(Closed) He is the one. When did you know?

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@MissCalifornia:  ((HUGS!))  I’m glad you’re ok!  Is this you, Jocember?  Did you change your user name?  πŸ™‚

It’s true that “the one” will not only be the romantic love of your life but the best friend love of your life, all in one.

I knew my husband was “the one” the night I met him.  πŸ™‚  What can I say?  His voice, his laugh, the way he lightly touched my arm.  His intelligence, his sense of humor, his courtesy.  Not to mention his gorgeous face and body.  He was special and different and I could sense it immediately.  I don’t know how I knew – but I was right and he’s still just as amazing as he was the night I met him.  He is everything I have ever wanted or needed, wrapped into one.

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I’m glad you’re ok!!! I also have suffered from some pretty crazy panic attacks in my life so I know how you were feeling.

I definitely had a moment not long after we met where I had a “feeling”. It’s really hard to describe but it’s a strong feeling where I knew I had to be with him forever. I’ve never felt that way about anything! But I have also had moments like what you just experienced where he has been so amazing and understanding and I know he will always take care of me.

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@MissCalifornia:  YAY! That is so sweet! I love the name change and I am so glad that your story had a happy ending. From the way you were writing it I thought you guys were about to break up- the bad feeling you had etc (which logically makes zero sense given your title!)

I definitely knew he was a keeper on our first date. We went to his place and up to his room. I picked up this old Welch’s jelly jar (the ones with the designs) he was telling me his grandma gave it to him and that it reminded of his childhood when I dropped it and it shattered into a million pieces. So then he’s picking up the pieces and consoling me because I’m crying.

Then I go over to see this fat rat that his two ball pythons hadn’t eaten that he was keeping as a pet basically. He told me repeatedly that the rat was a little asshole and said at least 3 times that he’d bite me and not to stick my finger in his cage. So being the idiot that I am I stuck my finger in to pet him and little fucker was clinging to my finger and would NOT let go!

So within like 3 minutes of coming into his room for the first time on our first official date (we were sleeping together) I broke a glass his grandma gave him and got bitten so badly he had to put like 3 band aids on my finger.

Despite that, I knew he was a keeper because he looked at me and was like “You don’t listen to directions well but you are absolutely adorable”

I found out a few months ago (3 years later!) that he kept a shard of the glass to remind him of our first date. (And no doubt as a way to remind me how much of a dunce I was)

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Awww, so glad you’re doing ok now! That’s a really wonderful feeling and a good sign to know the one you love will take care of you and put everything else to the side. I knew my guy was the one when we too were doing the long distance thing and, to be quite frank, the beginning of our relationship was a little rocky, I was just coming out of an engagement and he had split up just a few months prior with someone he’d been with for some time, so it was just a really weird point in both of our lives. We had a disagreement one night, it was REALLY late for me and I had to be at work the next morning so I just hung up the phone and went to bed, after about an hour I called him back and just said I was sorry and that I couldn’t sleep, he said it was ok and to go to sleep… a few hours later in the dead of the night my phone rings… wouldn’t you know there he was with flowers in hand and grabbed me and kissed me and said he was sorry for the way the evening went.. he slept for a few hours with me then got up extremely early and made the 3-4 hr trip back to his apartment to make it to work on time. It was very much so my “john cusack, say anything, boom box in the front yard” moment and I just thought to myself “huh. this it it.” We didn’t get engaged until over a year later.. but I always look back on that and smile. It’s the little things. πŸ™‚

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@MissCalifornia:  That is wonderful! Having someone to take care of you is the best feeling. It gives that feeling of safety and security. πŸ™‚

I think I knew a few months in. We had been sleeping together, but not really “dating” persay. Then I decided to end things, because I was confused about where it was going, and Darling Husband looked at me like I had just ended his world. I was so confused, because I genuinely thought he was just interested in sex. He said, “Can I just hold you for a while, then?” and we were on the couch, back when I lived with 3 roommates. Well, we just layed down, side by side, on the couch and cuddled for like 2 hours. My roommate came home with a bunch of friends, and everyone just awkwardly said hi, and we just stayed right there. I just knew then that we were inexplicably connected.

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Glad you’re ok!

I knew on the 2nd date. I just had a feeling I’d never had before.

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Glad to hear you’re ok, first of all!

I wanted to feel like my Darling Husband was the one when I first met him, BUT I completely knew it about 5 months in after he went to Texas for a week (we hadn’t been apart for more than a day leading up to that point). We had a bit of an arguement before he left, and I ignored his texts for two days because he said he wasn’t going to miss me. So I figured if I didn’t mean that much then it wouldn’t bother him to not hear from me.

He left on a Sunday, and that Wednesday he said he missed me so much and being away from me for a few days and not talking to me has made him realize that he does miss me and never wants to be without me. He said his heart was so empty not being able to hear from me.

A year and 3 months after that, we got engaged, and I am so happy we did πŸ™‚

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I felt like he was pretty special after knowing him 3 weeks. Now as we approach our 1 year anniversary I am more than sure he is the one…shoot he has me wanting to propose to him! lol

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My husband was my next door neighbor and I didn’t like him at first. He had tattoos and wasn’t acceptable in my eyes. I stereotyped him and wouldn’t let my kid play in the front yard if he was outside. It took a few weeks before we actually talked. The first time we talked, we ended up talking for HOURS. We talked through sunset and almost til sunrise. That’s the moment I knew he was someone worth getting to know. He would go to his house to get something to drink because he didn’t want to go inside my house, even though I told him it was ok. He was completely respectful to my kids, which stole my heart. When we decided to date, he asked my son for permission to make sure he was comfortable being around him. That was the moment I knew he was the one. We were engaged 7 months after that and got married 1 year and 3 months later.

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I wasn’t quite sold after the first date, but on the 2nd date when I sprained my ankle and he took care of me and then asked if he could lie beside me and cuddle (awww) I knew he was definitely something I did not want to miss out on.  The next day he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes, and 4 months later I was moving across state lines to be with him. πŸ™‚

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@MissCalifornia:  That sounds miserable, I’m really sorry you had an attack. They certainly are not fun. It sounds like you have a really great guy πŸ™‚ I hope you feel better!

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