Having "Irish twins"

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I am an Irish twin and I love it! It is so nice growing up with someone so close in age. My sister and I are best friends. I also have 5 week old “real” twins. It’s tough but not nearly as hellish as people described. Some parents told me I wouldn’t have time to sleep or shower and that has not been the case so far. It’s a lot, but I generally thrive when I have a lot going on so I think I am well suited to it. The thing of it is, you don’t really have a choice lol. You just adapt and find your own imperfect system. We’re all just doing our best!

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I’m an Irish twin. My sister and I are 11 months apart. We butted heads a lot as teens but she is my absolute best friend and I would  die without her. Good luck! 

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Horseradish :  Oh get off it. My mother is from Ireland and no one in our family has ever been offended by this.

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I’ve got a friend that has 4, ages 3, 2, 1, and newborn.  Sounds like her life is crazy and hectic, but her oldest three are girls and play well together.  

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I don’t have children of my own yet nor am I that close in age to any of my siblings but I just wanted to say my very large Irish family uses the phrase regularly and takes absolutely no offense. Some people need to step off the soapbox. 

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Hereforthecake :  oh good God… I just saw that my post said my brother and I were Irish twins, at 20 months apart?!!! 10 months apart. I meant 10 months. 🙄

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Not to be a downer but my husband and his sister are 13 months apart and are not close at all. We live in the same city as her and hardly ever see her besides at family gatherings. There’s no bad blood they are just really really different and despite being only one grade apart in school have never held similar interests or views. Just wanted to share a different perspective that your kids might not be best friends even though they are very close in age.

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buzzerbeater :  good to point out so parents don’t feel guilty if their children aren’t close emotionally even when aged so close together. 

To the OP, were you breastfeeding your first one? I’m EBF and haven’t had my monthly yet (6months) and I’d LOVE to get pregnant again sooner rather than later due to my age but I know that breastfeeding can make that pretty impossible.

Do not mean to thread jack!


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Adamsfamily6991 :  My mother has always said that the best thing about having babies pretty close together is that they are in the same phases together so they’re doing babyhood (and can be on pretty similar schedules) and then they’re in little kid phase and then transitioning into bigger kid phase.

Congrats on your pregnancy! I’ve got two sets of close sister friends who are just about a year apart and seeing their relationships is part of why I used to wish I had a sister!

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somathemagical :  Yeah, I noticed that too. I’m sure she meant well but it’s incredibly frustrating when intent is completely ignored and words are mercilessly scrutinized and nit picked instead. 

I say this as someone who normally leans towards being politically correct: it’s ENTIRELY possible to take this PC stuff too far. 

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I have Irish twins! My daughter and youngest son are 11 months and 19 days apart. She was in diapers, still waking up every 4 hours, and hadn’t started walking yet. It was hard at first, not going to lie. I was exhausted, I cried, I thought I was going to loose my mind at time. She had her routine and now it was changing and it took some getting used to for all of us. In the end, it all worked out! I wouldn’t have it any other way. My son basically potty trained himself, he saw sissy doing it so he wanted to do it too. He always copied her, learned to read when she did, learned how to tie his shoes when she did. They were the best of friends! She adored him and he thought she hung the moon. They are now 28 & 29 and fight like cats and dogs most of the time but they’ll defend each other till the end! 

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Horseradish :  maybe calendar twins. Or almost twins. My close family friends have Irish roots and have 6 kids. They refer to two (born a year apart on the same day) as Irish twins. I don’t think it’s offensive, as they use the term themselves, but I can see how “practically twins” or something else might be more appropriate. 

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OP since you are already pregnant there is no point dwelling on the pros or cons, plus everyone will have a different experience in terms of difficulty raising them and in terms of how the sibling relationship pans out. 


As a side note to everyone claiming their Irish relatives use this phrase, things like “Irish twins” are actually American-Irish words and aren not used by Irish people in Ireland, just by people from the US who claim to be Irish because their great grandfather was.  

Similarly an Irish Car Bomb is an Americanism and obviously isn’t used in Ireland. 


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