HELP! Dog is sick, threw up 5 times last night!

posted 5 years ago in Pets
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@weddingbee098:  even though he’s stopped throwing up, if he’s still lethargic and not eating or drinking, I would take him to the vet NOW. It could be a virus such as Parvo or something else that could definitely be something to worry over. No point in taking chances. 

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You can give him Gatorade to keep him up in fluids. (I wouldn’t do a ton. I’d mix it with water, so maybe it will also give him a new taste and make him want more water.) Pepto is also FDA and vet approved. Google the amount to give him for his size. Since he is no longer vomiting I would skip it. His next meal should be plain boiled (or baked) chicken, with no bones, and plain white rice.

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@Lana_Rose:  I do agree with this. My dog had a “stomach bug” last month. She puked 5 times that day. I did all of the above, but was going to take her to the vet the next day if she wasn’t better. Thankfully after much rest that night she was bouncy, and happy to eat!

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@weddingbee098:  This happened to my dog about a year ago – we think she just had the flu or something. She threw up a bunch and wouldn’t drink anything, which was the scariest part. Our vet told us to buy Pedialyte (the stuff for sick little kids) and feed it to her through a turkey baster. It worked and it was the only way we could get her to drink ANYTHING for like 24 hours. It was so sad, but also kind of cute.

Good luck! Definitely take your pup in if this goes on much longer.

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I’d give her 24 hours and se if she starts to feel better. If she continues to throw up she needs to go in. Or if after a long time she doesn’t eat or drink anything she should go. You could try giving her some chicken broth if you want.

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We went through this about 7 weeks ago. Little guy couldn’t keep anything down. He ended up with IV fluids for a day at the vet office, antiemetic pills to take, antiacid pills to take (after we finished the antiemetic course), and a special diet from Science Diet’s prescription line. It took 2.5 weeks to get him back to eating kibble like normal. There was nothing we did differently. He just got sick in the middle of a Friday afternoon. We still don’t know what it was.

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This happened to my Chow. His intestines were blocked. Have you noticed if he’s pooped today or yesterday?  I also advise to take him to the vet ASAP.  

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I would probably take him to the vet as soon as possible. I don’t mean to alarm you, but we did have a very similar and scary experience! Our then five month old puppy kept throwing up and wouldn’t eat, and it turned out that she was born with an appendix (which apparently dogs have evolved to not have them), and it was filling with food and rotting. If we had waited much longer, our vet said it most likely would have burst and killed her. It’s unlikely this is what’s going on with your baby, but better to be safe than sorry. At least call them and see what they advise over the phone. Also, scrambled eggs or canned pumpkin are good for upset dog tummies! Fingers crossed that your baby is better soon!

Also, what color are his gums? They should be nice and pink. If they are pale or white, it indicates an abnormality or illness, and I would take him in immediately

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Sugar Beekeeper

@weddingbee098:  I have a dog with a very sensitive stomach so I know the drill. The key is to ensure that your dog is getting fluids and eating. It sometimes will take an evening or day for him to get back to normal…this isn’t unsual IF there aren’t any other complications.

Start by trying to get him to eat white rice with some Gerber baby food (turkey or chicken, basic is great). Mix them together and just try small amounts. Baby steps (pardon the pun). You may need to sit there and encourage/feed him. If he starts to eat a bit better you can introduce boiled or baked chicken without seasoning. Again if he is picky or doesn’t want to eat entice him with the baby food again on the rice/chicken combo.

Second step is he peeing? If you dog is not urinating and not drink he is dehydrated and requires a vet visit. Check his gums. If they are pale or light pink he is dehydrated and needs fluids at the vet asap. If they are a healthy vivid pink he is okay. Again monitor drinking and peeing this is crucial.

Dogs eat everything and throwing up is their natural way of protecting themselves. A vomiting dog/burping dog is not uncommon and not always an emergency. The key is to monitor other symptoms.

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@weddingbee098:  I’m not sure where you are located but this is going around my area:


Is there a second ER vet you could call for a recommendation?  Did you let your vet know that it was a possibly emergent situation or describe his symptoms?  My vet usually has a beginning or end of day appointment saved for such cases.

Try feeding him some of his regular food out of a treat bowl, sometimes if they think you’re giving them a treat they don’t want to disappoint so they will eat it 🙂  You could also mix or freeze chicken broth into water or ice cubes and give it to the pup! 

Good luck!

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@weddingbee098:  Definitely take him in. Last time one of my dogs was puking and not eating/drinking, he had ate something that got clogged and had to have surgery to get it removed.

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@nber0815:  +1 Forgot about that! 

@weddingbee098:  The thing to look for is he pooping and peeing? If so a blockage is less likely. Has he been going?

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