Healthy Weight Loss Accountability Thread

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: October 2018

Current Weight: 141

Goal Weight: 135

Goal Date: October 20, 2018

Weight loss so far: Since last year, 20 pounds

Reason: Wedding and to feel good in my skin

Program: Low carb, high fat

Eating style: High fat proteins, vegetables, very little fruit, but some berries

Fav. Healthy Snack: Smoked almonds and kale chips

Favourite Exercise: What I do with my trainer: a mixture of yoga, barre, pilates, and ballet. My other trainer kills me with cardio.

Struggled this week with: Getting in a second and third cardio workout at home

Did awesome this week with: Eating on plan


My challenge this weekend will be my bachelorette party. My friends are taking me to the spa, for afternoon tea, and then for dinner and drinks. They’re also having a brunch for me on Sunday morning. So sweet of them and I can’t wait, but I know I will gain some weight from that. The challenge will be to get right back on plan after Sunday brunch and be on plan for the rest of the 6 weeks until the wedding!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2020

I added my ultimate goal and mini first goal if that’s okay!

Current Weight: 165.0

Ultimate Goal Weight: 130.0

Ultimate Goal Date: 2/29/20 (orginally was by the end of this year but that won’t be happening!)

*First Goal Weight: 159.8 (my scale only measures the decimals in evens…no clue why, haha)

*First Goal Date: 10/1/18

Weight loss so far: 3 lb from highest

Reason: To feel and look good again, not just for my wedding, but for my life as a whole

Program: Listening to my body about when I’m satisfied and incoporating more whole foods into my eating. Loosely doing CICO on MyFitnessPal to have an idea of how much I’m taking in every day.

Eating style: Whole foods, heavier on the veggies

Fav. Healthy Snack: Peppers with italian dressing. Yum yum yum.

Favourite Exercise: Jogging outside and spinning at the gym!

Struggled this week with: Snacking when not hungry…my biggest struggle every week.

Did awesome this week with: Yesterday I planned my day of eating and actually stuck with it! And today I stopped eating breakfast when I was satisfied despite only have a few bites left on my plate.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: August 2016

Current Weight: 175

Goal Weight: 120

Goal Date: May 2019

Weight loss so far: 15 lbs

Reason: General health and we want to TTC in a few years and I’d like to be at a healthy weight

Program: Gym 3x a week, stick to 1200 calories a day

Eating style: I count calories and try to stick to healthier, whole foods 

Fav. Healthy Snack: Carrot or celery sticks

Favourite Exercise: Interval training on treadmill

Struggled this week with: This week hasn’t really been a struggle

Did awesome this week with: I did great meal planning this week.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2019

Yay! Height would probably be good to add for perspective, so I added it to mine ๐Ÿ™‚


Current Weight: 128 lb

Current Height: 5’2″ (1.57 m)

Goal Weight: 118 lb

Goal Date: End of the 2018 year (but will continue this as a therapeutic thing until my wedding)

Weight loss so far: I got down to 123 lb a few months ago and then zooped up to 130 lb ๐Ÿ™ So I lost 2 lb since 15 days ago, but I’m an emotional eater sometimes and my fiance in Afghanistan so the nerves been tough.

Reason: To lose the weight I gained in college (was 118 lb when I graduated high school)

Program: Sticking to a 1000-calories/day diet, which is actually normal for me in a good mentality – just need to avoid emotional binging. And I’m doing four runs a week.

Eating style: Intermittent fasting (eating from noon to 8 pm only) – with the emotional binging a couple times a week – ugh.

Fav. Healthy Snack: I love celery and peanut butter omg

Favourite Exercise: I actually love running! I do four half-hour runs a week.

Struggled this week with: I binged on chicken nuggets Monday night while crying for my fiance and watching Legally Blonde. Struggle is real.

Did awesome this week with: I walked 7 miles on Monday! That was fun! 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2016

Current Weight: 184 EWWW

Goal Weight: 140-145

Height: 5’5

Goal Date: Jan – Feb

Weight loss so far: None

Reason: Overall health, fitting in old clothes that I have tons of in size 6 and not buying new fat clothes, and TTC. Weight loss may stall if I get pregnant but for now, I am worried I am not healthy enough to be pregnant and don’t want complications! 

Program: Using MyFitnessPal and the BBG workout program. 

Eating style: Stress eater / love carbs! That is my biggest issue, need to stay away from the Cheetos, fries and pizza! 

Fav. Healthy Snack: Not too sure, maybe celery and peanut butter? 

Favorite Exercise: Turbo-kick at 24 hour fitness although I haven’t been to the class in years, time to go back!!

Struggled this week with: Getting back on track after a long lazy holiday weekend with a bit too much couch time. 

Did awesome this week with: cutting coffee (so far so good) in prep for TTC. But, I didn’t work out yesterday due to the lack of caffeine so hopefully today goes better!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2018

Current Weight: 233

Goal Weight: 180

Height: 5’9″

Goal Date: Don’t have one, just focusing on being healthy

Weight loss so far: 37 pounds since January 1

Reason: Wedding, and just to generally be healthy. My journey is on a mini-pause right now until after the wedding because I can’t lose too much more weight for my dress. I have about 5lbs I can lose. Still working out consistantly though. 

