(Closed) He is getting on my nerves but I feel like a bad person

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I have athsma and after a few years of experimenting, with the right medication this shouldn’t be an issue for him. When I am not taking my medication and I need it I can find that I have a very hard time breathing, which makes any sort of walking/exercising/humidity/cold very difficult for me. When I am on my meds I am not SUPER active (you won’t see me running a marathon!) but I can def get out of bed and do “normal” activities.

If his athsma is what is causing him to act like this because he can’t breathe, then he needs to talk to his doctor about a better management system. He may need a stronger dosage, a longer lasting solution, or a lifestyle change to strengthen his lungs.

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I agree with @takemyhand: Your Fiance needs to see a doctor if it is that bad.  Another point I want to make is that in general, men are such BIG BABIES when they aren’t feeling well.  It certainly is enough to make you sick!  I’d be sure to set the tone for future illnesses if I were you.  First off I would insist he saw a doctor about his asthma and make the appointment and go with him if necessary.  When he did actually get sick, I’d give him what he needs, tissues, meds etc. and make sure they are easily accessable for him.  Then I’d go ahead and do my own thing.  I would not sit around and baby him.  That would be enabling him.  If necessary I would leave the house to make him understand he’s a grown up and he could handle it and better yet he would ideally prevent it.  

That’s how I dish out tough love around here.  (No asthma issues but there are no babies in this house so I won’t be babying anyone when they are sick.)

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@2ndtime: Ahh yes: the man flu. It can make a grown man as weak as a kitten. While neither of us have asthma, Mr Rugbee is the biggest baby if he gets a bit sick, tired or sore from the gym. It is as though the world has ceased turning just for him & all must know how crappy he feels (because he’s dying, you know…).

It frustrates me a bit since I rarely get sick & when I do everyone else is even sicker so I still have to tend to them. I find solace teasing my 220lb 6ft5 man-child.

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@sexxysheddy: I had asthma as a child. Like takemyhand said it was only bad when I ran around like crazy or when I was having an asthma attack. I think he is full of it and is playing you to get his way:0) If he is sick he is not going to be able to relax in bed because it will be unbearable, usually when I was having an attack I would try to sit/prop up so I could get some oxygen. If he is really having an attack he should be at the emergency room.

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don’t feel bad, sick men are huge babies!! When Fiance gets sick i make sure i ahve a huge stack of any flu medicine that will put him to sleep, so that i can get some peace!!

as for the Asthma… my sister has suffered from asthma since she was a child, and by what you are describing maybe he should go back and see the Md. like the others my sister will attest that unless of strenous physical activity or allergens in the air she’s fine, and when she’s not usually a bit of meds and she’s back on her feet.

do you have a cat? or aythoer possible allergy trigger in your house? i know when my sister goes into a house with pets, it knock her out for a bit


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Good luck! I totally understand where you’re coming from, though. I’m whiney and a baby when I’m sick, but if there’s ish that needs to be done, I woman up and do it. When Darling Husband is sick he doesn’t really complain UNTIL it comes time to do something he doesn’t want to do. It’s SOOO frustrating.

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