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I also have issues with my weight and I got down some before our wedding, but I didn’t get down to where I wanted to be. After the wedding, I gained back 15 pounds. This was/is very depressing for me, so I joined a gym and have a personal trainner; cardio 5 times a week and physical trainning twice a week. A long with those, I am also trying to get my diet on track, just like you, and trying to eat right.

In order to do that I am using a site called SparkPeople. It is free and very easy to navigate. They have articles for you to read about health and nutrition and groups that you can join or just watch and they have a ton of graphs and charts that will help you track what you eat and drink. You can set up your own program or you can use their recommended program.

I suggest checking it out. It is really helping me stay on track and it is also teaching me how to eat right.

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Bumble bee

Hmmmm  eating right is a struggle for me too. I’m a sugar addict, and really, refined sugar does NOTHING for a person. In fact it is harmful.

I think you are on the right track by getting support. Different things work for different people. I , by the way, am terrible at being motivated. lol.

My suggestion would be to start small, if you are a baby steps kind of person. Replace breakfast with something really healthy. And add green juice! 🙂 The changes won’t be as noticeable if you start small, but they are usually easier to maintain.

Also, keep healthy food on you at all times. Humans snack, and honestly I find the eat meal #1, starve for a few hours, eat meal #2, starve for a few hours etc to be difficult. Just make sure they are the right kind of snacks. I promise you can eat all apples you want to in a day and not gain weight.

If you would like to make a bigger change, I say do the healthy breakfast and then do salad for lunch everyday. Healthy, no creamy dressing. Get creative. I love to make a fennel and grapefruit salad, which I didn’t even know could be done. 🙂

Hmm, let’s see. Last suggestion would be to find a healthy treat that satisfies you. I love dessert. Sweets are one of my favorite things. That being said, there are ways to make them a little bit better for you. Have you ever tried homemade avocado chocolate pudding? It is really delicious and doesn’t taste like avocado. It’s…slightly tangy, but it’s an easy recipe to play with. Let me know and I’ll grab it off the shelf.

That or a cacao walnut raspberry “cake”. It’s a raw food recipe I have that is VERY rich. One tiny little piece and I’m good.

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Honey bee

you cant change overnight. 

Think about the reasons you want to change. Write them down and read them every mornging and every night to remind yourself , 

To be good examples so your kids don’t end up where you are, for dress shopping, to make sure you are around for your grand kids etc. 

Then choose one or two thing to do this week. Start now. Then each saturday add one more change to that list. Make a list now for the next two months and post it on your fridge. Ask your family to help you stick to these rules. 

These are all healthy habits so they should even do them with you- do it as a family 

The goal is to learn new forever habits. Learn one, practice it and then build on it.


Week 1) No more fried foods or soda

Week 2) 100% Whole wheat or unprocessed grains in moderation- brown rice, etc, whole wheat pasta. Limit to 3 servings per day.

Week 3) Get “You on a Diet” by Dr. Oz and start reading and Learn a new habit when you feel stressed. (if stress eating is a problem)

Week 4) switch to lean meats, learn a new healthy but tasty recipe. 

Week 5) Eat a salad before dinner every night. Eat it without cheese or croutons, but do try different combinations! Eat it with a light vinaigrette

Week 6) prepare a meal on Sunday for easy-grab and go lunch or snack or breakfast (whatever is most challenging for you) throughout the week

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Are you trying to eat healthy by yourself?  That would make it hard to eat healthy.  I used to buy cookies, ice cream etc. that was supposedly for the kids but of course I ate it too.  If this is the case, have everyone in your home eat healthy.  You are going to have to really research recipes and snacks that are healthy and make them a regular part of your grocery shopping and family meals.  Don’t have the temptation in your house or at least not within your reach or sight.  I don’t know how old your kids are but I have teenagers.  If I buy Oreos I might eat a serving and make my kids take the rest up to their rooms.  Or if there are brownies or chips I have to hide them in the oven and in cabinets because if I see it I’ll eat it.  I also suggest reading packages to find out what exactly a serving is.  I had a huge problem with portion control.  You eventually memorize what is what and it gets easier, especially for the things you eat often.  

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Honey bee

IF portion control is your problem you should get a food scale and start tracking your food intake for a few weeks. It will teach you what a proper serving size by eyeing it. We always underestimate food and overestimate exercise.

Its a general calculation but to remain your same weight you are currently consuming 2700 calories a day.

If you consume 2200 calories a day you will lose 1 lb a week or more if you are exercising vigourously during the week.  

livestrong’s the daily plate is a good food tracker and there are smart phone apps.

