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Key piece of advice is to stop eating like four year olds and start eating vegetables.

Start with roasted peppers, squashes and sweet root veg. Add carrots and peppers to your tomato sauces. Force yourself eat it until it seems like second nature.

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I feel your pain haha. I think some healthy eating is an aquired taste and you might just have to stick it out. Or start with something you do like and slowly expland your horizons. I liked carrots so I ate them a lot now I find myself craving veggies in general more often. 

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yeah, try veg cooked different ways and with different seasonings. so try steaming them rather than boiling and not letting them get mushy. try adding garlic or mustard or just plenty of salt. lots of veggies are delicious roasted, try adding mixed herbs. you could also try mashed, so sweet potatoe mash or carrot/swede mash, or even standard mash with a few extra veggies in. maybe soups might help if texture is an issue. or just add them to rich sauces so the taste isn’t as obvious. or juices maybe if you can make your own.

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shortbridetobe:  I used to hate veggies, I started out eating carrots & cucumber with ranch dip and now I dont even need the dip. Make it a mission to add a vegetable into every meal – add shredded zuccini to your pasta sauce, make a stirfry and double the veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, cauliflour), use a nice sauce like teriyaki, swap out your pasta every other time for spaghetti squash – spaghetti squash lasagna is my ultimate favorite. I went a long time where my goal was to try a new vegetable every week, you learn very quickly that your body LOVES veggies, and when you start to feel better, you’ll start to enjoy the taste more. And stop adding salt to your food… the less salt I eat, the better veggies taste (less artificial crap allows your tastebuds to enjoy the natural flavors)! 


ETA – try adding garlic, lemon or red wine vinegar (or all 3!) instead of salt 🙂

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Sneak veggies into the things you like. Get different pasta or use veggies as pasta. Put spinach in your spaghetti sauce. I recently made a veggie lasagna in the crock pot that was AMAZING!! Just look for recipes with foods you like that may incorporate a new food or two. This will allow you to taste new things and see what you like. 

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I’m curious if there are certain foods that you specifically genuinely dislike, or is it just a matter that you like the refined foods more?  

I’m a fairly picky eater.  For me, it’s about bitterness, which by definition means green foods.  I grew up being told that it is all in my head and I’m just being stubborn; I know that is not true  I’m not opposed to all veggies — I will eat many, just not the green ones.  As an adult I have tried repeatedly to “just get over it” or try to prepare them differently, etc., but I literally gag when I eat broccoli or lettuce.  It is not all in my head. 

Then I read about “supertasters” who are known to be very sensitive to bitter foods, and it describes me perfectly.  In addition to green veggies, I don’t like coffee, red wine, grapefruit, dark beer, any liquor besides vodka, or dark chocolate, all of which is consistent with being a supertaster.  

So now I focus on the healthy foods I do like — tomatoes, red or yellow peppers, squash, etc. — and I don’t worry about what I don’t like.  I do try to limit the refined carbs, including pasta (although I love it!).  I make an effort to eat more protein as well, and I eat a lot of Greek yogurt (I eat a brand that is made with whole milk / full fat because I find it satisfies me more – and it has more protein and less sugar than the low or non-fat yogurt.  I end up eating fewer calories per day when I include the fat.)

Just something to think about.

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The biggest thing is don’t discount a veggie the first time you eat it. Cooked spinach and raw spinach are two different beasts. I like cauliflower with some olive oil/garlic/pepper/salt cooked at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, but raw or on a veggie platter? No thank you! Green beans I prefer steamed, baby spinach I can only enjoy raw. When you eat out, make it a habit to order a new veggie side, sneak in some veggies into your pasta sauce ,etc.

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shortbridetobe:  My advice would be to suck it up, put your big girl pants on and stop eating like a child. You need to open your mind and give stuff a go, if you don’t like it, try it a different way. So many ways to cook veggies.

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Do you like to eat out at Indian, Asian or Mediterranean restaurants? I still am a pretty picky eater, but these places opened my horizons to a lot of different foods.

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Condiments. They saved me when I started to explore into veggies. Dipping my carrots/foods into something helped with the taste. Then start to wean yourself out of it. 

I’m also a big fan of shoving veggies into meals. Broccoli into pasta dishes, same with carrots.

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I did a pretty major diet overhaul about 6 months ago.  First rule is a vegetable with every dinner meal.  Whether it is a salad or roasted sweet potatoes and carrots, or frozen green beans.  I am not a huge fan of broccoli but my Darling Husband is so I deal with it once every couple of weeks.  But some sort of vegetable with everything.  The next thing I do is limit ourselves to red meat only one night a week.  We eat a completely meat-free meal once a week (meatless mondays).  We have started eating a lot of chicken, pork, and ground turkey.  Also, slow cooker meals are super easy, hearty, usually filled with lots of veggies and cheap.  Since you are picky, use pinterest to your advantage to search for healthy copy cat recipes of foods you already like.  I have a really great low carb low calorie fettucine alfredo recipe that I like every once in a while.  Also, try switching pasta out with rice every once in a while.  Like we limit our red meat to once a week, we also limit pasta dishes to once a week.  Hope some of this helps

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