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I have Crohn’s disease.  Passing gas in front of boyfriends was something I was never comfortable with until I got sick. After that, I didn’t care. 

DH only recently, like in the last 6 months or so, became comfortable with passing gas in front of me. We’ve been married for a year and half, together for three and a half.  He would abruptly leave the room to do fart. I finally just said to him one day, “We all poop and we all fart.  Stop running off in the middle of our conversations.”  I jokingly threatened to buy him the book “Everybody Poops” (target audience: toddlers) and from then on he’s stopping running off.

it just takes time to get comfortable.  But I can tell you, that after being together through 5 major surges between us, you stop being so coy about bodily functions. not that I wish you any harm, but at some point your SO is going to see you doing something “gross” or you’ll have to help him.  

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There’s only so much ~*mystery*~ that can be kept when you live in a small apartment. Can’t really go to another room or go sleep on the couch when you don’t have another room. Or a couch. You get used to it. 

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@red_rose:  That’s bizarre. I don’t quite see the correlation between passing gas and sleeping with your SO.

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I am about 1 1/2 months into a new relationship and I’m so nervous about breaking that barrier.  I’ve been in plenty of relationships before and it’s always nerve wracking but eventually we somehow get over it and it becomes no big deal.  I’m so nervous though, that I found a product called poo-pouri that eliminates the odor when you go #2!  Unfortunately I don’t think it will arrive in the mail before my weekend at his place coming up… so fingers crossed I’m not the first one to break the barrier between us!  I’m not such a crazy person that I don’t want him to ever know that I fart or poop, but it’s just too early in the relationship for me to be THAT comfortable.

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@kerplunk00:  One bad case of the stomach flu broke all boundaries for me and my SO… Everything was coming out both ends! Too Much Information. We had one bathroom, LOL.

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@kerplunk00:  I feel your pain girl! Literally! HaHa

I actually used to say “I have never farted or pooped” to my SO. I was so uncomfortable with it I would just sit there in pain or go shower to pass my gas. But then…I got pregnant. And things were never the same with my body or our relationship lol! 


I was just open with him though. I’m like listen, I’m bloated..it’s killing me..And he’s like just fart! You’ll feel better! You need to! (Oh,men…) and so I did! And I’ve never felt better! 🙂 


this did also open the door for him to start farting loudly around me too Which I was not prepared for..but hey, ya win some ya lose some!

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this is hilarious! my mom to this day says she has “never passed gas infront of a partner” she has been married twice and has had a LOT of boyfriends. she says it’s disgusting and she would never. she would sort of shame us (her kids) if we passed gas calling it gross.

so growing up i felt the same. plus i was pretty insecure so i would try to pass off this “omg i’m perfect and i wake up in the morning with perfect hair and full makeup on”

UNTIL i moved in with my (now fiance). i have serious digestive problems so getting up and running to the bathroom everytime i had to pass gas was quite… time consuming. it got to a point where he was like “i don’t care. if you have to fart, just fart” and i did and i was SO embarrassed. now it’s something we laugh about.

i will say i haven’t pooped infront of him nor has he pooped infront of me. i’m not willing to cross that line quite yet lol

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If you’ve ever read books or articles on “How to have a successful marriage” you’ll see most of them make comment to how you shouldn’t pass gas or go to the bathroom with the door open in front of your SO. It’s NOT about ‘not being able to be yourself’, it’s about respecting your SO and not having them associate you with bodily functions. It’s about, even after years together, making an effort to look good for them all the time. Every relationship is different, I don’t judge those couples who think farts are funny or compete who can stink up a room more, I’m not in a relationship with you, but to say “you can’t be yourself in front of him” because I won’t pass gas is incorrect and rather judgmental. The point is, I present myself a certain way to him, I AM being myself by NOT passing gas in front of him. It’s about making an effort for him, about not ‘letting myself go’ and keeping a little mystery. My boyfriend is a doctor so he knows better than anyone that it’s human nature, doesn’t mean he needs to see it. I believe it helps a very active intimate connection to continue to respect each other and keep bathroom things in the bathroom. That being said, if I was actually sick, I would tell him what was wrong and sleep on the couch. We’ve been together over 3 years. 

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I used to be pretty shy about those things in my younger (18-20) days, but I couldn’t care less now. If I have to fart I’ll fart haha! So will SO. We will even have little competitions. We also have the occassional talk about poop, but we have a cat so these conversations mostly take place over her litter box whenever she’s produced something… spectacular!!! Haha! I just think it’s fun. 

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My husband and I are completely comfortable passing gas around each other.

We are a married couple after all and it is a bodily function.

Having said that, both of us try not to pass gas during sex or romantic moments. If either of us is very gassy, we don’t have sex at that time.

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Neither of us cares at all. I’ve never been able to burp, so I’ve always had problems with gas building up inside my stomach and causing me a lot of pain.  I have to lie on it and fart a lot to make it stop, so by now DH is pretty used to it. If his farts are stinky I make fun of him a little, but I have a bad sense of smell so it doesn’t happen often.

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@NauticalDisaster:  On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth I (16th century) hated when people farted

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I’m human, he’s human, it happens. Usually one of us will just say “I expunged!”

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if I couldn’t fart in front of my SO, I’d be single forever.

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