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  • poll: What does your fiance care most about?
    He doesn't care what anything looks like, but he cares about wedding ceremony, etc. : (13 votes)
    12 %
    He cares about EVERYTHING, just like me...almost. : (32 votes)
    29 %
    He lets me do whatever I want, just wants to be with me. : (18 votes)
    16 %
    He really only wants to be involved in SOME things, I'm doing the rest. : (47 votes)
    43 %
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    • Wedding: October 2010

    Yeah, my guy is being a great help with ideas and going to meet with vendors, etc. He actually does care about it and is not forcing me to do it on my own.

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    • Wedding: February 2011

    I guess there are a few things he cares about. He cared about the venue, he cares that the ceremony is a reflection of us and is not overly religious, and he cares that we don’t spend too much money 🙂 Beyond that his only real interest in helping is in lightening my load. He offers to help when he thinks it’ll make me less stressed but he doesn’t really care much about the details. Recent funny convo: 

    me: *talking about mom’s recent shopping trip*

    him: she buy anything interesting?

    me: well she got these styrofoam balls that i think i want to use for some pomadors for the ceremony

    him: some what?

    me: pomadors. i guess i didn’t talk to you about that? i kind of figured you dont care. 

    him: wait….. POMADORS? Like the hairstyle? 

    me: hahahahha you mean pompadors i think. like a beehive type thing. no. these are little frilly balls of cute that you hang on chairs as decoration

    him: oh. yea i dont care then.

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    • Wedding: December 2009

    My husband wanted to make all the final choices with me, but not spend all his time planning. So we agreed that I would do the first research, narrow down the options and we’d discuss the final choice together. Except for our own attire, we would not make a decision without the other. It worked out well for us and I’m glad he was so involved, even if sometime I felt like I was bothering him with all my wedding talk…

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    • Wedding: September 2010

    I do have a girlfriend where her FH is a total groomzilla!  No decisions can be made without him.

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    • Wedding: April 2010

    He cares about food, music and ceremony.  He was also pretty involved in deciding things like the theme and “look” of the shebang. 

    Mostly, I just narrow things down to one or two options and then get his rubber stamp of approval.

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    • Wedding: July 2010

    Fiance cares about the ceremony (short, sweet and not “all God-ed out” – direct quote), the food, and the music. Everything else is all me. It’s worked out perfectly so far.

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    • Wedding: August 2010

    He acts as moral support LOL. He shows up to all appointments acts attentive and then he lets me make all of the decisions. He actually did design our cake and picked the dj (I had such a hard time picking between two). Like he says he never dreamed of his wedding like I have so he wants me to be happy and as long as we get married thats all he cares about. But he’s also the type of guy who doesn’t care about clothes, shoes, etc.

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    Fiance major concern at this point has been the cake.  We’ve made all the major decisions together, but he’s letting me take care of all the “small” stuff (and I’m perfectly ok with that!).

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    • Wedding: December 2010

    My caveman is PUMPED for the party, but he has zero interest in helping to plan at all!  It doesn’t bother me one bit, we were like this BEFORE we got engaged—if he acted any differently I would be shocked.  I also work best alone with things like this, so I’m in heaven that I don’t have to run things by him.

    It is nice though, when he comes home, or when we’re snuggling in bed and he says “‘my God, I cannot wait for you to be my wife”.  Makes me realize that he does care about being married, just not planning it 😉

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    • Wedding: October 2010

    Fiance like helping make decisions but not doing the research and leg work. So, our compromise is that he will plan the honeymoon to Italy

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    • Wedding: April 2010

    He’s been great helping with the planning. He has helped in pretty much all areas and given great suggestions and feedback!

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    • Wedding: September 2011

    My guy cares about the same stuff I do, just more so.  It’s very important to him to have a curfew-free venue where we don’t feel like we’re just renting a banquet hall.  I agree, but am less determined about it.  We agree that open bar is required, that good food with a relaxed buffet is important.  It’s VERY important to him that we don’t have assigned tables.  I don’t care.  He’s also putting his foot down insisting that we have a wedding party.  We’re on the same page on a few things – short personal ceremony, traditions we’re not doing, etc.  He picked the time of year, though I did veto October in case the Yanks make the playoffs.  He is a total groomzilla about the music – I barely even have veto power.  He’s really into keeping the budget below a certain (unrealistically low) point, but has no say over that because I’m the one paying.

    Neither of us care AT ALL about any sort of decor issues, invitations, etc.  We are going to end up with handfulls of grass as centerpieces and invitations done on mail merge.  (um, yes, we have been told before that we’re both the boy  in the relationship and our apartment looks like it’s been decorated by a freshman guy.)

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    • Wedding: October 2010

    The ONLY thing The Guy cares about is the music. Well, and the ceremony to some degree (e.g. helping choose the Scripture readings).

    Otherwise, not only does he not care, he also has NO IDEA what’s going on. I think the whole day will be a huge surprise to him, as he doesn’t know anything about the flowers, decor or DIY stuff. That’s totally fine with me though — it makes it far easier to make decisions and I know he trusts me an my taste.

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