(Closed) He is ready to start trying… but my body isn’t…

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Sweetkate- It sounds like you have a good doctor who you can get to the bottom of this with.

I think it is exciting to work on your health with a goal in mind!  I hope that things fall into place pretty easily for you and you are able to get to the bottom of this… Huge kudos for taking care of it before getting pregnant 🙂

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I have PCOS and it has been treated with the BCP since I was 13 years old.

My doctor who diagnosed me couldn’t tell me all the facts about it and so I know go to a doctor that specializes in PCOS. If you are currently on the pill it can mask all of the hormonal abnormalities of PCOS because it is hormone replacement therapy. I just hope your current doctor isn’t missing anything!

Good Luck – I hope you get to the bottom of this.

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My old ob/gyn in college told me I had pcos after an ultrasound to figure out why I hadn’t gotten my period for 3 or 4 months.  After another yr of no period – despite taking a few different hormone treatments – my period just started up again like it had never been gone.

Fast forward 7 yrs and I had a period non-stop for about 6 wks then haven’t really had one for about 3 months.  I went to my ob/gyn (different the the one in college) and he told me it’s probably just a fluke even after I reminded him of my previous pcos history (which he told me he didn’t believe because the pill should have fixed it and I’ve never really been over weight_average 130lb and I’m 5’7″).  I too have had high blood pressure that last 2 times it was taken (140-ish/95-ish) even though I’ve always had absolutely perfect readings before (as recently as 6 months ago when I had it taken last).  The dr did some blood work and left me a vm last week saying there’s nothing wrong with me.  That being said, my period “should” have started tuesday and still nothing.  He also simply didn’t address my high bp either which I’m most concerned about since I’m only 29.  I work out just about everyday, eat super healthy, don’t smoke or drink at all, am a healthy weight – there’s no reason for me to have hypertension.

I’m planning on switching doctors when I go back for my annual next month.

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I have PCOS too! If you’ve been taking BC, testosterone levels will most likely be in the average range, but can fluctuate. Don’t just write it off. You should have an ultrasound of your ovaries done to see if there are cysts in there.

I’m glad you’re working to get everything under control to start having a baby!

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I have HBP and I am planning on conceiving as soon as possible. My Dr. switched my HBP medication to one that won’t harm the fetus if/when I get pregnant. I am exercising and have drastically increased my water intake but unfortunately…due to my family history, I will probably always need to take something to manage my HBP. My PCP and GYN are working closely together to make sure that all bases are covered in order to make conception and pregnancy as smooth and trouble free as possible. Pretty soon the age factor will be thrown into the mix…will be 35 in October.

Having said that…I will say that I had to change both my PCP and my GYN in order to get the care and attention I felt like I needed. Don’t be afraid to make a change if you feel like you aren’t being heard at appts.

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The blood pressure issue might be stress-related.  Relaxing some affected it, but if you were still stressed you might have been over-testing.  Even though the BMI is saying you’re overweight, being slightly overweight at your age probably wouldn’t have much of an affect (BMI is pretty sketchy anyway… in my family we tend to run slender yet borderline-overweight because we are all super-active and build muscle easily).

That said, the irregularity could indicate some sort of hormonal or PCOS issue.  The thing to remember about PCOS is that it’s a grouping of symptoms and markers so it’s a fairly vague diagnosis.  I had a doctor tell me I had it once, too, while other doctors have later said I don’t.  The first was just looking for something to diagnose me with, I think, as there was a lot of weird stuff going on at the time.

If you’ve been going on and off birth control, that might affect your cycle.  When I went off it, I didn’t get a cycle until I went back on it, a year later (and an apparently erraneous PCOS diagnosis).  So that’s probably something to investigate with your doctor as well. 

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I have PCOS too, and went undiagnosed by my first doctor because my testosterone level was normal and my periods were fairly normal.

But I showed other signs like hirsutism and I have a 45 day cycle, but it is like clockwork.  I went to another doctor, he gave me an ultra-sound and diagnosed me with PCOS. Afterwards, I went to a specialist who confirmed it and has treated me for it ever since. You might want a second opinion.

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My mom had really high blood pressure when she was pregnant with my oldest sister (at the age of 20). My blood pressure also gets high at times, and I’m only 22! So, its not too unnormal.

Good luck with everything else. At least you have a good Dr that is trying to help you and figure everything out. I hope it all works out for you! 🙂

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I had problems with High Blood Pressure with both.

I developed PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) with my first..and ended up in the hospital at 32 weeks, my son was born at 34 weeks, 6 wks premature.

My second? WOO.

I was incredibly blessed that I had an amazing Gyn who referred me to a Perinatologist pretty early on.  I was on blood pressure medication almost the entire time I was pregnant, and was closely monitored. (I took my Bridal Party every morning and afternoon, saw the doctor every two weeks..jumped through lots of colorful hoops..ect, ect)

I ended up being hospitalized at 29 weeks and gave birth at 37 weeks (yes, two whopping months in the hospital..I was almost brain dead)

Your Dr is very wise to see if you can regulate/lower your Bridal Party before you get pregnant. Going into the pregnancy with HBP is a stress that you should avoid if you can, especially since many women who’ve never had a problem develop one suddenly during pregnancy (see first pregnancy)

Start watching your sodium intake, you might be suprised how many foods are PACKED with sodium (ketchup it is you, that I glare at. And Chipotle? holy crap their rice alone has 800mg of sodium)

Educate yourself. Seriously, I can not emphasize this enough. This is your body you know it better than anyone else. You are it’s best advocate.

Again, this is just my personal experience, I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on television.

And, I would like to emphasize for fear I’ve scared the poo out of you. I have two gorgeous healthy boys. I mean OMG I could eat them with a spoon gorgeous.

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