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Hi Maggiemoo21392: 

First off… Welcome to Wedding Bee, and “the Hive”

My best advice, is that I suggest that you do some reading up on Diamonds if you are in the market for one.  A good place to start is just plain old Wikipedia

Wikipedia – Diamond (Gemstone) = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_(gemstone)

Beyond that there are some great entries on Diamond Websites like Blue Nile

Blue Nile – Diamond Education = http://www.bluenile.ca/diamonds/diamond-education

You will find out that Diamonds come a wide variety of cuts and qualities… there really is something for everyone’s budget… just depends on what that is and what you consider to be the most important of the 4Cs for you (actually there are 5 Cs if you count Certification)

Cut (Shape AND Quality) – Colour – Clarity – Carat (size) – and Certification

For the most sparkly of diamonds, you want to put the emphasis on Cut & Colour.  Followed by Clarity, Carat Size, and Certification dependent on your own interests and budget.

Cut (Shape) will determine the actual size of the diamond.

For example a 1/2 Carat = 0.50 Stone will vary dependent on which shape you choose…

Here then a chart that will help to explain that for you…


The page that it takes you to is for IDEAL CUT Round Brilliants… if you click on the various shapes (list along the side) you’ll see the differences in size for each shape.


A .50 Carat Round would be 5.2 mm diameter, while a .50 Carat Princess (square) would be 4.4 mm x 4.4 mm…

Remember though that these are IDEAL CUTS (the highest quality) so… size will be different if the cut is less than perfect (both the part you see… the surface / face of the diamond, and the part underneath)

Again, you need to read up to fully understand what is out there, and to make sure you KNOW fully what you are getting when you (or your Fiance) makes this important purchase

Hope this helps,

EDIT TO ADD… The Inclusions in an I Quality Diamond (I1 to I3) are those that can be typically seen with a naked eye.  The standard is that they must be visible at less than 10x magnification.  Inclusions in a S1 or S2 Diamond, are only visible at 10x magnification, and are rarely visible to the naked eye.  Inclusions in a VS1 or VS2 Diamond are only visible with magnfication… and may even then be difficult to see.  A Dimond that is rated at IF has no Inclusions that can be seen under 10x magnification, and maybe a few blemishes on the surface of the diamond itself.  A Diamond that is FL is as close to flawless as you can get… with no inclusions or blemishes that can be easily seen even at 10x magnification.


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@Maggiemoo21392:  My ring is 3/4 carat so I can’t help you out with a picture, but from my understanding (which may be incorrect) VS1 has inclusions that aren’t likely to be seen by the naked eye whereas VS2 has inclusions that are often seen with the naked eye. Though you can “hand-pick” VS2 diamonds where the inclusions are visible, but in a spot in the diamond where they would be covered by the prongs. I would suggest going to the James Allen website and looking through their diamonds because they take a photo of every diamond and you can see them and see for yourself what the difference is between Vs1 and VS2.

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What cut are you getting the solitaire in? 

Here’s the finger coverage chart for a RBC:


I think an I1 or an I2 is fine if your okay with it.  I have an I2 but it is eye clean from the top with no clouds or visible inclusions (only one I can see if I take the ring off and inspect it from the side.)  Here’s my diamond’s chart (altough most I2 charts are not this clean!):


Do you have a specific diamond in mind or are you just getting a general idea. If you don’t have a specific diamond in mind I would tell you to go look at diamonds.  I’ve seen VS1 diamond’s with a black inclusion dead center.  Here’s an example comparing an I1 and a VS1 with a very visible black inclusion.  James Allen could help you get a visual to compare clarity ratings but you should really look at a diamond you like in person.

I wouldn’t go by clarity alone, and cut can go along way.

ETA: I don’t have a half carat ring either so here is a thread with some pictures of them.

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I’ve got a half carat emerald cut, just can’t get a picture of it for you at work!  It all depends on your hands anyway…I’m 6 feet tall with very long slender fingers…so it looks great, but I am currently shopping for either a larger setting or diamond!  Happy hunting!

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@Maggiemoo21392:  Let me start by saying that an I1 can look good, it just depends on the diamond, where and what the inclusions are.  I know that everyone always puts these diamonds down, but I have one and I am the ONLY one that can see the inclusion. (and thats because I know where to look)  Mine has a feather, not a dark spot.  My diamond sparkles like crazy, therefore, people dont see the inclusion.  I was able to get about a quarter carat bigger diamond (for my huge fingers) because I was willing to look at diamonds with some inclusions.  I say go look and see what is out there.  Here is my ring, even though the diamond is bigger than youre asking about, and my finger is twice the size of yours, LOL.  (.70 round I1)

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An I1 or an I2 diamond is fine, depending on where the inclusions are. Mydiamond is an I1 but it has no visible inclusions from the top and there is really only 1 main one off to the side, but it was able to be covered by the prong, so you can’t even see it. Also the type of inclusions are different. You would want a white inclusion instead of a black one. Because the white ones blend in with the stone. So you really need to go to the store and see. The jewelry store showed us a SI stone that did not look as good as the I1 stone and it was more money. So it’s just about being  careful when you pick out the stone. Cut also plays an important role. My stone is cut very well so it’s really sparkly which makes the inclusions less visiable. 

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Can you see the diamond in person? The difference between the grades can be extreme – what you want is the stone that is the most eye-clean. If you’re buying online, then ask if it’s an eye clean stone before you buy it.

There might be a big black carbon spot in one, and a bunch of ‘clear’ flaws in the other (so less visible to naked eye).. clarity depends on the number of flaws, where they’re located, etc. The only way to know for sure is to look at them in person or trust that the salesperson (if buying online) will tell you if it’s eye clean or not.

ETA: The I-level stones might be easier to damage – if you hit the diamond wrong it might break. They have many large flaws.

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Here’s my ring. Mine is 1.09 carats, but I have a size 6 finger. So what you want will be in proportion to you size.


Sorry for the huge cell phone pictures, the quality is eh. 

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Sorry for the big pictures!

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I recommend going to a jewelry store and trying  on as many rings as you can! You will get a great ides of what looks good and feels comfortable!

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Mine is 0.6 ct and my finger size is 3.75.  I don’t see you will be big difference between 0.5 and 0.6 ct.

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