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There is such a thing as rebound headaches from NSAIDS, so they actually could have been contributing to your headaches when you stopped taking them.  I’d go see a neurologist, though, since there are sooooooo many causes and so many different types.  I have migraines related to birth control, but they don’t always occur when I’m menstruating… I get a few throughout the month.  Imitrex doesn’t help a bit, and Excedrin is the only thing that works (mildly) for me, but it’s different for everyone.  Good luck!!!!  

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Ice pack at the base of the skull.  I used to get horrible migraines.  Darling Husband when we first started dating didn’t know what else to do so he put an ice pack on the back of my head.  I took a nap with it on and when I woke up, migraine gone.  Don’t know how or why it worked, but it did for me.  Can’t hurt to give it a try.

(I find that frozen water bottles work the best)

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I have migraines too, and when all else fails – I grab something sweet and cold.  I don’t know why, but sugar always makes me feel better.  And Ice, ice is lovely.

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Further to the ice pack suggestion:  my home remedy is gravol for the nausea (skip that if your doc doesnt want you to take ANYTHING though), a hot bath, and a cold pack on TOP of my head.  My theory is that the hot relaxes me, while the ice pack constricts the blood vessels in my head (migraine is caused by dilated blood vessels in the head and lower intestines – hence the nausea).  After about 30 mins I’ll get nice and sleepy from the gravol, and head off to bed with a fresh ice pack TIED to my head with a scarf, or stuffed unfer a toque to prevent slipping 😛  I usually feel a bit better when I wake up.


I totally know how you feel about wanting to kill someone though, I get so FRUSTRATED especially heading into day 3 or 4 with a damned migraine.  It’s like “why me??”

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I get a lot of headaches and migraines… I use a migrastick (usually you can find them at a health food store), drink a ton of water, have something higher in sugar, ice my head, and try to sleep.  The migrastick was introduced to me on a day where my migraine was making me physically sick at work, my co-worker gave it to me and it has seriously helped me. 

Hope that helps!



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@MeganTacky2247:  I either do the ice pack-which has 4 steps to how you feel the ice, until it feels numb.  I also use 8 hour or 12 hour heat wraps at night -make sure you get the kind you can place on skin, so you don’t burn your neck.  (I got the wrong kind one time, and my neck blistered!)

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@creativeplannertobee: It is a roll on naturopathic treatment. It has peppermint and lavendar oils in it.  Here is a link to it on amazon (but I always buy it in Wholefoods or a local co-op).




It’s a bit like Head-on I think but a bit more powerful.  I always put it on my temples, just above the bridge of my nose and on the back of my neck.  It is really important not to rub your eyes after putting it on because it will burn your eyes.  It doesn’t feel like much for 15-20 minutes then it will start heating up and soon after it heats up I feel the pain start to subside.  Hope that helps!

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I also have found that my headaches are really triggered by my blood sugar level, the more stable my blood sugar the less likely I am to get a headache.  I know everyone is different but as soon as I realized this I was able to control my headaches much more.

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I suffer from migraines also. I try to keep them at bay by drinking a lot of water and watching what I eat.  Have you seen a neurologist? Once I saw a neurologist, i got a much better handle on my migraines and triggers.  For instance, I can’t have anything with fake sugar. MSG or anything fermented is a trigger. For tension headaches, I put Vicks Vapo-Rub on the affected area and let it work its magic.  I usually get them from my neck and shoulders. It helps alot to relieve that tension.

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Go see a chiropractor.  They can do amazing things to help migraines.  Also, a product called Traumeel may help you,  it’s arnica based, natural anti inflammatory.

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I’ve been having chronic migraines – seriously this is my 3rd pain free day in a month. I even get tremors with my headaches sometimes. I have a vitamin D deficiency and my dr. said that could be a cause. It’s helped a little…that could be something to look into as a possible cause if it’s not tension.

I haven’t really found anything that helps my headaches. Drink lots of water and get lots of rest.

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I get chronic tension headaches and migraines.  I’ll get a migraine maybe once a month, and I’ve had periods where I’ve gotten tension headaches every day for a month straight.  If it’s happening all the time, and it’s a dull throb with pain in your neck, it’s probably tension headaches.  Because of the frequency you’re getting them, I would guess tension headaches, too.  I experienced exactly what you’re experiencing, and once I figured out how to deal w/tension headaches, they went away. 


Tension headaches are caused by the muscles around your neck knotting up.  It’s really common if you spend long periods of time sitting.  A few things I’d recommend:

1) A good pillow!  A neck pillow or memory foam pillow will help support your neck while you sleep.

2) Good posture.  At work, make sure you’ve got a good chair.

3) Hot shower.  Relaxes your muscles.

4) MOST IMPORTANT.  EXERCISE.  Especially yoga.  It’ll relax you, plus stretch and strengthen your muscles to ease up all that tension.  With tension headaches, even a small walk can help.

5) Neck rubs from SO.  🙂

Hopefully what you’ve got are tension headaches – while they suck, a few lifestyle changes make a huge difference and they’ll disappear.  If what you’re getting are truly migraines, it could be dietary, like food allergies, magnesium defficiency, or unhealthy diet.  Good luck, & hope this helps!

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