(Closed) Having such trouble sleeping… any bees deal with sleep issues?

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I have sleep-onset insomnia (trouble falling asleep) and I often have mental discussions like your example. Most of the time it’s not even about important things. I’ll be thinking about a song, or a stupid person I saw at the grocery store, or that I tipped over the cat’s food. Dumb stuff.

The only thing that helps me get to sleep and stay asleep is white noise.

I use rainymood.com and I put my laptop on the floor or on my nightstand all night. Definitely gives my brain something else to listen to other than itself.

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I am not the best sleeper either…it’s even worse now that I share a bed with a husband!  Recently I’ve tried a few tips for sleeping, and they have helped.  One thing that I do is not eat right before bed.  I used to love to have snacks while watching TV before bed.  Also, I don’t drink any alcohol after 7pm (my target fall asleep time is 10pm).  I’ve heard that your body has to “work” to process the alcohol, so this raises your body temp, making it harder to fall asleep/stay asleep.  In addition, 30-60 minutes before “bedtime” I grab a book, dim the lights in the bedroom and read. I also make sure that temperature of the house is cool (62 degrees is a good sleeping temp for me).  As of lately, doing these things have helped me fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

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 I’ve had long time issues with falling asleep and staying asleep. I used to deal with it soley with medication when I was in high school and college. Now, I would say that some things that help me are:

  1. Using my bedroom for sleep (or sex) only: No reading, no lap top, no lounging around in bed, etc. Sleep, sex that is it.
  2. White noise, like a pp said. I use a homemedics white noise machine that has a bunch of different sounds that I can set for a specific amount of time or leave on all night. I leave it all night because when it goes off I found myself waking up. I like the waves because you can sort of focus your breathing on the wave sound and it helps me relax. (Mindfulness/meditation/however you want to think of that).
  3. When I am really having issues I either use Zzz- quil or a Rx that my doctor writes me for a sleep aid.

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@Sunnyday278:  I agree with a lot of the other tips, so I won’t repeat them. But my big one is Melatonin capsules. It’s a supplement you can get at the drugstore. It really works.

I used to take a tylenol PM or something, which would help, but I would have CRAZY and often negative, or even violent, dreams when on it. Wierd. No issues with melatonin.

I also think getting rid of extra light is very helpful, even seemingly small light disruptions such as blinking power indicators on electronics or a digital clock. Try not to read on your laptop or phone, especially in the dark, before trying to sleep. Apparently light disrupt’s your body’s natural ability to produce its own melatonin.

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When I have sleep issues I try to turn off my phone or anything with a backlight up to an hour before going to bed. Also I have found on occasion that things like sleepy time tea and using ear plugs helps a lot. 

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I don’t have much to add – I’m mainly just commenting so I can come back to this, as I also have a lot of trouble sleeping. It sucks because physically, I’m exhausted, but my mind just won’t shut down enough for me to fall asleep! For me, melatonin is really unpredictable because sometimes it works quickly, and other times it will take a few hours before I feel sleepy. Benadryl and tylenol PM work a little bit faster for me, but as a PP mentioned, I also have REALLY weird, vivid, realistic-seeming dreams. SO said one night, I woke up out of a dead sleep and starting yelling at him because of something he said to me that upset me. Apparently, I DREAMT that he upset me, but it felt real enough to elicit that kind of response from me! Also, I wake up really groggy, which just ruins my whole day 🙁

Recently, I’ve found that “counting sheep” (all I really do is count in my head, usually to the rhythym of my breathing) helps. If I give myself something specific to focus on while trying to fall asleep, I’ve noticed that I fall asleep a little faster because my mind isn’t wandering around to other thoughts/concerns that usually keep me up. And I sleep with a satin sleep/eye mask to block out any random flashes of light (like headlights peeking through the window as people drive by, SO watching TV in the other room, etc). It has helped tremendously!!


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Sleep issues suck. I have had diagnosed insomnia since 1998. I can “nap” ok on the couch occasionally and it actually helps if Fiance is with me. And I actually do sleep better at night when I am with him as well. But with him or not, falling asleep is my problem. I can’t turn my brain off and I don’t normally have stress so it’s just normal everyday things. And once I do fall asleep, I don’t get into the deep sleep stage. Frustrating. 

I had problems with melatonin causing crazy dreams. If you try melatonin and the dreams get worse, it could be the cause. I also have no reaction to Benadryl, NyQuil, zquil,  I can take them and not get the slightest bit drowsy. I take a prescription sleep medication nightly or I get maybe 1-2 hours of sleep. In addition to some of the PPs suggestions, my sleep specialist suggested a notebook next to the bed for when you think those thoughts like x bill is due Tuesday. He suggested actually writing it down lets your brain stop thinking about it. 

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I have trouble shutting off my mind too.  I find podcasts help, but I need to find the right one, something interesting enough that my mind doesn’t start to wander, but not enough to really stimulate me.

I’ve also been prescribed a medication for allergies that is also used as a sleep aid.  I sleep really good the nights I take it.

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I have sleep issues due to an autonomic nervous system dysfunction. My pupils are supersensitive to light and take forever to adjust to the darkness, hence delaying the onset of sleep.  Starting at about 7:30pm each night, I put a clip on pair of blue light filtering glasses on my regular glasses. It blocks out the wavelength of light that TVs, iPads, etc emit that keeps your pupils from dial acting and triggering melatonin production. I’ve noticed I fall asleep sooner but I still have to take prescription sleeping medication. I have the same type of conversations/thoughts that you do. Ive kept a notepad and pen by my bed to write things down and I think it sort of helps ease some of that anxiety and racing thoughts. 

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@Sunnyday278:  I have had insomnia since i was a kid and in a way i’m kinda used to it, if i reallly really need a good nights sleep i will take a sleeping tablet but thats only once every so often.

The worst is when i’m trying to fall asleep it kinda goes like this.

Me: ah sleep


Me: what the hell brain i’m trying to sleep

Brain: just sing this one song all the way through and then you can sleep.

Me: ok then just this one.

song finishes.

Me:yey sleep



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Meditation might be a good thing to consider trying for like, a month (takes a bit to get the hang of it). There are different techniques but I find that the better I get at it (I practice deep breathing/clearing thoughts every time I wash my hands hahaha) the easier it is for me to push those stupid conversations away at will.

I know this sounds stupid, but sometimes socks on my feet help me sleep. I think sometimes I just get cold in my sleep. Last night I passed out in sweatpants and a sweatshirt and it was amaaazing (but I don’t usually do that). I don’t always put socks on (sometimes I get too hot which keeps me up, too) but if I feel like it might be a cold night, it helps a lot.

And I second the white noise reccomendation. I’ve always had an easy time falling asleep to white noise, or I found that specifically the sound of “water running over rocks” helps a lot, too. It drowns out my thoughts so they’re not running amok.

Oh and latley I downloaded this program called f.lux for my desktop (work and home), it tints your computer monitor to the color of an incandescent bulb at the time of sunset… it’s easier on my eyes and it helps to signal my brain to start thinking about bed.
Because bright screens/light will signal your brain to stay awake (research circadean rhythms), I try to avoid computer/TV/cell phone usage after 8-ish (but with the wedding going on am rarely successful at this), and we dim the lights at home once it gets closer to bedtime.

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