(Closed) Hello! and question: white sapphire or moissy, sigh… which one?

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Sugar bee
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I think you should focus more on what you want versus what looks like an heirloom. Someone in your family will love your ring and want it when it is passed down so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.  Moissanite is going to give you the fire and wont look dull after a few days of wear as a sapphire will. A sapphire will shine less than a diamond, but it still has beautiful color flashes (and I think look closer to a diamond than mossanite). Note: I am not assuming you are looking for a diamond substitute I am just using diamond as a comparison tool.  The best cut IMO for sapphire is round and with a sapphire you won’t have to worry about a color tint. If I am not mistaken a sapphire will cost more than a moissy, but it really depends on what YOU like. I would contact a jeweler to see both in person and place them in a setting you like to see how they look. Hopefully, that helped some!

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Bumble bee
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@misstwinkle:  Im getting a princess cut white sapphire (lab created) I share the strange feelings about a coated stone, but my choice was based more on my preference for a whiter stone and less fire/no doubling, and definitely price, moissy’s are still quite an investment (for a poor person like me bahaha)

White sapphires won’t have any warm tint, they have an almost icy look, so perhaps moissy is a preferable colour for you.

Sapphires are far far cheaper if you’re ok with labs. Mine were about $12 all together for two 5mm stones, two 6mm stones and one 8mm stone all in the same cut! I got the seller I bought mine from off another bee who has a pear shaped white sapphire and loves it. If you go into my profile under my started threads you’ll see one on white sapphires and she posted pics in there of hers, its stunning! πŸ™‚

They have little fire (coloured flashes) but plenty of brilliance (white flashes), they will also flash more blues/purples and little reds/yellows. Moissy has an insane amount of rainbow sparkles, which is great to some, a dealbreaker for others. I don’t know which you prefer πŸ™‚

They are both extremely hardy (sapphire 9, moissy 9.25 compared to a diamond at 10) and considered “lifetime” wearable due to their hardness.

Also, sapphires won’t “dull” nor is it possible for them to “go glassy” – They will retain their look so long as you clean them relatively often. I for one clean my diamonds at least once a week so a sapphire is great for me. But, if you don’t want to clean it for months, the stone will look dull because of the grease buildup, in which case moissy attracts less grease and dirt than even diamond does, so it will look er, clearer? for much longer πŸ™‚

All up to what you prefer, lots of fire? Moissy. Blue/white flashes only? Sapphire. Warmer? Moissy. Whiter? Sapphire. Dirt attractiveness? Moissy. Like to clean them? Sapphire is fine.  Lifetime warranty? Moissy. Cheapness? Lab sapphires.


I really really hope that was a healpful novel πŸ˜‰ I will post pictures when I get my stones in and show them with my diamond bands. Should be here in the next week or two! πŸ˜€ Im so excited!!

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@prettyinpink11:  +1 to that first bit, definitely don’t go by what will look like an heirloom, someone will love it because you do! πŸ™‚ My mum had a CZ from her first husband and I actually never knew!

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Bumble bee

From the criteria you listed, it seems like moissanite will be more suitable for what you’re looking for.  Usually people choose sapphire over moissanite (when they aren’t going to go the diamond route) for the icy whiteness.  If what you want is lots of sparkle and a hint of warmth, moissanite is it.  Also, as a PP pointed out, they are no longer enhanced with a coating now, they’re enhanced at the molecular level – so you won’t have to worry about that.

Happy shopping! πŸ˜€

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Busy bee
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@misstwinkle:  Well after much research, I just got my Moissy 3 stone RHR yesterday and I am blown away! (I do have a diamond set for my wedding/ering but I wanted a “past,present,future” RHR ring with at least a 1 carat center stone, however we did not want another $10,000.00 hanging over our heads.) 




The stones are unenhanced round brilliants (1ct center flanked by 1/2 ct on either side)and are just gorgeous,sparkly and white however they aren’t overly white as to extremely differ from my diamonds… and as I understand, Moissy is 2nd hardest to diamonds which for me was the clincher because I’m a clumsy one at times o.O




I haven’t had a chance to take pics yet but I’m planning a photo sesh…undoubtedly!!!




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In my experience, white sapphires can become dull looking pretty quickly. They don’t have the sparkle factor like diamonds, CZs, or moissys.

