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Ugh, kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth! All photographers have their own opinions about the weddings they shoot but usually they are professional enough to hide it well. “Really… that’s different.” I would have replied to that with something snotty I’m sure. And what’s with him trying to manage the size of your party? What kind of super cheesy “poses” does he want to do that require a huge group?  Three on each side is plenty.

However if he is the only one you can afford, I would take him… unless you would be OK with pictures just shot by your family? That can be a pain in the butt, I know, so maybe it’s worth it pay somebody to handle it, even if they seem a little unprofessional… overall I would say hire him. But, ugh!

Sorry I’m not being more re-assuring 🙁



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Well, I would hate to feel uncomfortable with my photographer and I tend to get frustrated when people just don’t get or support my ideas when they are a little different.

But if he is good at what he does and is in your price range I would still go for it (after the bridal show, just in case).  Another thing to consider is you still have over a year left.  I didn’t book my photographer until April and we are getting married in October.  I found her on Craigslist and she was just starting out.  Our budget was also extremely limited.  She is charging us $580 for 6 hours, an engagement session, high resolution CD with full rights, DVD of wedding photos set to music.  She is also REALLY good. 

Have you tried your local Craigslist?  I also saw someone post on here the other day that she needed a photographer and she listed her price range.  She had a couple of photographers offer to do it in her price range and they posted their website so she could see their work.

Just remember its still early to make any hasty decisions, you still have time to look and I wouldn’t want you to book him now because he’s the only option and then find someone 6 months from now that you like better and then you will lose your deposit.

Good luck!  Photography is very important to me for the wedding.

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I wouldn’t book him. Look at it this way, he’s going to be following you around all day on your wedding day. He already has a snotty attitude…do you really want his negativity around you all day? 

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Maybe he really was just shocked? I’ve seen brides not wear white, but never wear another color and put the girls in white. I’m sure you’re not the first, but depending on how he said it, like if it was with a snotty attitude or just a shocked one, that would factor into my decision.

As far as managing your bridal party goes, yeah, I don’t criticize numbers. Those decisions are hard enough without the photographer’s input and if he can’t work with whatever numbers you give him, he’s not a very good photographer. I’m sure because he’s so new, he’s really just thinking about how the wedding photos will look in his portfolio. A lot of times a bride in any other color but white doesnt look like a bride to someone scrolling through the portfolio, so it takes some drama away from the images. I doubt if he meant to hurt your feelings, but again, it all depends on HOW he said what he said. Long story short, he’s probably not judging you, just thinking more about himself… not sure which one is worse lol.

I would keep looking a little while longer, and if you don’t find someone else with a better attitude, maybe give him another chance.

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I would definitely hold off. I’ve heard that it’s really important to click with your photographer… you acutally spend more time with him or her than your future husband, since they are there during the whole getting ready process and everything. I think that fact that you don’t feel good about it means you should keep on keepin’ on.

Perhaps you can check with a local photography school or university to see if there is a promising student that wants to build their portfolio. While it’s a little risky, someone just starting out will likely work their butt off for you.

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If his pictures as good as you say they are, then go right ahead. Personally, i see quiet few red flags here:

1. Sounds like he wants to build up a portfolio, because he’s cringing at your choice of a theme. He is looking at the bride in “white” traditional dress, while disrespecting your personal choice. Not good!

2. Uneven party? Sounds like he has no clue what to do with uneven number of people, or have not shot enough weddings to deal with it. Not good!

3. DIY photobook makes him happy? Heh, he’s not a pro, i can tell just by reading this. No pro photographer would ever say “i’m happy you’re doing your own book”. Sorry, this just screams “amature”, along with $600.00 price, he IS an amature.

Sorry, i just had to butt in and say something. Just by reading your post this photog turned me off. I would run away faster then i can see.

Shop around, I’m sure there are photogs who are new,  willing to work with you and respect your decission. Do you want to spend entire day with someone like him? Yikes

Just my .02!



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In my opinion, I think you need to be comfortable with your photographer and vice versa. If he doesnt click with you guys, then he probably wont be doing his absolute best to take the best photos you deserve. And if you dont really get along with him, you’ll be more irritated on your big day and you may not be happy and that can also affect your photos. Keep in mind that you will be working closely with him.  Being that photos are very important, you wouldnt want to regret hiring him in end.


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@Statutory Grape: I understand…I don’t think I would want to deal with someone I didn’t like on my wedding day, but I also get how important pictures are…They’ve been my number one thing. 

Glad to hear your problem has been solved!

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@Statutory Grape: Just for the record, he’s LYING about the 80 weddings THIS YEAR. No possible way. It’s only the beginning of September and there are only 52 Saturdays in a year, he’d be working double headers almost every weekend and no way he’d only be charging what he’s charging. He’d also know by then how to pose an uneven bridal party, and I doubt if any wedding arrangements would shock him. I’m SO glad you found someone else, even if it’s not a pro, I hate liars!

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