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Kiara :  I noticed the differences between the two rings right away and it made me prefer the Etsy ring.  The stones in the halo are closer together and have a brighter appearance.  I know Heidi Gibson uses a lot of baguette cut stones that do not light up as much as other cuts.  I also think having the halo stones close together will make for less hassle while wearing it, less opportunity for snagging on things.  But one down side of the Etsy ring is that it seems to sit directly on the finger, making it impossible for a wedding band to fit underneath.  The Heidi Gibson ring is raised above the shank and clearly shows a wedding band fitting beneath the halo to sit flush.  That issue would be a deal breaker for me.  If the Etsy designer could raise the halo on the shank to accommodate a wedding band, then I would consider it.  If not, I would rule it out entirely.  With a halo that size, you’re not just looking at “ring gap” that would shove a wedding band into the webbing of your finger and aside from looking really awkward, would be very uncomfortable.

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I have to go against the advice of getting the original. Once you let go of “getting the real thing” you will save so. Much. Money. I used to fall into the trap of needing the original. If it’s not this big designer, you can bet it is inspired by one! Both rings are beautiful. You do not owe the more expensive designer your business. You have free will to buy whatever you want. My ring could even be inspired by something else and I just don’t know it! (It is from an Etsy seller!) It is not automatically going to be better quality or last longer being that it’s by an original designer. I’ve been disappointmented by many a designer item in the past… my ring is doing just fine after years. I dunno I just used to always make decisions that way, must be the original, etc. And I lost a lot of money buying original everything. Just wanted to chime in. 

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I think mind clean is important to you, get from Heidi 

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If you can afford it then get the Heidi Gibson! 

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ummek25 :  Listening to comments like this are why I ended up going through three different rings that I ultimately hated…because they made me feel bad for liking something they wouldn’t. 

I’m having my Heidi made now, and I refuse to give a shit what anyone thinks. People should get what they love, everyone is different. 

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I would get the Heidi.  I like how it looks better and I feel like she’s very trusted.  A few thousand dollars saved really isn’t that much money for something you’ll wear every day for decades.  If it were a designer outfit you’d wear only occasionally for a couple of years vs a knock off I’d feel differently.

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ummek25 :  why the criticism?  OP wasn’t asking if she should get this style of ring or if others liked it.  She asked for thoughts on the merits of designer vs knock off. 

Obviously this style ring is not popular right now and isn’t everyone’s cup of tee, but the world would be a pretty boring place if we all had the exact same ring design. 

OP I would not be able to deal with that high set center stone but the etsy seller may be able to address that.  As long as she has a good return policy I’d give it a shot to save thousands. 

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Kiara :  I would look at the build quality of both rings.  The underside band/shank is very telling. Is it carved/hollowed out to save on gold? How thick are the supports for the head? The gallery? What about the prongs?

Even designers try to save money by hollowing out their bands, so don’t assume. Ask for photos from *all* angles. If there isn’t a photo showing the underside, there may be a reason….

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I know you said you found a different seller but you have to make sure you are comparing them equally.  I could already tell that the HG ring has a much higher gold weight based on the design. On the etsy seller, the diamonds are probably smaller and the baguettes were not nearly as long. If you are not paying for the name brand, I would expect this setting to be no less than $2500-$3000 in platinum and diamonds.

You should try to get more than one quote. I think I saw one done by David Klass at some point and Olive Ave is another company that does some similar rings.  

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