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Sugar bee
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The coating is no longer a concern with FB moissanite, but ceebee has an unenhanced moissanite in your preferred carat range and it looks really nice. I’d go with FB moissy to at least offset the moodiness of the stone a little bit.

I think the question that’s paramount is how much sparkle you’re looking for? White sapphire is NOT very sparkly if you’re looking to simulate the look of diamonds, and it is usually very icy white. Moissanite will give you the sparkle factor, with the added bonus of being a durable stone.

If I didn’t want a mined stone, I’d choose lab-created diamond, then moissy, then Asha/CZ, then white sapphire. 

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Buzzing bee
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@misstwinkle:  you said: “how does one know for sure that the stone is out of the new batch and uncoated if buying it pre-set??? like on moissyco?”

I would ask the vendor if its “new stock”, seems like moissanite.co is pretty reputable. They have beautiful semi mounts. They sell the moissanite jewels separately as well.

Be aware with moissy though-even with the FB /amora it still has the green/yellow gray cast in certain lights. People post their best pics on this site and sometimes you can still see it. You won’t see green/yellow with a sapphire. If I was going with a man made simulant–I would get moissanite kicked up a notch–their new Amora gem. It costs more (still waay less than a similar sized highquality ethical diamond) but supposedly it shows less color and the cut is less shallow and more diamond like. Nineteethchance who posts here has it, it looks pretty nice!

Good luck!

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Helper bee
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@misstwinkle:  I have a FB moissanite and I love the way it sparkles.  It is from the newer batches that have not been coated.  But here’s my disclaimer:

I am not a jeweler or even a jeweler-wannabe.  I must be a redneck because I do. not. care. that much about the details of engagement rings.  I mean, when a friend gets engaged and all the ladybeasts come out of the woodwork to congratulate her, here’s what goes through my head:

“Hooray!  You have found a manbeast who loves you and wants to live with you and maybe have kidbeasts with you!  And what’s this?  He got you a rock thing on wire to wear on your finger?  Stupendous!”  I don’t really care what kind of rock it is, as long as they didn’t have to do anything too sketchy to obtain the rock (ambush sweet old ladies at the park, etc).

So, in summary, just pick what you like Smile  I just wanted to chime in that it’s okay if what you like doesn’t turn out to be heirloom quality or fails to impress some jeweler somewhere.  My moissy never looks yellow or green to me … but if it did … I wouldn’t freak out.  Because it’s a rock and not the ultimate symbol of love.

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Blushing bee
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@misstwinkle:  You can also get an Amora gem(different from amora moissanite). I think those are H&A, with color around F color, even D or E. Only down side is, if you live in the US (like me), then you have to wait until 2015…

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Sugar bee

@misstwinkle:  Moissy created since April 2013 is all uncoated.  Here are some emails between C&C and I when I was figuring all this out:

C&C: Forever Brilliant was launched in June 2012.  It was our classic moissanite that was treated to remove the color.  The process did not change the optical properties, except to make it whiter & brighter.  As of 2013 the rough moissanite has been vastly improved to such a degree that treatment is no longer necessary.  Therefore, our Forever Brilliant is now not treated yet is still whiter & brighter than the classic moissanite.  Also, the Forever Brilliant still has the properties of the classic moissanite such as harder than a ruby or sapphire & tough as a diamond, ruby & sapphire.

Me: So the new rough is improved, and the resulting untreated stones are sorted into two categories–regular (sold as classic) and the whitest/best (sold as FB)?  Is that correct?

C&C: You are correct. The only thing I would add is that all of our stones – classic (original) and FB are both “unenhanced”.  The difference is in the color grading. 

All moissanite (Classic & FB) are graded as “near-colorless” – G-H-I-J.  FB will grade in the higher tier of course.  But all moissanite will have some warmth to the stone.  It is part of the sparkle and beauty of the stone.

As moissanite is not diamond it should not be graded on the diamond scale.  But if you are looking for letter grades then yes, Classic would range in the I-J and FB in the G-H.  The only issue with this is that it all depends on the shape & size.  A marquise, pear and radiant will always have more color than a round.  So the scale would slide depending on shape & size.

Any pics or reports on how unenhanced moissy in sizes above 1.25ct performs?

I can help you out with that!  My 1.25c Moissy is classic (formerly called unenhanced, although all Moissy is now unenhanced) and it looks totally white 99% of the time!  I almost never see any color at all, and when I do, I love it.  HTH.

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