(Closed) Having my tonsils removed this friday. What should I expect?

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I had chronic sore throats all of my life that would worsen into just general viral infections.  My tonsils were gigantic and the root of the problem; sometimes when I would get sick they would get so big I couldn’t swallow and would have trouble breathing.  Getting them removed at 21 was one of the greatest days of my life.  I filled a prescription for Roxicet (liquid percocet) before I went into surgery to make sure I had that on hand as well as ice pops.  After surgery I was groggy and they made me drink water and eat a cup of sorbet before I went home.  That first day I just slept and woke up every hour on a timer to drink a bottle of water.  I had heard staying extremely hydrated helps a lot with the pain, so I was very dedicated to it.  And the pain wasn’t bad for me at all and I attribute a lot of that to the obsessive water drinking.  I would also constantly check that I wasn’t bleeding out, since that is really the only major complication.  Never happened for me.  When it came to pain management I would dose myself the pain medicine every few hours without waiting to feel pain first.  2 days later I was off the roxicet and just taking motrin.  I saved the excess pain meds for my painful periods, and while it completely helped the tonsil pain it barely blunted my cramp pains.  As for food the first day I didn’t eat at all, just slept.  I ate a ton of ice pops.  I think the first real food I ate was luke warm mashed potatoes.  I was very sensitive to heat for awhile so everything I did try to eat was always room temp.  I lost 10 lbs during the whole process (silver lining) and was pretty recovered by 2 weeks.  Getting my wisdom teeth out was way worse. 


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I had mine taken out about two years ago. It was horrible, but the effects of it have been well worth it!


There were no complications from the surgery, but I eneded up having a reaction to the pain medicine they sent me home with. My mom stayed with me for the first couple of days to help out, I wasn’t allowed outside so she helped me with my dog, and she got it all straightened out with my doctor for me. Something with the codine was giving me really bad headaches. I couldn’t eat dairy products for some reason, it was like I couldn’t get this film out of my mouth, so lots of ice cream and yogurt was wasted. Mostly I room tempeture chicken and stars, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. Popsicles were also a main food group. I wasn’t allowed to drive for two weeks because of the pain meds, and my doctor wouldn’t release me to go back to work until then either. The strangest part was when your scabs start to heal in your throat if feels like you’re constantly trying to swallow tissue paper. It tickles and you can never get it down.  


I never get sinus infections anymore though! Every 3 months like clock work when the seasons would change I would get tonsilitius that would turn into a sinus infection  that would knock me out for at least a week. The positives for sure outweighed the negatives.


Good luck, I’m sure you will be fine!

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Worst experience of my life.

I was 25…old for a tonsillectomy. It was pretty awful, an emergency procedure so I didn’t really have time to mentally prepare myself for surgery…my tonsil were touching, oozing, and completely constricting my air passage. I was sent home with a prescription of liquid Tylenol 3-a joke and I was in pass-out type pain for a whole day following surgery before my mom had to jump through hoops to override the surgeon and call in an out-of-state emergency prescription for Percocet. Please make sure they don’t try to send you home with bullshit meds-expect the pain to be as horrible as you’ve heard and be properly equipped to deal with it. I lived off of apple sauce with crushed Percocet for about a week and after that luke warm mashed potatoes as well. I weaned myself off of the Percocets after about 9 days and (tmi) I was so constipated, I questioned the meaning of life. I lost about 18 lbs in 3 weeks and promptly gained it back plus 10 more. *sigh*

My tips:

1) have someone to take care of you for at least a week…even 2 if you can.

2) have the right meds, it will probably be a narcotic so get off them as soon as you can so a) you don’t get addicted b) you don’t end up constipated

3) apple sauce, mashed potatoes, room temp smoothies will be your saving grace


I promise this wasn’t a scare tactic…I just want you to be fully aware of everything that’s about to happen to you. Surprisingly, it was all worth it in the end because I no longer suffer from chronic sore throats, tonsilitis, strep etc. But still…fucking awful.

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I had mine out when I was 18. It wasn’t bad at all. I don’t remember what pain med I was on, but I just remember hanging out in bed, watching TV and sleeping for the first day or two. I didn’t eat much, but I drank Slim Fast so I was still getting the things I needed. I drank Gatorade and water aside from the slim fast. I do remember being ridiculously thirsty and wanting to do nothing but chug water…but that hurt like shit so I stuck with sips. I lost about 10-15 lbs simply because I wasn’t eating real food. I went to a concert by the end of the week, which should tell you that I was feeling just fine.

Everyone reacts differently though. My friend’s Boyfriend or Best Friend had a horrible time with it. Granted, he refused to stop smoking so that made it worse and the recovery took a lot longer.

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@Lepidoptera:  So I don’t have any advice, but for some reason I read this as “having my TOENAILS removed.”  I was like why would anyone ever have that done???

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My tonsillectomy went horribly and it was NOT that bad. 

My tonsils were not inflamed, but cryptic, set deep into the back of the throat (as compared to normal) and the tissues surrounding them were fragile and friable. 

They went in, took them out, no big deal. However, my idiot surgeon managed to cause an arterial bleed. He tried to spot cauterize unsuccessfully. I went back in, went under and they crammed nitrate sticks all up in there to stop it, etc.

My airway swelled to the point where it was almost lost,  my tounge swelled etc. I was put into contact with something directly in my airway that caused an allergic reaction, and they beat be up bad when intubating. So much so that they left blisters on my uvula, which were choking me. I could not lie down. 

As a result my face was horribly deformed from swelling, my tounge was so swollen it was the size of a softball. I was unable to close my mouth around it. I had to wear a humidification mask, could not talk or eat/drink.

They refused the idea that there was an allergic component. My mom, a nurse, insisted in benadryl. The swelling went down quite fast after that. The doctor and attending nurses f*cked up and lied in a bunch of the charting. My mom knew the doctor who was head of the department and followed up with him, however. It was a total shit show.

Essentially, this could not have gone worse if they tried.


I was not in horrible pain. I was good within a few days, back to normal in a week or two. My situation was exceedingly in the minority. I know it sounds horrid, but it was not that bad. The worst of it was the stupid tounge thing.  


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@Lepidoptera:  My sister would ONLY eat chicken noodle soup (which is bizarre because she’s a vegetarian), and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

She also refused to eat a LOT–I think she lost 10lbs in the two weeks after getting them taken out, and she’s a 110lb 5’5″ college cheerleader!

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Had mine removed at 29 and I dont know how highly your pain tolerance is but mine is pretty high and the first week was miserable. SO I cant say what to expect but what I went thru was pain, couldnt really swallow and the only thing that provided any kind of relief were meds and something super cold (ices, ice chips, ice cold water, room temp chicken broth). After week 1 howeever it does get better and I’m a lot less sick than I was before so for me it was well worth the pain.

Good luck!

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Eh, I had mine out when I was 4 and I can remember only eating Wendy’s Frosties for a week.  (Heaven for a 4 year old)

But just to give you something to look foward to, I haven’t had a cold since then.  Since I was 4.  And I’m now 28.

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@kb7:  I saw the exact same thing and promptly had the same thought, That woman must be crazy!


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