or crate every night.  They just love each other so much.  I highly reccommend getting two dogs while they are still young.  We had no territorial issues at all, but I think that’s because we got our male first and the female second.  But it might also be because Savvy was the runt of the litter so she’s very submissive.

We joke around that we got a dog for Macho (our first dog) because we felt bad leaving him alone when we were at work.  Now that they have each other, we don’t feel as bad when we are gone.  They share everything and when Savvy can’t finish her dinner, Macho finishes it for her! 

Having two dogs actually does not make things much harder.  If anything, it helps that you don’t have to entertain the dogs as much since they can play with each other.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way, I think that we will always have two dogs.  But, they also don’t pay less attention to you, dogs are just not like that, they want attention from you ALL the time.  I love that about our dogs though. 

Also, for some crazy reason, our first dog potty trained our second dog.  No joke.  THe moment we got her, she just knew where to go potty and I swear it’s because our first dog told her where to go.


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