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Health insurance boggles my mind. I wish we had a simpler way of saying and doing things with this… copays and deductibles both in the category of "stuff we won’t pay for!" We got a shock discovering that our maternity coverage applies our deductible.. we thought about shopping around for a different doctor, but then we had our "duh" moment of realizing wherever we go, we still pay the deductible. As if we’ve just got $1500 lying around.

Wish I could help! Maybe check out the BlueCross/BlueShield in your area? Or a more informal co-op plan?

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oh my gosh. i’m so sorry.  My husband is not on my insurance plan at work (cause it stinks) he recently had to go to the ER, and was actually able to negotiate the bill down by paying cash.

SInce my insurance at work is so terrible I looked into my own insurance and Blue Cross was about $300 or so a month for just me.  Not Awful, but we decided to ride out my crappy insurance until we don’t have a choice.  (i may be leaving my job, but thats a whole ‘nother post)


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Congress is taking up health care reform right now.  Make sure you allow your opinion to be heard by your local congressperson.

The health insurance industry is broken due to skyrocketing health care costs.  We pay more percentage of GNP to healthcare than any other industrialized nation.

Would it be cheaper for your honey to put you on his insurance?  We’ve looked into that.

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I am self employed so I have to pay for my own health insurance.  I opted for a major medical plan through Golden Rule health insurance.  Its is around $75 per month.  However I have a $5,000 deductable per year.  I pay the $75 per month and then put another $75 a month into a savings account.  Everytime I go to the doctor I use that money in my savings to pay the bill.  I have more then enough since I go to the doc only once a year.  If anything major happend that would cost a lot I would of course have to pay out of pocket until I reach the decutable but that is why I have the savings account.  The insurance covers 100% after the $5,000 deductable.

That seems to work best for me right now. 

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I also work for a small company, but one that provided health insurance to me.  The coverage was pretty good, reasonable co-pays, etc. but it cost my company $700 a month!  I’m similar to you, young and healthy with no ‘bad habits’, it’s ridiculous!  It’s a huge piece of your overall benefit package for work.

Luckily, my husband works for the state, so we were able to add me to his coverage, which is awesome and cheap!  My company also readjusted my salary to include a portion of what they saved by not having to pay my health insurance.

I’m pretty sure some retail employers (like Starbucks) make health insurance available to all employees.  It’s kind of a last resort, but you could always look for a part time job where you might be eligible for insurance at a reduced rate.

Good luck!

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I think an employer sponsored health plan is your best bet…health insurance everywhere is expensive!

Can you look into a health savings account to put savings for your deductible in a tax free account? 

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Check out your banks health care savings plans.  That may be your best bet.  Since you dont use the dr a lot you will just be adding money to the savings acct.  If you dont know what it is here is small description: savings acct that can only be used for healthcare reasons. So you put money in nd when you go to the dr it is paid from there.

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The health plan through my hubby’s job is SUPER expensive!  If we were on it, we would be paying just about 1K a month just for the two of us…could you imagine if we had kids!?!  Now, we have it through my job, but I only work part time, so for the two of us I still pay about $400 out of pocket a month.  If I were full time, then it would be free.  I used to just have a plan through Kaiser that I signed up for privately and it was pretty reasonable. 

Healthcare costs in this country = CRAZY, that’s for sure!

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Both my husband and I are self employed and pay for our own insurance plans. Oddly enough, we both have plans through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield – but it is cheaper for us to remain on separate plans, rather than a family plan.

I am 28, a non smoker but slightly overweight and my monthly premium is 167.  DH’s is 155.  My deductible is 1500 but everything after that is 100% covered.  So in the event of a catastrophic emergency, 1500 is the extent of what I would pay.  Also, ALL preventative care is 100% covered (not subject to deductible).   This includes yearly Mammograms, OBGyn visits and preventative testing for heart disease.  I did a LOT of shopping around before I bought insurance and Blue Cross Blue Shield offered some of the best plans and coverage.

GOod luck!

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I work in benefits, so I know a decent amount about insurance, but it is DAMN expensive.  I’ve been very, very lucky to have only worked for larger organizations that subsized a healthy portion of my health insurance , though even with decent coverage, I still had to pay almost $2,000 out of pocket last year for some things. 


If you have been laid off from your job recently (really, as far back as last September), you may be eligible for the ARRA COBRA subsidy.  So if you haven’t received information on it yet, ask your former employer about it.   Still not "cheap," but at least it’s another option. 

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I work in human resources and have seen a lot of situations similar to yours, not so much in my company (since we do provide insurance to our employees) but for people that have purchased insurance on their own.  My former neighbor was caught in a similar cycle where she had a lot of medical tests done, all of which weren’t covered from her insurance. 

I would consider trying to get another job that does provide benefits, because more than likely if you do try to find another provider such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield they may flag your file and refuse to provide you with insurance (unless of course this is not a chronic issue).  Your premiums if you switch may be likely to increase either way.  It’s almost like getting into a car accident.

If you have been living with your future husband for more than 7 years, in California you may qualify for domestic partnership.  I’m not sure how it works in other States though.

Maybe you could consider getting married through the court before you have your official ceremony if things become to costly.  It’s just something to consider. 

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Individual plans are very expensive. I’d take a look at what your ER bill was for, because even if you’re paying 100% while it’s going toward your deductible, I’d only expect it to be $500- $700 if the hospital is contracted with your insurance carrier. Even that is very expensive, but it’s half of what you mentioned.

I also agree with the advice to have your voice heard as the government is trying to figure out a way to make healthcare work for everyone. But bottom line, insurance or not, it’s expensive. 

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