(Closed) Help! Birth control and wedding’s in a week.

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Mirena is hormone based. I don’t know about your doc, but my doc would not give me one unless I had had one kid already, which I haven’t. Your best bet is condoms. I just went off the pill cause it messed with my emotions and made me kind of crazy, and I don’t think condoms have messed anything up. Condoms and otc spermicide and such are really your only option. Even if you could get mirena, you would have to get a perscription from your doc and they would have to insert it. Sorry 🙁

Good luck finding something that will work for you!

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No problem! PM me if you have anymore questions. I used to work in sex education, so I can hopefully answer your questions 🙂

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my dr wouldnt give me an iud till i had a baby or was 25…luckly the baby came first lol. talk with them about a paraguard. its non hormonal. for the week of the wedding id go to planned parenthood and get a pack of pills. its based on your income and you can start that now BUT it will have hormones and wonr be working by your wedding night. if you need something that will work right away the only thing that works is condoms. they sell other stuff like creams and sponges and stuff but i havent heard anything good about them.

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Could you go to a Planned Parenthood clinic and get birth control? I’m sure that’s not the most appealing option, but if you don’t want to ruin the romance with condoms and you really don’t want to get pregnant, it might not be that bad. Then once you’re home, you can go see your regular doctor.

I recently started the pill and I thought you just started them when you got them. But my doc said to start them the Sunday after you start your period. So even if you went to your own doctor and got birth control, you might not be able to start it right away, and you have to give it a few days to get into your system.

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I would reccomend NOT running out to get the pill as a sole method, due to your time constraints. 

“The length of time it takes for the birth control pill to become completely effective as a sole contraceptive varies depending on the type of pill you use and when you start the packet of pills. You will usually need to use an alternative form of contraception (such as a condom) for at least seven days after starting, but your healthcare provider should be able to tell you exactly when the particular version of the pill you have been prescribed becomes fully effective against pregnancy. It will normally also say on the advice leaflet that comes with your pills”

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I just wanted to put in a good word for Mirena.  I got one last December, and I love it.  I’ve never had kids, but they gave it to me anyway.  And, while it does have hormones, it’s a low dose and localized.  I don’t have any issues with it messing with my emotions or anything like that (while the pill sometimes did.)  Anyway, if you have questions about it, feel free to PM me about it. 

And congratulations!  Your wedding is so close!  Have an amazing time!

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@WNCbride2011: I suspect they would make you have an examination first.

I think condoms are your only bet without a checkup.

If you are worried you can get a Plan B without a script at the pharmacy counter in case the condom breaks.


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@hyperpiston: I wanted to put in a good word for it too. B/c literally it changed my life. I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say I am so much happier and able to function now with it. I don’t even know it’s there.

I also never have had kids and my Dr. gave it to me. Suggested it actually. However, this close to your wedding I would not suggest it because you may bleed for a few days and you don’t want that so close to the wedding.

Sorry to be gross. Good luck!

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With this short time frame, I would just go with condoms for now.  Hormonal BC won’t be effective in time.  When you come back, talk to a doctor about your options.  I’m on Nuvaring and it doesn’t mess with my hormones much.

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You need to schedule an appt with your gynecologist ASAP!  Unfortunately, you can’t go until your period is finished (in fact, they prefer for you to wait a week after it is over).  Your doctor might be willing to do Mirena even though you are a virgin; my doctor offered it to me (I was also a virgin who went on BC right before my wedding), but I chose to go with a pill instead.  I am on Loestrin, which is a low-dose hormone pill, which for most people has few side effects (every pill has different effects on different people, however).  Unfortunately, even if you and your doctor decide on a pill, most require that you start them on the first day of your cycle, which has now already gone by.  So you’re basically stuck with condoms for the first month.  Despite that, you really, really, really should see your gyno before you start having sex, just to have everything checked out. 

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You’re going to have to use condoms or plan B pill.  Everything else will require a gyno visit.

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