(Closed) HELP! Dress Fitting mishap and only 3 weeks to spare!

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Oh that’s horrible. This happened to a friend of mine, too – turns out the woman just had the dress situated too low on her body and, when adjusted properly, it fit just fine. I almost hit the dress lady over the head for being so rude. 

I guess the healthiest option would be to go on a 1500 calorie-a-day diet of fresh veggies and lean protein. Drink a lot of water and exercise for 30-45 minutes a day. Just cutting salt and processed stuff from your diet will probably help you lose a quick inch or two. 

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I would talk to a trainer at your gym even if it costs a little more it will totally be worth it in the end. I know diet pills have a reputation of being horrible but, I had a friend who took them for her wedding and they really worked she bought the NV I think Carmen Electra advertises for them. Also just work on drinking more water, eating 3 meals a day no snacking, and exercise!! Don’t stress your wedding will be beautiful no matter what!! Good luck!

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I second amysue.  Do not eat anything fried, and avoid beef and pork, even if you usually eat it.  Also, nothing processed until after the wedding.  Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables (nothing that causes you to bloat or feel icky after you eat it) and chicken and fish.  If you’re a soda drinker (like me, I’m addicted!), drop it completely.  Sodas have so many calories and so much sugar in them that we often forget about, and the caffiene is bad for your skin anyways.  Drinking just water and cranberry or grapefruit juice with no added sugar should really help.  Good luck and I hope we get to see pictures of the big day on weddingbee!  You’re going to look beautiful.

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Quickest way to lose temporary weight is usually NO CARBS!

Follow the South Beach- stick it out for 3 weeks, no sugar no carbs. All your water weight will go and you will noticeably lose weight.

You could also look into water pills, but I would just suggest eating healthy, no carbs, excercise and lots of sleep. Try to stay stress free and enjoy the big day!

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I am in the same boat as you but I have 2 1/2 months, so i can imagine how you must feel~

I am on a diet.  I am only eating healthy foods, which means no junk food, no fast foods, no soda whatsoever, no juices, no alcohol, and little carbs.  And I try to exercise 3 times a week, which is hard because everynight I have something wedding related to do.  I also work over 12 hours a day, so gotta sleep early which means no late workouts for me.  So what i’ve been doing is, doing weights at home as well.  I have dumbells that i use to do stretches, squats, sit ups…whatever I can…

I’ve been on this for about 2 weeks now, and already my pants are starting to loosen up.  I haven’t weighed myself out of fear (haha), but I am going to try on my wedding dress end of this month to determine if I lost weight at all.

Hope this helps!  You can do it~

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I second ginabean.  South Beach Diet!  It has saved me on so many occasions.  It completely works, but stick to it!  No cheating!  It is the perfect diet because you are not supposed to ever be hungry.  Just cut out all carbs and sugar (including fruit) for 2-3 weeks and you can lose several inches around your tummy and back.  Eat lean meats and lots of veggies and low-fat cheese is OK too.  When I am doing it very strictly, I eat lettuce wraps from Jimmy Johns for lunch and lots of fish and beans and veggies at dinner.  Like a seriously HUGE plate.  If you crave dessert you can buy these yummy fudgsicles from the grocery store that have no carbs in them.  Cut out all soda and NO ALCOHOL.  Also, start doing 20 pushups every single night before you go to bed.  You will start to see results so quickly!  It is really really really easy!

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Hey!  I know this is hard, especially when you are celebrating an upcoming wedding, but lay off the alcohol!  This helped me ALOT.  Good luck!!

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Hi everyone! I wanted to echo everything that people have said, except for cutting out carbs. I’ve worked extensively with a nutritionist and personal trainer to solve my own body/eating issues, and I just wanted to pass along what I’ve learned. There are lots of crash diets and misunderstood advice out there.

Your body needs carbs (complex) to effectively lose weight, so if you cut all carbs out, your body will actually start storing nutrients that it’s not getting- think of it going into starvation mode. You will actually GAIN weight, although you’re eating less! NOT GOOD! The best thing to do is NOT to starve yourself, drink 8 bottles of water a day (if you do this religiuosly, you’ll probably lose 3-5 lbs in salt weight alone), eat a mixed, balanced diet of lean protiens (fish, chicken, lean beef), veggies/fruit (but not too much, becasuse fruit has LOTS of sugar), small amount of fat (white cheese, olive oil, etc) and compex carbs (WHOLE WHEAT, not white or sourdough, beans, etc).

