(Closed) Help Bees!!! How can I slim down and tone for my June wedding?

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Awww- I’m sure you look beautiful 🙂

What’s your main goal? Just to look as slim as possible on the big day? Or actual weight loss right now? If your main goal is to look as slim as possible on the big day then I would recommend the classic things to reduce bloat like drinking a lot of water. However- I think crash diets etc. are always hard so if you’re looking for long term weight loss- I would start writing a food diary and decrease your portions 🙂

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I can’t speak for everyone but from my experience losing weight is 90% diet.   It really is.  Exercise is good for you and it helps things along but if you want to shed weight, to really shed it, you have to focus on cutting calories and eating clean and healthy.

At one point in my life I had to do a couple of shoots and I had plenty of time to lose weight – I focused mostly on excercise (private trainer 4 times a week for 4 months) and ate…semi healthy.   I looked great and everything but a year later I decided to cut out all that excercise and get get strict with my eating.  I looked slimmer and much more toned and I wasn’t going to the gym at all.

So yea – sorry for the digression but my experience has been – kill yourself over your diet if you want to slim down, don’t kill yourself at the gym….unless you want to.

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@butterfliesandhoney:  WEIGHT WATCHERS. Get the online plan, use the app religiously (its so easy) and you will lose 1-2 lbs a week. Slow, steady, healthy weightloss and you can still have your sweets- youll just have to plan for them.

ETA: you wont lose many cals from it but pilates and yoga is great for sexy toning- thighs, arms, back, gut and butt!


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I highly recommend weight watchers. It did miracles for me. I lost 30 lbs in about 6 months and have kept it off for over 2 years (although I stopped doing WW and counting points once I lost the weight). If you start now, you could lose at least 10-15 lbs before your wedding which could make a huge difference.

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@butterfliesandhoney:  four months is a good amount of time. If you only want to slim down a bit and tone I’d say it’s totally doable. Portion control or the right foods will be your best friend and sure, cardio too.

Just a question. Do you already have your dress? I don’t know how little or how much you want to lose but keep in mind some dresses can only be altered and resized so much. 

Good luck and have fun in the process! Choose something fun

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@butterfliesandhoney: I agree with the above, a lot of this is diet. ‘Toning’ is kind of a made-up concept from women’s magazines – you can either lose fat or gain muscle, and you can’t do both at the same time. I think doing some free weights and eating a lot of protein would be exactly what you are looking for; it’s often a pretty intimidating concept for women, but I’ve been doing it for three years now and I don’t look like the michelin man or anything, I’m a UK size 8 (except I’ve been pretty lazy for the last year as I’ve not been close to my gym, starting a new regime in March for the wedding). If you’d like to know more about it let me know, but this is an excellent resource: http://www.stumptuous.com

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You can totally tone up and get fit before your deadline. I suggest cutting out crap foods, and choosing clean/whole foods. Drink all of your water. Get plenty of rest. Focus on weight training. Take a multivitamin. It is all doable, but easier said than done. 

I second the WW advice. I lost 50lbs on WW a year or so ago and have kept it off with activity and proper nutrition. 

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theres no quick fix unfotunately, clean eating and exercise is the only way! the only healthy way anyway. good luck im sure your beautiful and will look SO gorgeous on your big day anyway!!!

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I would recommend MyFitnessPal as a way to track what you’re eating – it really helps focus because you see the macronutrients you’re putting into your body. People are great about motivating each other also! I want to point out that you can’t spot reduce fat, you can only lose overall and your body decides where it comes from first. You have time, so I would focus on food first, but also working out (both cardio and weights).

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My wedding is the week before yours and I’ve been trying to trim down since the beginning of the year.  I have a personal trainer that I see 2x/week and he is really helping me reach my goal. 


He told me to RUN for 40-45 minutes, 5 days a week.  I HATE running.  Always have.  My cardio capacity is null and my lung capacity is even less.  But he said “please, trust me”, so I ran at leas 5x/week for a minimum of 40 minutes.  The first week or 2 I had a hard time getting up to 40, but you eventually get better at going longer and faster. I admit that I don’t run for the entire 45 minutes, but I try to get as close as possible. Run for 20, rest for 5, then run for another 18, and cool down. 


Point of my post: RUNNING.  Cycling and elliptical are not to be substituted (this broke my heart cuz I love cycling and HATED running).  The amount of energy you expend when you strike your foot down is way more than elliptical or cycling or any other cardio.  You will burn more calories this way and tone your legs at the same time.  I have slimmed down considerably.  I really only weight train the 2x/week w/ my trainer.  We do a pretty good work out, but i definitely don’t do weights every day.  If all you want to do is slim down the pudge, running is key.  If you want to tone of the arms and belly, throw in a good weights work out a few days a week. 


Diet: I never eat fast food unless I’m forced to like on a road trip, but that’s not even a diet tactic.  I just don’t prefer fast food.  I will order out for thai or chinese food when I REALLY get the craving for salt.  2-4x/week I will have protein shake for a meal, usually right after my training sessions. And my non-shake meals I try to keep small and protein loaded.  Eat a little of whatever I have for leftovers and then throw a cup of yogurt in there.  I snack on pirates booty and candy throughout the day (bad, I know, but I love chocolate and I love pirate’s booty).  I seriously don’t diet that hard…I just try not to be superfluous on my intake. I think dieting will help you cut your overall weight, but I don’t think it will give you that slim, svelte look all on its own. 

At the beginning, my trainer asked “are you willing to hardcore diet to get the body you want?” and I was like “…No.”.  So we hardcore on the exercise instead and it’s been working well.  I only eat about 1500 calories on a regular day, but I’ve cut out coffee (which, in my case, comes with a lot of creamer) in favor of tea.  But reward myself every night with a tiny bowl of gelato and fresh fruit if I have any.  :p



Good luck!! 


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@butterfliesandhoney:  This is what worked for me, I lost 26 lbs

– eating unprocessed foods- very limited breads and starches, make my own dressing, limited sugar, 100% whole wheat pasta if I do have it, tons of beans, spinach shakes, water, Greek yogurt, fruits and nutrition dense calories

– never officially “dieting” That will set you up for failure. Trust me!

– eating full-fat everything to feel satisfied (seriously!!)

– running, swimming, Spinning, elliptical and weight lifting 5-6x’s a week for 50 minutes minumim

– counting everything I ate at myfitnesspal.com – by far the best weight loss tool because it puts your consumption in perspective for you!


hope this helps!! It’s hard to change your life but so worth it!

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