(Closed) Having my tonsils removed this friday. What should I expect?

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I had mine out and it was comparable to just a really bad soar throat.  I had built it up and built it up in my mind and it ended up being a cake walk.  Good luck!

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@Lepidoptera:  My nephew got his removed. It was a fairly basic surgery and recovery consisted of ice cream. His voice changed and never went back to how it was before (I was sad because he had the cutest voice). I have heard it is different (and can be worse) for adults. I wish you best of luck and hope you indulge in some ice cream!

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I’m sorry you have to read all of this horror stories, and unfortunately, I’m just going to add to them.


I had mine removed the day after I graduated high school and it was rough.  I couldn’t swallow my own spit for 4 days. I had to keep a water bottle next to me and spit into it.  The only thing I ate for a week was chicken broth.  I couldn’t swallow solid food.  I used an over the counter extra strength tylenol liquid that helped a lot.  The second week was much better but still very limited in food.  I lost 15lbs in 2 weeks…but the damn weight found me again ๐Ÿ™‚  


It was a rough 2 weeks…but I don’t get nearly the amount of sore throats that I did prior to the surgery.  I would ultimately say it was worth it.

Also, I never got the ice cream everyone is talking about. Dairy makes you produce extra saliva, and swallowing was so painful I couldn’t handle any extra.

I second the thought of having someone to take care of you the first week.  I was pitifull and definitely let my mom baby me!


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I had my tonsils out at age 18.  Best and worst thing I have ever done.  I would definitely recommend as a PP said to have someone with you for the first week.  I ended up waking in the middle of the night 2 days after my surgery vomiting blood and needed to be readmitted to the hospital.  Apparently, the site started to bleed and I was swallowing it in my sleep which then led to the vomiting, over a fresh wound.  Yeah, it’s about as fun as it sounds.  Thankfully, I didn’t need to have it recauterized.

Percocet for the pain AND colace and miralax for the constipation are going to be your best friends.  As far as eating, I really could only tolerate liquids for the first week.  Even mashed potatoes felt like razor blades.  I couldn’t even get myself up to shower for a whole week.  I lost 10 pounds and couldn’t eat normal foods until about 3-4 weeks later.

Overall, it was a horrible experience, but I’ve only had strep throat twice in the 13 years since then so it was well worth it.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  

ETA: DO NOT HAVE ICE CREAM! Having had this surgery and being a nurse, I can tell you it’s the worst idea ever.  The dairy is going to increase the viscosity of your mucous making it so much harder to swallow.  YUCK.  If you want something cold, try dairy free sorbet or italian ice.  Much better choices.


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Good luck!!! Let us know how it went and hopefully our stories didn’t scare you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m not going to lie, it was horrible. I’ve had several surgeries and it was by far the worst. I had them removed at 18. The first week is horrible. I remember just crying to my mom wishing the pain would go away. I couldn’t talk or eat normally for about 3 weeks. When they first came out, I talked so weird. It sounded like I had a speech impediment because everything was so swollen. 

Number one advice is take your pain meds on time. It’s easier to prevent the pain before it starts than to let the meds wear off and start to hurt and then have to ease the pain. I lost more than 10 pounds and I was thin to begin with. Be prepared to eat a lot of frozen ice and soup. Ice cream was too thick for me.

The grossest part is when the scabs come off. BLEHH! Just be prepared for that. I swallowed mine on accident and it makes me nauseated just thinking about it!

Now that I’ve totally scared you, let me tell you that I don’t regret the surgery one bit. I was sick all the time. I spent my high school graduation in the hospital because my tonsils were so big they were blocking my airway. After I got them removed I stopped getting sick!

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The older you are the more risks there are. But as someone who was sick all the time as a child, having that surgery when I was 11 was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Everyone pretty much covered everything but I will add that don’t be surprised when you wake up and you just cough up a bunch of blood. It will be freaky but you’ll be fine. I only ate cold stuff for like 4 or 5 days, to help heal the wound. Sorbet to be specific. Which at the time seemed like a dream. Ask me if I like it now! Ha. I wanted real food soooooooooo bad! You may get sick of it; so eat your least favorite flavor so you won’t hate it years down the road ๐Ÿ™‚


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I had mine removed two years ago at the age of 23. My specialist warned me that recovery time between adults and children for the tonsilectomy is very different and I would be in a lot of pain. I wasn’t expecting the worst as I am generally good with pain (i.e. after having all four wisdom teeth removed, I ate that same night). This was like nothing else I have ever experienced.

To sum:

– I was off work for four weeks

– I was able to drink a little water after the surgery as the pain meds hadn’t worn off completely. When I got home I was also able to have a little bit of room-temp soup.

– Brutality set in the day after surgery; I was in a lot of pain and unable to swallow my own saliva, nevermind attempting to swallow the horse-pill sized percocets they gave me. I couldn’t speak for three days. Mornings were the absolute worse because your mouth gets dry during the night and it KILLLLLLS trying to take that first saliva gulp.

– The only thing I managed to get down my throat in the first two weeks were whatever water I drank post-surgery at the hospital, the soup when I got home, another half cup of blended lentil soup, half a percocet, a cup of water and two Halls candies.

– After I finished the second Halls candy (just at the end of the two-week mark), I began to vomit. Well no, I didn’t exactly vomit because there was nothing in my belly but I was puking bile. Puking + throat after tonsil removal = most painful shit of my life.

– I ended up being admitted to the hospital after two weeks because I was malnourished. White/pasty lips, thrush in my mouth, lost 15 pounds very quickly, etc. etc. My skin is usually olive and I was white as a ghost. They hooked me up with morphine and some solution to give me nutrients.

– In the third week, following the hospital visit, I was able to eat a popsicle a day and drink half a cup of water.

– In the fourth week, I was able to drink smoothies, however the dulled pain meant it still took about 2 hours to finish a Booster Juice.

I was miserable the entire four weeks (I aboslutely LOVE food), went from a healthy 150 pounds with a fat ass to 130 pounds by the time I returned to work. My ribs stuck out and my ass went flat. It was just horrible.

Would I do it again? Well, up to about 6 months post-surgery I would say definitely not to anyone who asked. Two years later, yeah it sucked, but I have yet to have another throat infection and I rarely get sick now. Also, my ass came back after I started eating and I introduced food slowly so I wouldn’t gain all the weight back. So yeah, it was worth it. Just be prepared!

EDIT: Just saw you’re actually booked for the surgery!!! Good luck, let us know how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

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I had them removed as a child, maybe 6 or 7 years old. I really don’t remember too much pain but DO NOT COUGH! You will really really want to, but don’t do it. I ripped my stitches out after coughing and had to get them re sewn!

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@Lepidoptera:  I guess it just depends on the person, but I would plan to be out of work (even a desk job) for a few weeks and stock up on ice, though my friend who recently had hers taken out said even ice burned. You’ll need plenty of rest and don’t be shy about taking pain meds.

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