You don’t have to do it forever, but doing it for a few weeks doesnt allow you to lie to yourself. It teaches you to think twice about using a ranch dressing instead of a light vinaigrette, or taking the bun top off your hamburger and skipping the cheese but adding peppers and onions. All those little decisions make big calorie differences in your total calorie consumption and tracking it helps you identify where you can cut calories, while still enjoying your food!

And remember, no one has ever gotten fat on vegetables-especially green ones- (that arent fried, buttered or dressing laden) eat as many as you want at every meal!

And your family should be eating just as healthy as you so make sure your dinners are healthy for everyone. If you don’t want to eat pizza or mac and cheese, your family shouldn’t be eating it either on a regular basis. Make it a special meal, or a side dish to a much healthier main course. Learn healthier recipes to your favorite unhealthy recipes. There are so many substitutions out there! 

IF you overeat at dinner consistently, you may want to try having and afternoon snack that consists of healthy fat and protein. A small apple and hard boiled egg, cup of lentil soup, carrots and some hummus, bell peppers dipped in a greek yogurt based dip etc.

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How about using sugar substitutes for the sweets you love?  I love baked goods and sweets.  I have not banned them but I’ve learned to love the less harmful versions. There are a ton of recipes on the Equal website.  I frequent it the desserts page often but they have recipes for other things as well.  Check it out.


I recently discovered fake ice cream at Whole Foods.  Only 150 calories for the entire pint! Its called Arctic Zero.


I found a recipe for low calorie cake made with diet pop and cake mix.


Don’t beat yourself up.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!  These are lifestyle changes.  It takes time, but stick with it.  And if you fall of the wagon, pick yourself up and hop back on!

As far as portion control goes some popular tricks are, smaller plates, actually measuring portions, and my favorite – having someone else clean the kitchen so you aren’t tempted to eat the leftovers. : )


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Honey bee

Have you heard of Hungry Girl? You might check out her recipes and books. Good recipes for the whole family.


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Have you tried WW? I don’t think I ate terribly bad, but WW really opened my eyes in terms of portion control. I was eating two or three times the appropriate portions at dinner each night, packing on the calories. I second the food scale, as well as measuring cups for pasta, rice, etc. Even if you don’t stick with it longterm because of the price, I recommend joining WW for a few months just to get the system down. It really does work.

On another note, the BEST thing you can do for yourself is stop buying junk food! If you Fiance wants it, he should have to buy it and keep it for himself AT WORK (if you live together). Out of sight is out of mind. If you have to go out of your way to get it, you’ll be a lot less likely to eat it. You said you are cooking for 6, so you must have kids. It’s so much better for your kids if you keep this stuff out of the house as well. 

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Plans your meals and snacks for the entire week ahead of time. Go to the grocery store 1 time during the week. Make a list before you go shopping and strictly follow the list. If it’s not on the list, you are not allowed to buy it. No cheating.

When you make food, immediately package it into serving-size portions. If you are having a “family style” dinner, don’t put the food on the table, put it on the counter and only allow yourself 1 serving-size portion.

Cut down on eating out. If you do go out for a dinner, ask immediately for 1/2 the food to be put into a to-go box so it doesn’t even come to your table on your plate. Most restaurants serve at least twice as much food as you need, you should be able to get 2 meals out of each restaruant meal size plate.

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i have three rules:

first, eat anything you want, without feeling guilty but with pleasure.

second, control your portion sizes. if you closely observe yourself, usually the first and second bites of something taste the best, after that you eat it just to finish it. so for example with dessert, have one or two bites of the most decadent thing you can think of – and then stop and think whether finishing the dessert is worth staying on your hips for a long time.

third, eat delicious things that are healthy. most veggies and salads can be enhanced and made more interesting by adding a tiny little bit of bacon or butter. and again, control your portion size. http://lifeisgoodkitchen.blogspot.com/2011/06/ingredients-2-leeks-2-tablespoons.html

good luck and every bite you eat is a new opportunity to be healthy!

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Can you afford a nutritionist?  Many health plans have one that you just pay your normal co-pay for.  Get one and follow the instructions precisely- it can be a huge source of moral support as well.

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Sugary foods are my Achilles’ heel!  The only way was able to eat less of them was to cut out one type of sugary food every week for a few weeks.  So for week 1 it was cake (I love single-serving supermarket cake).  For week 2 it was cake and non-chocolate candy.  For week 3 it was cake and all candy…you get the picture.  It was SO HARD when I hit the week where I couldn’t have ANY sweets, but it worked.  Now I just don’t keep them in the house and only have a few sugary things each week.

Oddly, I found that it helped to give up Splenda and use a little real sugar in my coffee every morning.

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