(Closed) Heart palpitations, chest pain, and lump in throat

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First of all, I’m not a doctor, so take this with a pinch of salt. But I have hyperthyroidism, and the whole time I wasn’t under medication, I had the same symptoms (among some others). You have to get some blood work done to confirm this though. 

So I would suggest you go to a general Dr, tell them about your symptoms, and maybe ask them if it could be hyperthyroidism. They will probably ask you some more questions to see if you have other symptoms you perhaps haven’t noticed that are also compatible with this condition. If they suspect you might have it, they’ll send you to do some blood work, and then see an endocrinologist. 

It may also be something else, but you have to start somewhere, right? Your blood tests results can show a lot of info that will probably point you in the right direction. So go get yourself checked out, don’t be scared, and take care of yourself.

Good luck!!

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are you suffering from anxiety attacks?  Sounds very similar. Do you feel like you are racing inside?

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I was recently diagnosed with SVT (Super Ventricular Tachycardia) basciallymy pulse went from normal to 200 bpm in about 5 seconds. It was terrifying and I went to the ER, thankfully. They almost had to shock me to get my heart back into rhythym but were able to get it back down through an IV medication that basically does the same thing.  This was a one time occurence, but I have had an irregular heartbeat for most of my life and had been to the dr many times with no concerns.  They have now put me on a beta blocker and I will see a cardiologist regularly. Since starting it (2 weeks now) I have not had one single heart flutter, whereas I normally would multiple times a day.  My advice to you would be to get the ultrasound (they didnt see anything on mine) but maybe ask to be referred to a cardiologist just to be sure.  Is it more fluttering or racing?  Have you ever checked your pulse when it happens?  Also, as far as the chest pain I have multiple times had a gas pain in my chest that almost makes me go to the hospital because I think I’m having a heartattack, it has happened enough times now though that I know its gas pain.  It always makes it worse when I freak out. If it happens again try laying on your left side, taking deep breaths (even though I know this KILLS) and relaxing with your eyes closed. If I do this it will normally go away within 5-10 minutes.  Good luck, if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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Also, if you weren’t having the palpitations at the time of the EKG, it wouldn’t show anything. If the ultrasound doesn’t show anything, I would ask about wearing a Holter Monitor. It’s basically an EKG attached to a little box that you wear for 24 hrs+ around your daily life. Whenever you have an ‘event’, you push a button that marks that place on the EKG reading. Then, they can evaluate it.

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I get things called esophageal spasms. They’re related to my acid reflux and my anxiety.

Anytime it’s happened it’s been one of the worst pains in my life (and I’ve had kidney stones) and I feel like I can’t get comfortable and it’s like someone is trying to rip my heart out through my chest with their bare hands. 

I take Prilosec to handle the acid reflux issues and I’m happy to say that has taken care of most of my “heart” issues.

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I am not a doctor but I do know that anxiety attacks can manifest in some pretty messed up ways. I suffer from attacks fairly often and have had to use medication and therapy in the past. If the ultrasound comes back normal this might be something to look into. I have had attacks so bad that I have had ot pull off of the road and call for help because I just really thought i might pass out or have a heart attack either from pain or from shortness of breath or dizziness.

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Sounds like anxiety to me.  I get anxiety attacks all the time and they are terrifying!  It’s a hard thing to diagnose as symptoms are so vague and all over the place.  I was diagnosed after ruling out more serious things, so I don’t think your dr’s approach is unreasonable, but definitely don’t let her brush you off. 

It also sounds like it could be gallbladder related with the chest pain and heartburn.  Maybe ask about that.  I had something similar and had an ultrasound that came back normal.

With my anxiety, I get chest pains because I unconsciously swallow air when I’m nervous and when it gets to be too much it becomes painful.  It sounds weird, but I get almost instant relief if I force the air back up.   

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