Heart palpitations after surgery yesterday – normal?

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@Deejayelle:  I’m sure it’s nothing major, but I’d call your doctor just to give you some peace of mind 🙂

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Probably nothing but call your doctor just to make sure.

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@Deejayelle:  I get it all the time.  The ones you feel in your throat are called PVC’s and/or PAC’s depending on what part of the heart it’s coming from.

When you feel these, does your pulse stop for a second or so? That’s a good way to tell…

They are benign in most cases…you should call your GP and discuss if you should get a holter put on to be sure.

I get them when:


Not enough sleep

Long periods of not eating

Too much sugar/caffiene

If I go from running or walking fast to a slow pace, or up stairs to a slow pace

Indigestion/Gas pressure in my upper stomach

Certain positions like stretching or yawning




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I get PVCs also – I was in college when it first happened and I insisted I be taken to the ER! They said it was probably stress related, and I was checked out by a cardiologist who said it was fine and harmless. I agree w/what BellaDee listed, I dont drink caffeine – and when I get very nervous I feel them. Honestly, if I even think about them happening, I can cause one to happen! 

I would probably call my doctor and just make sure. Did they stop?  Even if you werent out for very long, GA can effect your body in strange ways. And make sure you are well hydrated! Fiance always says thats my solution to everything – drinking water!

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Coming from someone who had a serious heart arrhythmia…I would take it seriously. Not to scare you at all, but I had no other symptoms either besides the fluttering and the feeling in my throat. However, it would last for 30 seconds+.

how long do they last? If it’s longer than a few seconds, that isn’t normal for PVCs. 


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@nixietink:  Actually it is!!! I mean you shouldnt be getting groups of them for longer than a few seconds…but I can have multiple ones within minutes!

If I have a bad one…then I feel pressure and a weird bubble/flutter in my throat and a big “drop” in my chest before a big thud of my heart making up for the lesser beat.

PVC’s isn’t your heart actually stopping, it’s just not filling with enough blood to be felt, and then when it correct itself, it pumps extra forceful to makeup for the lack of blood.  It feels like a skipped beat though.

When you have too many in a row, it can be worse, and make you feel faint, or lightheaded.  I’ve only had that a few times. 

Again I’ve been tested under the sun, and it’s still benign. 

I would try to not think about them, it’s weird how they disappear when you keep yourself busy.


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PS: Not trying to diagnose you! So definitely get it checked out…because there are versions of palpitations that AREN’T benign.

If it’s any help though, I’ve been getting them all day today (I found out my mother posted on FB that I’m pregnant and i’m only 7 1/2 weeks) and my palpitations went crazy..literally I had so many I was short of breath.  Once I relaxed I was better.

I now have gas from having a huge ass salad for lunch, so again I’m getting a bunch of them because I’m slouched over on my work computer.

I’m still alive! haha

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Do you take amythings for the palpitations or they go away? Ive had them on and off all day

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