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Get her health checked! I wonder if she has a UTI or something like that. They are very common in female dogs, and do result in incontinence, leaking while sleeping, and frequent urination. It may not be her fault.  

Our pup is 12 weeks and on her second UTI already…ugh. Poor thing. 

If not, do you crate her? Do you have a room in the house that’s easy to clean – tile floors – where you could baby gate her in when you can’t watch her every second? Does she have a “safe place” like a bed or snuggly area? They typically won’t soill those areas.  

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Aww poor girl. 

Crate training is a personal decision. Housebreaking can absolutely be done without it, it just may be a little harder. We also chose not to crate train. 

Make sure her kitchen pen is comfortable – she should have a comfortable place to sleep, to eat/drink, and one to urinate if she has to (maybe get something like turf that resembles grass), and those places should all be pretty separated? 

When she does pee outside, go NUTS for her, have a party, definitely have a treat ready, celebrate her! You’ll feel stupid but she’ll love it and maybe then “get” that it’s not really that peeing in the house is so terrible, but that peeing outside is SO AMAZING. 

I really, really would get her checked for a UTI or bladder issue. Or at least google bladder infection or UTI symptoms in dogs and see if it sounds like what you see. Does she poop in the house? 

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Dogs will also pee to mark their territory, especially if they smell a place where they have peed already. I think you need to clean the carpets…

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Has she been spayed yet? That might have something to do with it if she considers herself an alpha dog.


I crate trained my dog and he hasn’t had an accident in the house in years (with the exception of once because he had a mini-seizure … :C   ). It worked really well for him, but he’s small. Is yours a big girl?

Maybe try crate training her again. If you can’t keep an eye on her 100%, she needs to be in her crate. I know she’ll probably be unhappy since she’s so used to being out of the crate, but in the long run, it will be better for you, your puppy, and your carpet.

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I would get the carpets cleaned and then go right back to crate training no matter how much she whines and hates it.

We have a 10 week old St. Bernard that we are crate training right now, and he is doing great. He does have a few accidents but never on the carpet, and if he does, it is usually our fault because we didn’t monitor him closely enough.

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Hmm are you scolding her within 1-2 seconds of the action? Or scolding her once you find the spot where she peed later on? General research suggests that dogs can only connect actions with scolding within a 2 second window, and after that the guilty/tail between the tail reaction you’re getting is just them being submissive to your yelling, not them connecting what they did wrong to your yelling.

Might be time to spend the money on a dog trainer instead of the carpet cleaning, in the short term!

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our lil terror is just over one.

we got those puppy training toilet pads. whenever we thought she was gunna go we pointed and lifted her onto the mat. we take her out back now but she almost always went on her mats ( apparently they have a scent which helps them find the right place ) these may help.

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@kate02121:  I agree that’s how we trained our dog – anytime he goes to the bathroom I get all excited for him and have these dried chicken treats ready – he’s four now and gets so excited when he goes because he knows he gets a treat its quite cute.. I hope that helps – I know it can be frustrating ;(

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Busy bee

Limiting water/food can help a lot. When potty training out dog, and until he was about a year he would get water and then I would take it up. A little while later he would have to go to the bathroom. It made it very easy and very scheduled.

Also, I never took my eyes off of him! Never. It was like having a freaking 1 year old crawling around without a diaper, but right before they go, you know its coming and they you take them out quickly. If your dog never leaves your sight then they will have trouble doing what they’re not supposed to.

We crate trained our dog, and while he was in his crate (when he was very young) he would have the potty pads incase of an accident. They have a certain smell that attracts dogs to use them, and they make a post that you can put in your yard that have the same smell as the potty pad so eventually you can move them to the outside to pee.

At 7 months, its not to late to crate train. (not pushing it, if its not for you!) I just don’t know how people don’t, so all power to you! Its seems like it would be like having a baby without a crib.


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You didn’t mention if you praise her + give treats if she goes outside. That was definitely the key with our puppy. He clearly had no idea that peeing in the house was “wrong” (though he was surprised if we yelled) but he quickly learned that peeing outside was AWESOME! Do you use Nature’s Miracle or other product specifically designed to get ride of pet stains? Because if you can smell the odor, she can too and that might be signaling that the house is a fine place to pee!

And I agree with the idea that a puppy this age is just like a diaperless baby…with better motor skills! Ha!




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1–see the vet.  Since she goes right when she comes in, that is concerning.

2–keep her on a schedule as much as possible. Meal time, potty time, bed time, etc.  even on the weekends

3-give her a treat OUTSIDE when she goes.  Otherwise she doesnt know what she is being rewarded for.

4–only scold her if you catch her in the as PPs noted, 30 minutes later she forgot all about it.

5–you didn’t mention her breed.  Some dogs are very difficult to train.

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Less freedom. If you can’t watch her, she should be in a crate or a pen. Leash her to your belt loop if you have to, but she should not be out of your sight even for a minute.

When you scold her, is this when she’s actually peeing? Or later when you find the spot? Dogs only make the connection if you can make the correction at that very moment


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