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Did you take a pregnancy test last month? I ask because being 20 days late is a lot! It’s possible you had a chemical pregnancy, and you could be miscarrying now. It’s very common, and many women don’t even know they’re pregnant unless they tested. It could explain the extra heavy period and the clotting. Are your cramps a lot worse than normal?

Another explanation could be that you had an anovulatory cycle last month. Sometimes if you don’t ovulate, your period (breakthrough bleed, really) can be unusually light or unusually heavy.

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How old are you? When I hit my mid-30’s I started getting super heavy periods. They say if you fill a Maxi pad in 1.5-2 hours you should go in. I was filling them up in 2.5 hours, for days on end. Most of the time they lasted 3-7 days, but sometimes 10+ days and my longest was 60 days. It can be a sign you are entering peri-menoupause. 

But it could also be a sign you have a Fibroids. My friend had a super heavy flow until for several months (almost a year). Suddenly she was in huge pain and had a giant clot hanging out of her body. It was a giant fibroid that had detached.

If you are in your mid-30’s, this might be a sign your fertility is decreasing

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The longer your cycle is, the more time the endometrium has to get thicker and thicker, termed “endometrial hyperplasia.”  Under the influence of estrogen, it just continues to grow and grow if no ovulation occurs and the progesterone doesn’t come around to tell it to slough off.  If you were 20 days late, even without having a pregnancy/miscarriage, it is not abnormal for you to have a heavier-than-normal cycle with larger clots.  If it persists for a few cycles, I would give your doctor a call.  Do you have any risk factors for Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease?  PCOS can cause longer cycles with much heavier periods (once again, because of too much estrogen around making the endometrium grow too thick for too long).  The risk factors include being overweight, physically inactive, and a family history of PCOS.  The PP is also correct that it could be a signal that your fertility is declining as well if you are a little older, if you have a long/ anovulatory cycle, once again, the endometrium never gets the signal to regress so it grows excessively before finally sloughing off.  

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I had a really long cycle a few months ago and my PMS symptoms were really light that cycle. The next cycle I had the period from hell but I was right on 28 days. Sounds like exactly whats happening to you. I don’t know why it happened. I would suspect because of the weird cycle the month before tissue built up. As long as its only a fluke you should be fine. If it keeps happening you might want to visit your DR to make sure its not endometriosis something.

Make sure you are taking an iron supplement or eating iron rich foods. I thought I was going to pass out toward the end from so much blood loss.

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@MrsJVP:  It did, once, but before I got on the pill.  Im off the pill now and I have to say that it actually helped me with that.  NOw, my periods are heavy only for one day, but not so bad like it used to be. 

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I’ve always had heavy periods…I actually thought it was normal.  But according to Darling Husband, all his previous GFs never had it as bad as me.  I have an entire drawer in the bathroom dedicated to tampons, pads, etc. 

I’m gonna agree w/PPs that said it could be fibroids or endo….I had both before I was cleaned out during a laparascopy almost 2 months ago.  Mine was BAD and all over the place.  

Try to schedule an appt w/your GYN and see if they can do an U/S….I had 2 done and they could see something on my right ovary (said it was “enlarged”) but didn’t know what it was until the lap….which turned out to be the endo. 

Also write down the dates/symptoms of everything that is happening…it will help your doc determine what could possibly be happening. 

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