(Closed) He finally listened and I’M ENGAGED!

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@Sasha2011: Wasn’t this an episode of Glee?  LOL!

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@cyndistar3: haha good. I was hoping you wouldn’t think I was being ageist.

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If this is real…wow. :/ The Fiance isn’t much better for enabling her problem. A sane man would’ve stepped back and left.

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@cyndistar3: from reading your response, i would never have guessed you were so young. I am happy to hear that there are other young bees, that are mature enough to know that what she has done is not right, i am afraid that too many people our ages (im 20) would think that this may be a good idea:/

Yes, Bees as a younger bride to be i do look up to you all for advice and what not:)

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Shut the he’ll up you are! You always are so insightful and .. Well mature! I’m flabbergasted

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@Mermaid1082: I, personally, have been desiring popcorn throughout this entire thread. ๐Ÿ˜‰  

And TOTALLY AGREE 100% on TTC.  ESPECIALLY if she has any sort of medical condition that will prevent it.  She’ll have to go A YEAR of ttc before the majority of doctors will talk about problems if she’s young and healthy.  (Which she, ahem, obviously is.  At least in reproduction, anyway.)  


oh, and OP, before you decide to lambast me for this, I always wanted to fall in love with someone who would love me and want me for who I am.  Instead, I feel hook, line & sinker for a jiggilo, got divorced, had a son, got BACK with my now-FI and we’ve put off our wedding 8 years.  In the time, I had a daughter and was living at home with my parents while working full-time.  NOT WHAT I PLANNED FOR MY LIFE.

I now have an apartment, my Fiance lives with me, and even though it isn’t all fluffy bunnies and rainbows (I currently miss my bunny who resides with my parents due to the ‘no pets allowed’ rule), I didn’t have to even ASK him if he wanted to marry me.  He also just handed me the ring in the car when we were going out to eat for lunch one day.  I WAS THRILLED!  my mother was also pissed, but oh, well.

Also, despite having two healthy wonderful kids that I could pin-point the conception date, I’m currently having difficulty concieving.  Not a secret if you look at the threads under my profile.  

Life isn’t fair.  Learn that lesson and remember it.  It’s true.  Ask ANYONE and I’m pretty sure they’ll agree.

good luck with your life and I hope you get the answers you want.

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@Mermaid1082: I hope she can’t get pregnant at all, and that no adoption agency will deal with her, at least not until she gets help. Can you imagine someone like this with children?

“Timmy, I told you this morning to make your bed and you still haven’t!” *whips out paperwork showing she’s dropped out of school again, as well as a bottle of pills* “Do you see what that did to Mommy? She had to drop her classes and start taking medication because you obviously don’t care about her dream of her son’s bed being made.”

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@mattsgirl813: ehhh… I feel old…. I guess when you have children, any birthday you have after that multiplies your age instead of just adding another year ๐Ÿ˜‰

@Oneeleven: well I turn 18 July 23rd ๐Ÿ™‚ lol. Just being close to that age makes me more mature ๐Ÿ˜‰

@Zinzerena: if you happen to make some popcorn, pass it this way I am starting to get the munchies too LOL.

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@cyndistar3: LOL!!!  *passes the bag of popcorn*  Yeah, it’s AMAZING how fast having a kid will mature you!  I, too, thought you were older!  Of course, I didn’t have my son until I was 20! 

oh, how’s this for a kicker?  I wanted to have my LAST baby before I turned 20.  I’m 29.  My birthday is in January.  Ummmm… yeah, don’t think it’s gonna happen before my 30th birthday.  My Fiance said we’d keep trying until I’m too old and CAN’T have one and, after realizing he truly meant that, I agreed.  

Life just LOVES to screw with you, doesn’t it???

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I understand the frustrations of waiting. My Fiance and I dated for 9 years before getting engaged.

So that being said…I think it’s really important for you to step back and look at this situation objectively. I don’t know if you see this, but I noticed that a lot of this was about YOU, not about YOU&HIM. It was about you wanting to have 2 kids and about how much YOU want to marry him. Have you ever talked to him about when HE wanted to have children? Or when HE wanted to get married? Please realize that I’m not at all doubting the fact that he loves you. But just the fact that you’re looking at this situation as a “strategy” and that it went as far as your health being so affected by you not being engaged…That concerns me.

Anyway, I do wish you the best. And definitely consider couseling, as an individual as well as pre-marital couples counseling.

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