He needs a private 'office space' for himself…

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Kslim13 :  Crafting can take up a lot of space depending on what it entails. The storage for supplies alone takes up a lot of room. 

Also, not everyone has a home office or even desktop computer anymore. The only people I know that actually have desktops are those who work from home or are still in school (however I work from home sometimes and still only have a laptop). He does neither of those things. So while I get wanting to have a room to be able to surf the internet in peace, it’s ridiculous that that want would take precedence over her legit need for something that helps them bring in more income. 

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RobbieAndJuliahaha :  I don’t think Scott has outdated, patriarchal views of relationships. I think he’s just a selfish jerk. Both men and women can be selfish jerks.

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OP, I’m late to the post, but I’m glad your friend is going to put her foot down. I would pitch a fit if I was with a guy who demanded what Scott is demanding. Especially when she has a legitimate need for an office and he does not. And especially when he’s getting the entire garage. WTF.

I would be seriously reconsidering whether or not I’d be moving in with Scott, if I was Jane. He’s showing his true colors.

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since the garage is heated/cooled, it sounds to me like they should treat this like a 3 bedroom situation.  They each get one room to themselves, and share the third.  

I’d tell him he can pick which one is “his”.  If he throws a tantrum, better to not sign that lease.

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Scott sounds like a little boy playing pretend, so your friend is in the right.

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catapple :  This is exactly what I imagine! Lionel Hutz and the briefcase of shredded newspapers.

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Hah. Darling Husband owns his own photography business and manages another business…and I’m sitting here at the dining table next to his “office” which is a desk in the dining room. I’d say if he can work without 2 of his own private spaces, Scott (with all of his responibilities in life lol) can make do with “only” his very own garage… 

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They should rent a different house with an extra bedroom for his office- and he needs to pay the additional difference. See how that flies with Scotty boy.

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I’d be telling him that if he wants the extra bedroom for his “office”, he’d better have a pretty comfy fold out couch in there because he’d be sleeping in there.

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skier11 :  I wouldn’t be moving in with Scott.

Darling Husband and I have our own spaces within our home, but they are pretty much equal. Darling Husband games, so even though I don’t mind him gaming in the main living room, it made sense for him to use one of our guest bedrooms. That way, he can close himself off if needed or keep the door open. I have an office because I’m a writer and am currently working on a novel. I also dabble in graphic design and needed/wanted a computer with two big monitors to work off of. I didn’t want that in the living room/kitchen, as I will frequently need to close myself off for short periods of time to write. 

If Darling Husband had said to me that he wanted both guest bedrooms as his own, one for a “man cave” and the other for an “office” when we both knew he wasn’t going to use it, we’d be having a serioous discussion. This co-worker of yours better stand her ground.

I’d say to compromise and split the room, but eff that. He doesn’t need an office, he wants one ot be “just like” his dad and is disregarding his partners needs and concerns. Easy pass for me in terms of moving in with him.  

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I would not be moving in with someone who thought he was entitled to a private space for the sole purpose of having one. Especially if I had a side business that would require the extra room. Is it too late for your coworker to back out of the house?

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LMAO a cashier at Target needs an office? When I read the title of your post I first though, “omg overly jealous gf can’t give her bf any space” but then I read the post and just laughed out loud. 

He’s being ridiculous. And I say that cringing because I HATE that phrase. It’s dismissive and rude. But in this case, it’s also incredibly true. He doesn’t need an office. She needs space to do her crafts. The guy needs to grow up.

Maybe offer a compromise and make the garage her craft area and the second room a mancave? 

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I don’t understand why he needs an office either. I hope she is able to stand her ground with him. He doesn’t sound like a good life partner, 2 year history or not. 

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