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@kerplunk00:  I get you!! My body just doesn’t release loud farts around my SO. I’ve been pregnant twice around him and still… no loud farts. They do come out silently when he is around I dunno why.

He would grab me and fart on me and it smells really bad but I just can’t do it. I burp louder than he does though. He even told me that it was unlady-like… lol

We’ve been together for 8 years and at one point he asked me if I’ve ever farted. Our kids even believe that their mommy doesn’t fart… lol

If anyone wants to judge my relationship based on my fart know that I myself am judging you… lol

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I farted infront of his after 3 weeks of us dating. We’re open door bathroom people and all, but we prefer things that way. We’ve lived together almost 5 years. I can’t keep it in sometimes

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Yeah, hubby and I did that pretty early in the relationship so it’s a natural thing for us.

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@kerplunk00:  My husband accidentally passed gas on like our 3rd date & after that all bets were off. We let it rip alllllll the time & almost always have a good laugh. Ironically enough I just saw this video on youtube today & although it’s digustingly hilarious it seems appropriate for this topic. “Cup of cheese!”

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I do,, but most of the time I try to make it “silent” as possible, then there are times I cannot control the sound. We also are open door when going pee in the bathroom, but will shut the door for number 2. Also, I suffer from IBS and he understands that it is something I cannot control. 

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@kerplunk00:  Sooo this is embarrassing but hilarious so I’ll share…


I let my first fart slip about 1 month into our relationship.  We were cuddling and I was the little spoon.  I was dozing when I woke myself up with the realization that I just had farted right on him!  I was praying he wasn’t awake but when I looked back he was just staring at me, speechless.  I was soooo embarrassed and all I could do was apologize and laugh it off.  He still bugs me about it 3 1/2 years later. 


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Happy medium. I don’t avoid bodily functions because he’s around (he sure doesn’t avoid them for me) but I do make some effort to be quiet about it and don’t make a joke or anything. If he even notices, he doesn’t comment. (Fortunately, while I get cartoonish amounts of gas sometimes, it’s often odorless. I don’t know where it all comes from or what it’s made of that it’s like that.)

He dedicates his to people he doesn’t like or to our dog.

And I say when I have my period because he prefers to know.

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@kerplunk00:  don’t sweat it! It’s natural. You may slip one out one night while you are sleeping. It’s inevitable. Get comfortable around your man! Just sayin. 🙂

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@kerplunk00:  I think it’s good practice to be polite no matter what, but if it’s painful or causing discomfort then well, that’s just silly to keep doing that to yourself. I would not be putting myself in pain or discomfort just to keep from passing gas around my SO

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Here is the crazy thing my SO does not fart around me and when I’m awake I don’t fart around him my problem is when I’m asleep it just comes out the worst sounds wakes me up often and I pray he didn’t hear it he brought it up once a long time ago but nothing since then. It is a natural body function.

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You fart really loud and then when its nice and smelly you hold their head under the covers and make them suffer. LMAO

We have farting competitions – he will fart so bad and i’ll just be like  – oh just you wait – I just had a lot of cheese i may have some problems digesting that. haha Then theres the silent stink bombs….LoL when  you marry someone you are one – farts and when you stink up the bathroom so bad and they go in and gag, its hilarious!

He’ll be like “i got a present for you hunny…. *farts really loud*… there its just for you” gee thanks babe.

He’ll walk in my stunk up bathroom and be like OMG what the fuck did you do in there! “i did that just for you babe” 🙂

It happens so much that if you don’t make it fun you’ll be embarrased everyday. We don’t appologize or try and hold it in if we’re alone… that would ruin all the fun of the look on his face when he smells it. lol

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We got passed this a lonngggggggggg time ago. Eventually the ice just cracks…for us it was within the first year of dating (out of 9!lol) I unfortunately passed gas when he was laying down by my hips..yeah that was fun lol i hid under a pillow for about 5 mins while he laughed and was over joyed that girls actually do fart. Honestly, after that it was never a big deal anymore. He also does it WAY more than I do. There’s no judgement between us, we know its a natural bodily function lol

I don’t understand how some women can’t poop while their husbands are in the house/same floor, you’re living with the guy and married..he’s seen the worst and best of you!lol

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I just want to say everytime this thread comes up I read “having gas around your so….. Kerplunk” and well, it makes me think of dropping the kids off at the pool!  Kerplunk!

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We pass gass around each other. We don’t make big deals about it. But especially since I’m pregnant, I’m gassier than ever! I can’t imagine having to hold it in or sleep on the couch…If it’s ridiculously loud he’ll laugh though! 🙂 I don’t mind.  In fact, he would be very mad at me if I wasn’t feeling well and slept on the couch instead of my own comfy bed. 

Now, we can pee infront of each other, but we do poop in private! That’s ME time. 

Last year we both caught an AWFUL stomach flu and he held my hair back while I threw up. I rubbed his back while he threw up. I guess after that all bets are off. He’ll also be in the delivery room with me. Who knows what he’ll see! 

He’s also gotten me ice packs and bought medicine when I had a yeast infection. He still thinks I’m sexy, and I think there is still some mystery. But after awhile, regardless of what you try to hide the puzzle will be solved. My grandparents have been together 51 years, 51 years of sharing a bathroom. Who knows what they’ve seen. They’re still passionate as ever. 

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It’s a bodily function like any other.  My DH and I just laugh about it.  I mean, we try not to do it around each other if it can be helped.  But sometimes you can’t help it!  We warn each other if we know it’s going to be a stinky one, and then we laugh it off.  It’s only a big deal if you make it one.  And trust me, once you’ve been together for 10 years, farts are not a big deal.  LOL!

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