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@braverbeating:  Fellow MFPer!!!! Feel free to add me!!! My username is i l i v e i n t h e s h i r e without the spaces. We have similar goals! I am 5’8” and started at about 176. I recommend reading two books: 17 day diet and a book on the glycemic index. (I do not actually do the 17 day diet, it’s like, the hardest thing ever because I have blood sugar issues hahaha but if you can do it, it really works, my husband lost 50 lbs using it). I adopted the theories from both of those, along with counting calories/eating every 2 hours, lifting weights, and couch to 5k’s running program, I’ve lost 24 lbs so far.

My diary on MFP is open and all of my friends are very supportive on there. I’m sure you could send them a request and a lot of them would accept too, they are very encouraging!!! =)

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@braverbeating:  Oh and check out the community section (specifically this thread) on MFP because there have been like 500 threads on weightlifting women lately. It’s seriously the best way to reduce body fat in women!!!! I highly recommend it. i’m doing a program by Beach Body right now that is called ChaLEAN and the inches are definitely going away.

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@braverbeating:  Also fellow MFPer, my screen name on there is Paiger816. It’s a super helpful community, and everyone is SO encouraging.

Just stalk @ChuckNorris:  on there. She’s losing A TON of weight. I’m jealous!

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Weight loss is about 80% diet, and 20% exercise… with that in mind, here are some tips to achieve your goal.  GOOD LUCK!!!

Eating habits:

DRINK WATER!  Eliminate juices, soft drinks, energy drinks, full fat lattes, etc.  Eat your calories, don’t drink them! 

-I’m not saying to skip your morning juice or milk, but read the serving sizes on the juice container… many of them have so much sugar.  Drink coffee black, or with skim milk instead of cream.  Small changes add up! 

EAT CLEAN!  Avoid processed foods.  Focus on fresh fruits and veggies.  Increase lean protein.  Swap out refined carbs like white bread/rice/pasta for a whole grain variety.  Don’t eat packaged what you can prepare fresh.  Reduce or eliminate all processed sugars.  If you want something sweet, have a piece of fruit.  If you are chocoholic, that’s ok, but opt for a small piece of dark chocolate to satisfy the craving. 

Snack often, but eat smaller meals.  Add some kind of protein to every snack and meal.  Like oatmeal every morning?  Get the plain oats and use almond milk, cinnamon, and honey for a naturally fulfilling breakfast.  Pair a piece of fruit with some yogurt or nuts.  Dip veggies in hummus or have a string cheese with some whole grain crackers.

-I don’t think people need to completely cut out carbs, vegetables are carbs after all!  Carbs are also necessary for energy.


Exercise habits: 

WEIGHTS!!!  Lift them.  Lift heavy ones.  Women are physiologically unlikely to “bulk” up by lifting heavy weights.  More weights = more muscle mass.  More muscle mass = higher burning BMR.  Aim for 2-4 weight sessions a week.  You can do upper one day, lower the next, or you can do a whole-body workout with rest days or cardio days in between. 

Cardio will help melt the fat off those newly toned muscles.  This can be power walking (not taking a stroll through the park, but work yourself to breathlessness), running, elliptical, cycling, etc.  Take a spin class, step class, zumba, whatever gets you moving and your heart rate elevated.  Swimming is an awesome alternative for those with joint problems. 

Interval training is also helpful because you work VERY INTENSELY in bursts, with active recovery in between intense exercises.  This allows your heart rate to increase rapidly, but you never fully recover back down to a resting heart rate.  By doing things in bursts (or intervals!) you can keep your heart rate higher for longer.


I love MFP 🙂  It’s a great way to track what you eat & what you burn.  Make sure you adjust your calorie intake to accommodate your exercise… if you don’t net enough calories you will go into starvation mode & not burn anything. 

Stay accountable- whether it’s a thread on the Bee, MFP, or a good friend who counts on you to be at the gym to work out together.  Whatever motivates you- figure it out & stick to it!

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@braverbeating:  I’m on My fitness pal too! my user name is birdi75 feel free to add me! The motivation is great! 

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I’m another MFPer and go by a lot of the rules DaneLady mentioned. I’m turning into a real gym bunny lifting heavy, doing HIIT and I’m even starting to run outside (which has always given me issues due to long-term knee injuries).

It’s not hard to find me… My username’s the same there as here.

I’m pretty active on walls and their forums so do add me and say “Hello”.

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