(Closed) HELP: cat saga continues. am i the crazy one??

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Bumble Beekeeper

I do not think you over-reacted. I think that she and her husband overstepped their bounds and were very far out line.  This was not an issue of “I want to say good-bye to the cat.” it was “I want you to be forced to listen to me lecture you like a child.” Forget her crazy ass, forget her doormat husband and be done with it.

I would send her one last e-mail. Say something along the lines of this:

“Dear Crazy Bitch,

Obviously, this situation has gotten out of hand. We appreciate your concern for our cat, but we have the situation well under control. I do not wish to discuss it any further and I would appreciate it if you would not continue to contact me or my husband in any way. We would very much like to put this nasty incident behind us. We wish you all the best.


Mr and Mrs Frustrated”

And then you don’t talk to her. Cut off contact and wipe your hands of her and her ridiculousness.

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Buzzing bee
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@zippylef: Totally agree. I think I would even just ignore the email and pretend I never got it because that makes people even more annoyed. 

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Bee Keeper
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These people are so strange. I don’t know that I’d even bother responding. Its time to cut off them off, no one needs this much crazy in their lives.

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Buzzing bee

Ugh, I’d cut all ties with these people.  I am so confused as to why they feel like they need to brief you on YOUR cat of FIVE YEARS!  What do they think you don’t know about YOUR cat?  I know you said your mother let the cat contract fleas.  Maybe they think you and your husband neglected to pay for regular flea treatments or something??  But, in the end that would have been your mother’s responsibility to apply the treatments, anyway AND that isn’t the biggest deal in the world.  A lot of animals get occasional fleas.  It’s not like these looney tunes found your cat malnourished with broken limbs while in your care.

These people are psychotic.  I’ve never in my life heard of anything like this.  I could understand if the animal had been abandoned or injured, like I said before.  But there was NOTHING wrong with your cat.  Just some fleas.  I think you mentioned an existing bladder problem, but the cat had that same problem BEFORE you left him with these people, so it’s not like this was something new that happened in your absence.

I think they got really attached and blew things out of proportion.  They must have sat around and trashed you and your Darling Husband.  I’m imagining the nutcases’ conversation going something like this:  “Oh, they let kitty get fleas, they must not be buying the treatments!”  and, “I can’t believe they wouldn’t take kitty with them while they’ve been gone all this time.  They must not care about kitty too much.”

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Honey bee

You are not in the wrong. The husband physically stopped you from picking up your cat, even as you were in their home! That’s crazy. They can make it sound as innocuous as they want, but it’s crazy talk. And like you said, they were free to come visit. 


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Sugar bee
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Is there any way you can get the authorities involved? This has crazy written all over it, and I’m pissed off after just reading what they said/wrote to you.

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Busy bee
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First let me tell you that I am a regular pet sitter for friends and family, and it is absolutely mind blowing to me that she would refuse to return your cat to you when you wished it because she wants to say goodbye and that she threatened her husband to make sure it would still be there when she got back. THIS IS INCREDIBLY SELFISH AND RUDE. This is YOUR cat and she should have said her goodbyes when she left and accepted that it would be gone when she got back, that would have been what a rational, mature adult would have done. She is totally in the wrong in putting her desire to see the cat again over your desire to have your pet back. There is nothing that she needs to tell you that cannot be done in email or over the phone, and it is annoying to have people act like they think you dont take proper care of a much beloved pet, but understandable since we all like to think we know best. But there is really no excuse for her not returning your cat to you when you want it back. Its very out of line.


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Bee Keeper
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@zippylef: omg, I’ve been reading this whole story and it’s just hilarious to me (minus the obvious stress on the OP and husband) but I just love the thought of sending this crazy lady an email titled ‘Dear Crazy Bitch’

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Honestly, you need to stop indulging these people in their odd behavior. You have your cat back, I see no further use for any relationship with them. I’m sorry, I know cats are awesome and all that, but seriously this is going way too far over a cat. It’s creepy and weird and kind of sad. Just stay away from her. Seriously.

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Buzzing bee
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I didn’t comment on your previous post, but read it with fascination.  I just have to say that you are definitely not the crazy one in this “friendship”.  You need to stop second guessing yourself – this girl is crazypants to a ridiculous degree.  Who behaves like that???   I think you need to cut all ties with her, and realize that she will obviously never understand that the way she and her husband behaved is wrong. 

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t think you are over reacting.. I would send a nice brief email thanking them for their great care to your cat and say sorry they feel that way and leave it be. If you plan on continuing a friendship with them (which I wouldn’t if I were you) you should tell them your side of it and see if you can put this all behind you.

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Honey bee
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You didn’t overreact. You had every right to get your cat back at the time you had previously arranged to get it. She should have said her good byes before she left. They were also very cryptic about what they wanted to talk about… If they had told you that they wanted to brief you on your cat’s behaviors and vet issues, that would have been a different thing, but they didn’t, and even if they had, you still had a right to take your cat home as arranged. They changed the game plan, not you. You did nothing wrong, but they did. They did not allow you to take your cat home. Don’t let their twisted view of what happened make you second guess yourself. 

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