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Helper bee
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@kerplunk00:  We fart in front of each other all the time. We had just started dating and I got food poisioning, 3 days into it was major air moving thru my stomach, literally like a small child. I was trying to hold it all in but I ripped a BIG ONE…. nothing has changed 😉

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Helper bee
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Mixed company: farts are embarassing and I would prefer for the world to believe that such things do not occur in my body.  I also don’t want the world to know I sweat, poop, ever have morning breath, or look like without makeup.


My SO:  all those traind left the station 7 years ago.  He took care of me during a hellacious stomach virus veeeery early in our relationship, so all bodily functions were introduced. We also only had one bathroom in our first 2 apartments. We have had to share single bathrooms on vacations, where food poisoning occurred.  Sometimes, you just have to accept the farts. 

(Anybody remember the Family Guy episode where Peter teaches Meg to “Love the farts” while locked in the car?) 

Sometimes we are immature children (farts to punctuate ridiculous conversation), but other times it is matters of health.  I can argue that he needs to eat more veggies if he is having terrible farts or poops, and I am usually the one who purchases medicine, so I have to be aware of symptoms.

I also work with children, and farts just happen.  I used to work with one child in a closed room, and he farted NONSTOP.  It was terrible.  He ate nothing but chicken fingers, gummie bears, and coca-cola.  Terrible farts.




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Buzzing bee
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we have NO SHAME.

i have a gluten intolerance and just a generally REALLY sensitive stomach. i would not be able to get through the day if i had to leave the room or make up an excuse everytime i was having stomach issues. i’m pretty sure my fiance still thinks i’m hot and loves me to pieces. it might make him love me more because he can also be comfortable in his own home!


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Buzzing bee

@kerplunk00:  One day someone will break the ice.

When Fiance and I first began dating and he would stay the night, he would leave early the next morning because he had to fart so bad it was giving him a stomach ache.

Now we pass gas around each other all the time and giggle like little 8 year old kids. If I know it’s going to be a stinky one, I’ll go in the other room though. 

I get IBS from certain foods, so I usually know a stinky one from a normal one. 

Oh and he totally knows what “period farts” are and is incredibly grossed out by them haha

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Helper bee
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@kerplunk00:  I can’t live like that! Lol I eat a lot of broccoli and other fiberous things so it happens. DH and I have no shame…it’s natural after all. He’s going to see me give birth to our children and see the afterbirth so a little gas is nothing in my opinion.


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Helper bee
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We have no shame around here! Farting contests are a regular occurrence. Ever since DH broke the fart barrier, it’s been a free-for-all lol.

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it’s something you will get used to…my husband first told me he had never heard a woman fart and I told him that would change soon lol once it’s done you both feel comfortable and like the other bees said it becomes a good laugh between the two of you. It is natural afterll! 

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Helper bee
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When we had first started dating, within maybe the first month and a half (when you are in the stage of looking your best and still have the jitters) we had just woken up and Fiance made a comment about how “musical” I am.  I was really confused and asked him what he meant by that.  Apparently I was totally letting it rip all night long in my sleep and keeping him awake!  I was so mortified I actually cried a little bit.  Now I fart in front of him all the time.. he shoulda known he was marrying a very gassy girl.

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Bee Keeper
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Yeah… we’re a gassy household. I’m a gassy person, what can I say, he has to live with it. Not that he’s all that innocent himself!

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Sugar Beekeeper

@kerplunk00:  Call me horrible but I have NEVER passed gas in front of my DH. We have been together for seven years, crazy right?!? He does all the time and it doesn’t really bother me I just refuse to do the same.

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Sugar bee
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gas happens. burps happen. farts happen.

it’s a fact of life.

why hide it?

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Blushing bee
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The ex was not shy when he passed gas – tried to tell me it was a natural thing for men, they have to let it out fully or they hurt. I am by no means a prude, I grew up as a tomboy running with the boys – I had heard it all before.  I work in male dominated industries, surrounded by groups of men and things are quiet all day long. But the ex never tried to sneak it past or be silent… he was always straining for volume and content. Totally crass.

When I began dating the new hubby, we had a talk about that kind of thing.  I was joking about how it took me 8 years to reach the point in my relationship with my best female friend that I wasnt mortified when things slipped.  I told him that after just two months between he and I, I had definitely not reached that level of comfort in our relationship. I think it was the next date we were on that he had an accident, he excused himself, and then blushed and said he was feeling very comfortable with me and was ready to escalate the relationship.  Now between us life happens, and we may blame the pets – but no one is making a point of sharing it nor making a broadcast about it.

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Sugar bee
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@kerplunk00:  Lol aw, hun! We pass gas in other rooms to be respectful but if he is asleep then I am willing to let it RIIIP 🙂 

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Buzzing bee
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Get a dog to blame it on 🙂

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Sugar bee
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If one of us accidentally lets one out, we don’t say anything. It happens. Same thing for farting in sleep because we’re asleep! However, if we can catch it ahead of time we don’t fart around each other. I understand that it’s natural and don’t vilify it, but at the same time neither of us want to deal with the stink. Growing up, my dad let it loose anytime anywhere, and his gas is basically a WMD. That kind of smell lingers on everything, too. Husband and I are luckily in strong agreement about this.

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