(Closed) Help! DH and I are at our wits end with our fussy 4 month old!

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Vaccines can make you feel crummy for a little while- I usually feel like I have a bad cold for a few days after the flu shot. I would call your pediatrician in the morning for some reassurance and suggestions about what to give or do for her. Get your father in law out of the room if you need to, your baby comes first.

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Your baby shouldn’t be miserable all the time. Do you have any suspicions of other things that could be bothering her? Acid reflux? Gassy tummy? 

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How long has she been screaming for? And, does it seem to happen at certain times of the day?

She could be suffering from horrible gas, and that would put her in pain and make her scream for hours on end.

I suffered from the bad gas thing when I was a baby, my parents dealt with it for about 4 months straight, and nobody could figure out what was wrong, including doctors! My grandmother told her to mix a little bit of karo syrup and a tiny bit of jello mix [to give it some flavor so i’d drink it], and within hours I had stopped screaming and was able to pass gas.

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Does she have reflux??? Our LO (5 months old) had silent reflux and she would swallow air and get horrid gas. They put her on a small dose of zantac and she is a whole different baby!

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I second the reflux. My Dirty Delete had bad reflux around 3 months and Zantac worked wonders. There doesn’t have to be a ton of spit up to be reflux. Hang in there!

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Do you have a carrier or sling that you could where her in? Keeping her close and upright might help keep her more comfortable and relieve her gas pains. Hang in there Mama!

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My DS got really fussy and cried nonstop after getting his first set of vaccines at 2 months.  I didn’t know what was wrong until I saw how swollen and red his legs were from the shots.  Other than Boyfriend or Best Friend, massaging the area of the injection site helped as well as putting a warm compress there and giving him warm baths.  And I know it’s hard not to feel bad about your Father-In-Law but if Boyfriend or Best Friend is the only thing that comforts your Dirty Delete right now, do what you have to do.  Your little girl should come first.  Hang in there.  I hope she feels better soon!

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My baby hasn’t been born yet, but a psychologist specializing in children recommended this book to me: The Wonder Weeks.  It’s written by clinical psychologists who did a lot of research on infants from when they are born up to 20 months.

It states that babies become fussier when they are going through “leaps” in development. They describe how frustrating and powerless and confused parents feel during these times of extra fussiness that seem to come out of nowhere. The book’s aim is to educate parents for the reasons why it happens and how to best deal with the child…

Again, I have no personal experience yet, but I just thought I would suggest that book as it was suggested to me by someone I trust.

Good luck!!

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My son was the same from 3 months until he was about 6 months, he had colic and acid reflux! It is hard when your breastfeeding my son refused bottles until he was 8 months old when he picked up a bottle that was my nephews! He still suffers now and at nearly 18 months old he will have weeks where he won’t eat at all and 1 day he will eat non stop! It does get better if she wants boob all day let her have it! I know how it feels I have a 4 month old daughter who makes me feel like a human milk machine! My 5 year old was the same too! Just remember all this will be over wayyyy to quickly! It’s hard to see them go through this but as her mother you know what’s best for her! Good luck with it and enjoy every second of your baby! 

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I hear you on this, my Dirty Delete now 11 months litterally screamed for the first 5 1/2 months of her life. She had mild acid reflux and colic.

What worked for us was putting Colief in her milk (if breast feeding you put 2 drops in their mouth prior to breastfeeding) It was a god send for us. 

Unfortunately nobody really knows what causes colic. In one baby it could be a lactose intollerance in another it could be wind. 

We tried everything, we tried colic drops which made her acid reflux worse and we tried tylenol and ibuprofen. 

She grew out of it at about 5 1/2- 6 months and is still quite high needs. I like to think shes just very intelligent and gets frustrated when she wants to do something but cant.

It could also be developmental. Look into wonder weeks. This book helped me alot. 

I wish you all the best. Remember, this too shall pass. Talk to other people about how you are feeling, accept help, get a break and time to yourself when you can. 

Dont do what i did and bottle up feelings which led to depression. 

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Cory_loves_this_girl:  Awww, I’m sorry you’re dealing with such a fussy baby, if only they could talk it would be so easy! My best advice would be, when she gets really fussy, try laying her tummy down on your forearm (so her head is by your elbow and your hand is inbetween her legs) and see if that relieves a little bit of the gas pressure. Also try bathing, or showering with you and as much as everyone is against it, you might try tummy sleeping. Some babies just can’t sleep on their backs. I have 5 kids and all slept on their backs, except one. She just would not sleep on her back. 

As far as bf-ing goes, have you tried eliminating dairy from your own diet? She may have a lactose allergy… Or she might just be really crabby. For my 5 kids I had one ridiculously crabby baby. I swear I don’t have a “happy” picture of her before she turned 2. She was just always unexplicably mad all the time. Eventually she got (mostly) over it and she is now the most crabby, sarcastic 11 year old on the planet. lol. I also wonder about teething. I know she too young to probably be getting teeth, but my crabby 11 year old, I could have sworn she was teething, rubbing her gums did help, but she didn’t actually have a tooth break through until she was 10 months old! 

I know it’s difficult now, but it won’t last forever. Hope she feels better soon.

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