Program: Nothing specific. 

Eating style: MFP calorie tracking, right now around 1600 calories

Fav. Healthy Snack: protein bars, fruit, apples+PB

Favourite Exercise: spinning, running. I’ve also been adding in some beach body workouts (mostly 21 day fix)

Struggled this week with: eating. which is typically the case. haven’t been very strict with myself.

Did awesome this week with: working out. I’ve been very consistant with running, spin and strength training. 

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Busy bee

Am I allowed to join even if I’m at my goal weight but struggling with maintenance ๐Ÿ™ finding it hard. Plus my fat percentage is high and muscle is low so working on that too  

Current weight:- 60kg (132lbs)

Goal weight- 60kg (132lbs)

Height:- 5’5″

Goal date:- reached target about a month ago more of less. 

Weight lost so far:- 22kg (48lbs)

Reason:- to be healthier 

Program –  listening to my body and trying not to eat out of boredom!! A big problem of mine!! 

Eating style- a balanced diet. Bit of everything. Just all in moderation ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Fav healthy snack:- cherries 

Favourite exercise:- zumba! Love it! 

Struggled this week with:- I’ve been on holiday this past week plus to top it off went to a wedding whilst away!! Lots of booze!! Also haven’t done any excercise or been to the gym in sooo long. Need to get back on that!! 

Did awesome this week with:- at the wedding I stopped eating when I felt satisfied. I normally always want to clear my plate. We had a BBQ in the garden of our holiday home so we had lots of grilled veg, fish…I mean, I had wine whilst cooking it…then more whilst eating it…but meh. 

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Blushing bee

Yay! Sorry for messed up formatting on my phone.

Current Weight: 149

Goal Weight: 118 (maybe higher if that seems cray when I get close)

Height: 5’4

Goal Date: Don’t have one, but would be nice to be in shape for next summer. 

Weight loss so far: 4 lbs from my highest

Reason: Wedding, sort of, but that probably won’t be a very big event for various reasons so it’s really more about not being frumpy and actually fitting into my clothes.

Program: Loosely taking the advice in French Women Don’t Get Fat (don’t knock it till you try it!)

Eating style: See above

Fav. Healthy Snack: fruit or nuts

Favourite Exercise: spinning since I can’t run anymore

Struggled this week with: Motivation to stay on track while sick.

Did awesome this week with: not piling on more bad/excess food after I already “messed up” and ate too much. 

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Busy bee

Current Weight: not sure maybe 130-135lbs, haven’t measured since July, I gained weight on and after my honeymoon, because apparently Peru has some of the most delicious food ever!

Goal Weight: 115-120lbs, I’m going to hit the gym again and do weight training so my end goal weight will probably be higher than this as I hope to build muscle. 

Goal Date: 2-6 months from now, hopefully before getting pregnant

Weight loss so far: 20lbs from January to July 2018, probably less as of today hahha

Reason: Want to feel awesome again

Program: Intermittent fasting & 3-4 gym days

Eating style: whole food plant based during the week with 1-2 cheat days on the weekend

Fav. Healthy Snack: veggies & hummus, seaweed chips, nuts, fruit. 

Favourite Exercise: eliptical and weights

Struggled this week with: crazy pop and junk food cravings

Did awesome this week with: Fasted during the day today, starting with one meal a day during the week for now

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: November 2016

yupweredoingthis :  

Current Weight: 155 lb

Current Height: 5’5″

Goal Weight: 135-140 lb

Goal Date: no specific date, just a goal I’d like to reach

Weight loss so far: I’ve been this weight for about a year, after putting on about 10 pounds from our wedding.

Reason: To lose the last few pounds and feel more confident.  I reached my goal weight a few years ago, but did it very unhealthily.  I’ve been mentally healthy with food and my weight and think it’s finally time to try to get back to that weight the right way. 

Program: I tracked calories and macros for years, but have been having success maintaining while eating intuitively.  I “treat” myself more than I should, and know that I need to focus more on proteins and veggies.  I feel best (and slim down) when I’m on a Whole30-esq plan, but won’t be as strict.  I am an avid gym rat.  I have only been running (4x a week), but will be shortening my runs and adding in 3 days of strength to start, upping to get back to 5 days of strength again. 

Eating style: Intuitive eating, with years of knowlege of what I should be eating to fuel my body. 

Fav. Healthy Snack: grapes! I could eat fruit all day. 

Favourite Exercise: I have been training for half marathons all year, so I’m going to focus more on weight training again, which I love, and put distance running on the back burner after my race. 

Struggled this week with: Period cravings – mac and cheese and desserts.  I am strong when things aren’t right in front of me, but D.H. love unhealthy foods and frequently brings them home.  Gotta get him on board. 

Did awesome this week with: I have gotten all my runs in this week (~25 miles) and had an awesome leg day that has left me sore for three days and counting eek!  Very excited to be lifting again. 

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