(Closed) Help! Anyone wanna join me in losing their post-wedding 10?

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I’m in!


I am so struggling with this issue. I was about 40 lbs. overweight to begin with, but since we got formally engaged in November, I have gained 10 lbs.! Then this past weekend I got on the scale and was horrified to find I gained another two!

I am on vacation this week so I’m trying to get to the Y and exercise, take some yoga classes to loosen up and stretch, etc. I also would like to do some laps in the pool and get a little bit of sun on my legs, which are ghost white. Unfortunately though, my car is in the shop as we speak, and it may take three days before it’s finished, so I’m going to be mostly tied to home.

I guess in the meantime I will go back to the Weight Watchers website, start tracking my points again and try to turn things around. I never imagined I would gain 10 lbs. over the holidays! Part of it was wedding stress and also packing up my entire apartment and moving in with him stress. Fortunately Darling Husband tells me often that he loves me and loves the way I look, but still… I want to slim down, tone up and be my best for him (and for myself)!

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I’m totally in! I wanted to start last week, but I got super sick and the doctor said no exercise (no movement, to be exact).

On the bright side, being sick helped me lose 5 pounds… now to keep it off and lose more.

I don’t know what happened! I just about never gain weight, but I sure have since our wedding.

I want to try the Brazilian Butt Lift workout. I have carpal tunnel, so I have a really hard time doing hardcore strength stuff on the floor and a lot of workouts are frustrating because I just flat out can’t do it. The Butt Lift seems to be more cardio and lowerbody-type exercises, so I think it’s a match! I’m also promising myself to go running twice a week. I ran at 5am leading up to our wedding, and while I was exhausted, it was effective.

So, in short… Yay for being fit after marriage!

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I’ve already lost the Newlywed 10 but I’m trying to get my butt and upper thighs into shape.  I just bought the Brazil Butt Lift from BeachBody so we will see how that goes!

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I’m in! We cheated almost 10 years ago & did the Justice of the Peace wedding thing. With the 10 year mark approaching, I began ‘noodging’ my Darling Husband about the promise he’d made me years ago- to have ‘The Wedding’. He originally started to reneg, stating it’d take at least $15 grand to pull off a wedding & reception for our closest friends & family (50 people). I took it on as a challenge (moron that I am), and told him I could pull it off for $2,000. He smirked (the nerve!) at me and told me to go ahead then, make it happen. It’s ON now, baby! *lol*

I am sooo over my head… but I have a BIG reason to want this to work.

My mom’s been ill & unable to walk for the past six years. After chemo & LOTS of p.t., she’s now able to walk with crutches again! WooHOO! So this September, she will be coming here for the wedding to visit & walk me down the aisle. She lives, with the rest of my various family, back in Alaska, where I’m from (I did manage to finagle her ticket price to be kept aside from the wedding budget (whew!)), and we haven’t seen eachother in three years, so it’s a double thrill to see her up & walking.

Anyway, I weighed 135 when I first met my Darling Husband. Found out last week that instead of the 174lbs I saw (ouch) at my last weigh-in, that I’d dropped 10lbs & now weigh 164. Yay! Now I’ve got a good 20 lbs I want to drop before the September “re-wedding”. The dress is a tiny bit snug at the top, and I will NOT have ‘back clevage’ in my wedding photos!

Besides, my Darling Husband had gastric bypass surgery last December and now weighs 242lbs at 6′ tall. He DID weigh 344 when he started dieting, a month before the surgery. He’s looking great, and I don’t want to be looking at beautiful photo memories, wishing I’d lost weight before the wedding.

I’m in! How are you guys planning on approaching this?

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@Sterlingstreak:  Congrats on your re-wedding! It’s such a fun idea, and it’s so great your mom will be able to celebrate!!

In terms of weightloss, I’m trying to be realistic. Before my wedding, another Bee started a diet called Game On! I did it twice and loved it– with great results. I’m afraid I don’t have the patience for it anymore, but I’m trying to keep up with certain aspects– drinking 3 liters of water each day, limited carbonated beverages and alcohol, and just eating better in general. I’m vegan, and I often use that as an excuse. But, “vegan” certainly doesn’t mean healthy, and I need to own that (after 13 years, it’s time!).

So, I’m hoping to exercise 4 days a week, probably a mix of a DVD of some sort and running. My hubs takes an MMA class twice a week, so I’ll try to run with my dog then. I have a hard time finding time for working out because it’s never just the “30 minute workout du jour.” It’s 10 minutes to prep, the 10 minute warm up, the 40 minute workout, the 10 minute cool down, and the half hour shower/getting self back together.

Personally, my first step is making it a priority. I’ve seen exercise is effective, but I need to view it as important. 

I keep toying with the idea of eating raw during work hours. I’m such a horrible snacker at my desk, but I can’t seem to make myself commit. Hm, it seems I have commitment issues. Good thing it doesn’t apply to my husband!

So this is my (draft) plan. We’ll see how it goes.


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I’m just happy to know I’m not the only one who put on post-wedding weight! 🙂 haha… My husband is 5’10” and around 160…. He is basically the same size as his dad who is 30 years older… So, he hasn’t gained any weight (he did put some weight on while we were on our honeymoon cruise, but he lost it as soon as we got home)… Meanwhile, I hate how everything looks on me now because of my weight gain! …We have a gym membership which will be a huge help… I’ve just been sick for 4+ weeks and have been told not to exercise due to my illness/injury…hopefully I’ll be joining you ladies soon!

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I may be the odd one out but I actually LOST 10 after the wedding. :/ It’s all in keeping a more active lifestyle and eating smaller portions. I’ve also filled up on LOTS of water and teas during this time. Maybe it was the stress, maybe not. I find if I eat right when I am stressed my body actually looses weight, maybe because of all the extra worry lol idk. Best of wishes and I can offer encouragement because I’ve lost and gained 10 lbs over the year frequently and it really doesn’t take long to see results. 🙂 

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