(Closed) health insurance cancelled b/c of Obamacare?

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Your parents can call any insurance company that operates in their state directly, or they can wait until the repairs to healthcare.gov are in place in a month and go through the website. Going directly to the insurance companies may mean that your parents miss out on any subsidies they may be able to receive because they won’t know about them, but it does speed up the process. It’s up to them to decide whether they prefer to wait or not.

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I tried to go through Healthcare.gov when it was still experiencing several technical glitches.

Calling the help number they have on the website is MUCH faster. In less than 10 minutes, I had a helpful person on the other end who took down my information and sent me a packet of enrollment information in the mail. I’m still waiting on the packet, as she told me it would take a few weeks to process.

If he goes through the exchange, he has until Dec. 15th to enroll in a policy that will begin January 1st.

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@Magdalena:  You can keep your insurance. Your insurance company doesn’t have to keep you.

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I had a patient Thursday whom this was done to. He stated it was taken away from any subscribers who had utilized their insurance in the prior two years. Though, I don’t know how accurate that part was. I do know he had BCBS, which many self employed people have. I then checked to see how many open unpaid insurance claims we had, and 90% of them were also other patients who have BCBS. 

As we got to talking, he stated that the rates for the alternative plans were astronomical. And, because of his income (which is still modest for a small business owner), he didn’t have very many options available to him in way of discounts or rebates.

I have another patient who had zero luck both online or via the hotline. After speaking with six reps, one finally escalated it to a superior who told him he “didn’t know how to help him” and that he’d have to wait for the website to be fixed or to call back. I’m sure every case is different.

I currently have UHC through my employer, who pays half. Even paying only 50%, it’s almost gotten to be unaffordable. And, I say that as one of few in this economy fortunate to make a decent living. If I’m not booted from it first, I will continue paying the nonsensical amount just to keep it until I’m married in Feb to avoid the whole Obamacare fiasco altogether. At that point, I can then just piggyback off my FH’s insurance. What a mess!


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Not ACA compliant plans means the plan that your father did have did not cover the minimum requirements for coverage under the ACA.   This could mean the plan didn’t cover enough of a range of services, or had too high of an out of pocket deducable.  Yes, the new plan they are offered will probably cost more, but it will cover more cost too.  It’s the difference between a full coverage or collusion coverage only plan on your car.  Yes, it sucks to pay more every month, but when the tree limb falls on your car, you will be glad to have full coverage. 

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This is just an estimate, of course, but if you put in the correct state and income, you should get a sense of what your parents’ subsidies would be:


While it’s unfortunate that this is stressful to your parents and that they are not yet eligible for Medicaid, this is a blessing in disguise. Plans that are not ACA compliant were disastrous for people–worse that not having health insurance, for many people, especially older adults who tend to think they are covered fully and likely are not. These people were VERY likely to go into bankruptcy if catastrophic medical problems happened because their coverage was so much worse than they realized.

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I still canT believe that people didn’t see this coming.  It is horrifying   .

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Your dad is not alone; 16 million people are losing their private insurance.  Not due to it being inadequate, but due to the insurers not being to afford to cover many of their current customers.

Those very few who have managed to get through via phone or web are reeling from sticker shock.  Not only are the premiums high, the deductibles are outrageous.

Since the income verification function isn’t working, a lot of people are just signing up for medicaid.

It is indeed, a mess.


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@Magdalena:  insurance policies have to meet certain criteria under the ACA. Your dad’s is likely being cancelled because it doesnt meet the minimum criteria. Coverage on the exchange will likely be cheaper then the replacement plan the insurance company gives himbut still may cost more since more coverage = more money.  I haven checked out te federal exchange site but the one for my state is vet easy to use and user friendly. 

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I honestly get so confused over insurance it’s ridiculous. Am I right in thinking that if your employer offers insurance coverage, you should take it instead of trying to get coverage from the marketplace or whatever? I did the subsidy calculator thing @howsweetitis:  posted and the premium I would pay for the “silver” package is only a little more than what I pay now through work, but the tax credit makes it thousands less overall.

Does it matter if your employer offers coverage? Can you choose to have the marketplace whatever coverage instead of your employers? Is the QUALITY of the insurance any different? Like deductibles, out of pocket maximums, etc?

How do you really find out about all this stuff? My state has decided not to expand medicaid so even though I would qualify for it, I don’t get it. Medicaid doesn’t cover a lot though right? A lot of doctors don’t accept it? It’s seriously all just so confusing

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@soontobemrsm11:  Hey! I think this website (the same one as the estimator I posted above) is really helpful:


In answer to your first question, you can definitely shop on the Marketplace (when it, you know, works) for health insurance, even if you have it from your employer. HOWEVER, you may not be eligible for ALL of the subsidies you would be eligible for if your employer DIDN’T offer coverage. You may still be able to get a better deal though, so it can’t hurt to check.

You need to know what your current plan is in order to compare, though–just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s better. You can take your insurance card and look up your plan online or call your insurer and ask them. Important things to ask about are deductibles, co-pays, annual maximums, and coverage itself (as in, acupuncture, fertility treatments, etc). They should have the same basic level of coverage though, because the ACA mandated a base-level of coverage for all plans (e.g. there’s no such thing as a lifetime maximum any more–so if you, say, get cancer, your insurer can’t stop halfway through your bone marrow transplant and say, “Oh, sorry, we’ve spent your max, everything else is on you.”)

The plans on the Marketplace are all different though, so there’s no way to just easily answer if it’s better or worse than yours. You have to do some comparison shopping, like you would when buying a car or computer or something.

Medicaid is actually pretty darn good, almost as good as Medicare. Yes, some doctors won’t accept it, but that’s because Medicaid pays a FAIR amount to doctors (e.g. a gauze strip costs 0.50, so that’s what Medicare pays; private insurance will pay like $20 for a gauze strip, so doctors prefer it). As far as I know, all hopsitals accept Medicaid.

If you’re not eligible for it, though, you can’t get it, unfortunately. The states that limited the expansion of Medicaid suck. I’m sorry. 🙁

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@howsweetitis:  there are a lot of things about my state that suck, trust me that’s the tip of the iceburg haha thank you so much for that post! I’ll be going through & looking it all up when I get a chance for sure and just by your 2 posts, I feel like I have a little bit of a better understanding of this whole thing. So thanks! =)

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