He saw the dress!!!

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Your sister is dense for posting that pic and your Fiance even more so for screen shotting it!!! WTH? He should have taken one glance at the pic and scrolled the second he realized what it was 🤦🏻‍♀️


But honestly OP, the dude is not gonna remember anything by the time your wedding rolls around! I guarantee it. So relax and focus on planning the rest of your details. He will still be surprised when you walk down the aisle/first look. 

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That stinks that your sister did that, how could she possibly think that’s a good idea?! I am sorry bee. I know it stinks right now but when all is over and done with it won’t matter. He won’t remember and it will still be exciting and romantic when you do see each other for the first time. 

I know it’s hard and I think in time you’ll be able to let it go. A year from now you’ll probably laugh about it. 

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letsdothis123 :  Try to think of it this way: he probably screenshot and saved the picture because of how absolutely beautiful you looked in your dress! He’s excited!

But otherwise I agree with PPs. April is a long way off and probably by then he’ll have forgotten what the dress really looked like anyway. Plus it WILL look different when it’s altered and your hair and makeup is all done up. 

Yes, you can be sad and annoyed at your sister (who does that?!?!), but give yourself a little time to be disappointed and then move your focus towards something else. 

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Oh I’m sorry to hear that!

I think my fiance got some glances at the dress various times when I was on my mobile phone and while unblocking it, it was the first thing to show. I was actually going to ask you about what you think about showing the dress to your fiances.

For me it’s not that big of a deal but I understand that it was important for you. And I agree that you’ll look so different on your wedding day and all the emotions will be there. He’s certainly not going to say: Weeell, I already saw you so I don’t care. 😉 Maybe he’s not going to forget it completely, but I’m sure he’ll be overwhelmed the day of your wedding.

And I totally agree with PP that it’s normal to feel disappointed now, but then focus yourself on accessories your dress and all the other things that have to be done.


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Surprise him with your lingerie later that night… 

Seriously… you will look different and even if you didn’t, him seeing you the day of will be different. 

Be disappointed and irked, but then get past it and wear the beautiful dress. 

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My husband saw the dress, and I freaked out. When our wedding day came, he said to me “wait… I thought the dress was silver?” He didn’t. Even. Remember. The. Color. 

My husband is super perceptive about clothing, too. If anyone would remember it would be him, but he literally thought the white dress was silver. 

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Your poor dodo sister. She must unwittingly find herself in some serious capers if she is as dizzy as this post makes her seem. I hope she’s an amusing storyteller.

Even if your Fiance spent hours gazing at the picture of you in your dress, you will still wow him with your look when you’ve got your hair and makeup and all accessories and you’re in the setting. It all comes together and the magic of the day really contributes, too.

I wanted my dress to be a surprise, so I understand how you feel, but I also think that it’s very easy for everything wedding! to get really built up and magnified. Stressing about the little details that don’t go perfectly makes it hard to really be present and feel the entire experience.

It’s disappointing, yes. But it’s also done. Don’t worry about it anymore. I hope you get a great reaction from him the day of and it reassures you that this was just a brief and insconsequential flub.

Also, your sister maybe should avoid posting anything else about your wedding without running it by you first, since her own discernment isn’t reliable.

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I get it. I wanted my dress to be a surprise as well. I would be disappointed and upset for a while, too. However, in the grand scheme of your wedding, it’s really not a catastrophy. Try to treat it like a little hiccup and be confident that the way you look in your dress on your wedding day will be vastly different and he will be surprised and thrilled just the same. You can definitely help how you feel about this by purposely taking a different perspective.

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Men rarely remember stuff like that… Mostly because it doesn’t mean as much to them as it does to us. He will probably not remember the dress even after the wedding. Only that you were beautiful and “in a wedding dress”. That will literally be the only thing he will be able to recite back to you if you asked him down the road. 

So yeah what she did was a little dumb… but he probably hasn’t thought anything of it since. Seriously.

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II don’t know if this will make you fee better but when I went wedding dress shopping with my fiance,  he didn’t remember the dresses I tried (even those he has seen the previous day). Some of the dresses I tried on made him speechless but he can’t remember them. He only remembers the dresses that he didn’t like on me. 

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Was the picture of a sample dress? If you are hung up on the tradition aspect you could try to think of it as not actually *the* dress you will be wearing.

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