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I’m so sorry that’s happening to you, that sounds just awful! I know it’s very common to get a yeast infection when you first start having sex. Did they give you the pill you can take for it? The same thing happened to me (it was bad, but not as bad) and they gave me a single pill to take in addition to the cream, I’d ask about that.

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It’s possible that your husband has a yeast infection also and is just passing it back to you each time. It doesn’t effect men the same way that it effects women, so often times the man doesn’t even know. I would see about testing him just to make sure!

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the medication that treats UTI if it doesnt stay in your bladder can cause a huge yeast infection. 

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Fresh garlic (eat a lot of garlic a day, its a natural antibiotic).

Cranberry (not the good tasting juice, but you want the concentrate which tastes horrible, or cranberry capsules)

Avoid sugar & yeast/white flour – no soda, no candy (bad time of the year for that!), avoid pasta, bread, fruits, mushrooms. I think I lived off of a few veggies & lots of water & some soups… & garlic was added to everything.

Take probiotics (a few hours after any medicine), the kind that you have to store in the fridge is the best kind. You can eat yogurt with live cultures, but its not as powerful as a probiotic. This will add good bacteria, since the meds will target both good & bad bacteria.

Wear cotton undergarments (they’re the most breathable)

Wear skirts or dresses to work / during the day if you can. Or loose fitting pants… avoid tight fitting jeans because they’ll make it worse.

Wash your undergarments & jeans with a little bit of white vinegar (this kills yeast bacteria, but be careful for delicate clothes that might get damaged from that)

I took something else that really helped, & cleared up all my symptoms. I got it from a natural foods store… I’ll see if I still have the box. The pills/cream stuff didn’t really work.

Rosemary/ basil/ or thyme teas all are good to drink.

That’s all I remember for now, I’m sorry you’re going through this!

Call your doctor & let them know! Since they’ve seen you for this, they may have other things to try. Maybe they can get you in early tomorrow morning before you’d have to be at work? Or maybe they can just write you a prescription for something else & fax it over to your pharmacy?

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@canthugallcats:  This is all solid advice.


Also: Don’t wear thong underwear.

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This may also be Too Much Information, but do you masturbate?  I would say don’t try to have sex with your husband until masturbating feels okay again…  You don’t want to associate sex with pain/discomfort, because that will affect you in future sexual encounters!  


This all sounds awful, and I’m really sorry!  I hope you feel better soon.  Try the things serabell said, and also remember to always try to pee after sex.  

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I went through a stage of having yeast infections frequently– they are awful! The only remedy that works for me (though I have never purchased anti-fungals from the drugstore because I am leery of all the chemicals in them) is using boric acid capsules. I have heard many times that they work well– in fact they are the yeast cure recommended by my gynecologist. You can find the proper kind of boric acid at a drugstore– I know Rite Aid usually has it, in the part of the store where the hydrogen peroxide and other antiseptics are. Gelatin capsules, 00 size, which are what you put the boric acid powder in, are available at natural food stores, and maybe some pharmacies; insert 1 capsule into your vagina in the morning and one at night, or two at once just before bed (I prefer one at a time, twice a day, because I find that works better and doesn’t result in irritation). For bad infections, this needs to be done every day for a week– but by that time you should be yeast-free! Here’s a link that tells more about using these: http://women.webmd.com/boric-acid-for-vaginal-yeast-infection

I find that, when having sex where the man comes inside the woman (no condom), yeast infections are more frequent– semen is more alkaline than the vagina likes to be. So occasionally using one boric acid capsule for maintenance of health down there– like once a week if you are concerned about getting infections– is a good idea.

Also, definitely have your husband treat himself– rinsing certain parts of himself with a couple cups of water with a few tablespoons of cider vinegar in it, every day for a week or two, should make any yeast go away.

AND, I discovered a supplement that has helped me fend off UTIs recently– it is called D-mannose. It is a form of sugar found in cranberries which UTI-creating bacteria will stick to in urine, so they get flushed away instead of sticking to the bladder and creating an infection. I have gotten some horrible UTIs in my life, and I haven’t gotten a bad one since discovering the D-mannose.

Hope this helps!

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I get Pao de Arco from Whole Foods. Recurring yeasties runs in my family, and this usually helps.

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Did the doctor do a test or just look down there? Mine looked, said I had a yeast infection, gave meds, and it didn’t help. Then she did a test and found out it was bacterial vaginosis  instead. The meds for yeast don’t help this, only Bv meds do. Just a thought.

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Did the doctor do a test or just look down there? Mine looked, said I had a yeast infection, gave meds, and it didn’t help. Then she did a test and found out it was bacterial vaginosis  instead. The meds for yeast don’t help this, only Bv meds do. Just a thought.

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@Izzle84:  Great advice.  There are many kinds of infections and if the cream didn’t clear it, you really need to check.  Also, my friends and I have had great results with yogurt.  Eating it seems to stave off the yeast infections. Some ppl actually douched with it.  I never tried it.  But the two that did swear by it.  So sorry!  It must be so frustrating to have waited and then to have this happen!

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