Another goal should be eating 5 meals a day, not 3 with no snacking as some people have suggested. Our bodies are made to eat every 2-3 hours, and we are actually forcing them into "starvation mode" when we don’t eat that often. You’ll see a weight loss drop as well if you eat 5 small meals a day.

Additionally, eat your biggest meal in the morning, and decrease the portion size over the day. Dinner should be a small meal of lean protein and veggies. DON"T eat too much at dinner (like what we’re all used to eating)- your body doesn’t have enough time to process everything before it goes to sleep- so the best thing would be a 3-4 oz lean protein and 3-4 oz veggies. 

Additionally, no alcohol, no soda, small glasses of juice, milk, water!

The other thing? If you are hungry, EAT. When your stomach growls, it means that it’s entered starvation mode and it’s already started storing fat instead of burning it. DON"T starve yourself, and DON"T ignore the signs that you NEED to eat.  People think snacking is bad between meals, but that’s because we usually eat crap- cookies, chocolate, whatever. Make your snack a lean protein, complex carb, and a small amount of fat- wheat thins, turkey, low fat cheese, fr example.

As far as the gym goes, 45-60 minutes a day, rotating strength (3x/week) with cardio (4x/week). You might think that strength training will only bulk up, but it actually helps you shed the fat quickly. Muscle is smaller and more condensed than fat is, so you’ll lose inches. 

REMEMBER: Food is NOT the enemy. Food is NUTRITION- it’s what you  need to survive. But there are GOOD foods and bad foods. Eating correctly, drinking 8 bottles of water a day and working out consistently WILL help you lose weight. INCHES are what matters, not pounds. Muscle weighs more than fat- remember that!!  

Just as an fyi- i’ve been on this eating/workout plan for 4 weeks now, and have lots 10 lbs and 12 inches. So it WORKS! Good Luck!! 

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I agree with Ms. GinaBean and Ms.Shamrock. South Beach does work. No sugar, no carbs ( not even whole grain), no fruit. Only veggies ( careful, there are exeptions : no beets, no potatoes, NO CORN OR CARROTS), lean meat – turkey, chicken or fish, eggs and low fat cheese. No dairy. You can snack on nuts, celery sticks, broccoli and the such. It really does work. Harder to do when you are at work esp if you caffeteria makes disgusting eggs that taste like rubber like mine does but YOU CAN DO IT.

Desperate times require desperate measures. You can drink water, unsweetened tea and a cup of coffee if needed, but try to limit caffeeine.

Good Luck to you !

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u have lots of advice here that will definitely work for you. i just wanted to pitch in and say that alyssa07’s advice will definitely work. thats what has worked for me.

 i eat a LOT. i eat every couple hours, letting no more than 3 hrs go bw meals. always pair a lean protein with your carb. definitely eat carbs (complex carbs), bc thats what gives you energy. if you cut out the carbs, you will indeed lose weight and then gain every ounce and possibly some more on your honeymoon. since i’m assuming once u get to the reception u will be all about carbs again.

definitely drink water. lots of it….nothing but. let nothing other than water pass ure lips!

i understand what you’re going thru….fortunately i have a bit more time on my side, i’m getting married on 11/01/08. i went to my doctor and with her help, i’ve lost 18.5 lbs in just shy of 5 weeks. incredible? yes, it is. a lot of it was water weight and it really took the bulky look out of my face and upper body. i closely follow what i put in my mouth bc i just dont have it in me to get in all the excercise i need. i can’t imagine what my results would be if i were excercising 3x/wk vs the 1x i’m getting in now.

 GL! you can do this. if u need support, PM. we’ll do it together.

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Why is everyone assuming you really gained weight when you said you didn’t?

Maybe this was really an alteration mistake… I know you can’t let it out but what about substituting the zipper back with a corset back. That way no matter if you lose some weight or not you don’t have to lose nights of sleep over this.

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