(Closed) help- fiance having suicidal thoughts and blaming it on me

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*internet hugs*  i’m so sorry you’re going through this. it’s really unfair he is putting this on you and making you feel as though you aren’t allowed to communicate. you shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells around your loved ones. BUT i also understand that in his state he is probably not thinking rationally.

I think the key would be therapy – you alone, him alone and couples. i think talking to someone will help you come to terms with how to deal with this situation. i definitely don’t think it sounds like you need counselling for your “crying”. but it might help him feel better if you were seeing someone also. 

best of luck… mental illness is really tough to deal with. i feel for you and your SO… i hope you get the help you need. xo.

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Another person cannot drive one to suicide… a person controls their own happiness. He can only help himself. There is nothing you can do that will make him not feel depressed or suicidal. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. This subject is close to my heart because my cousin committed suicide after finding out his wife of only a few months was being unfaithful. I was shocked and never thought he would do something like that. But I can relate to his feelings of hopelessness in the moment because I have been hurt my other people as well, but I ultimately control my own fate and I choose not to let others effect me to that point. He DEFINITELY needs to see a counselor (and probably you as well just to gain some perspective on the situation and so you do not end up blaming yourself).

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…. I’m sorry, but those are absolutely RIDICULOUS reasons for him to be feeling that way. I’m sure there has to be a bunch of other stressors, because to use your minor disagreements and your shows of emotion as reasons to off himself? I can’t wrap my head around it. It is NOT OKAY that he thinks that writing about suicide makes him feel better.

There is something much deeper rooted there, and he’s either not aware of it, or doesn’t want to tell you what it is.

He needs help. He needs to talk to someone. IMMEDIATELY. Ignoring it, or you changing how you react to things, isn’t going to solve the problem. 

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It is not your fault at all.  He is having an abnormal reaction to stress; it’s not normal to idealize suicide after an argument or disagreement.  He needs professional help and you need to support him in getting some help in the form of counseling ASAP.  Waiting for it to get better or go away on its own is not a good idea because it could get worse or he could act on it.


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It’s great that he is open to therapy and although I would never say you need to shut off your emotions, I definitely think he makes a good point in that you should see a therapist too. There may be other ways in dealing with things that bother you aside from crying, but also going may just prove to him that it’s okay and normal to cry about certain things. 


Is there anyway to postpone the wedding while you both get your feelings/emotions sorted out? 

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I agree with everyone.  This is something very serious that needs professional advice. 

((HUGS)) OP.  This isn’t your fault but I’m glad he told you – because he really needs to get help for this.

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I’m sorry you are dealing with this.

First, I don’t think you have done anything wrong. There is nothing wrong with being emotional and it does not seem like you take anything out on him. It seems that he just doesn’t know how to handle emotions.

He should not be blaming you for his thoughts, perhaps he is doing this because he is ashamed and having trouble with his issue. He definitely needs to seek out a therapist for help.

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Yeah, he needs to see a therapist. You two should probably get some couples counselling as well, but having suicidal thoughts because someone you care about gets a bit emotional over a podcast or having a difficult day at work is definitely not normal. As others have said, this is a deeper-rooted problem that unfortunately he is taking out on you at the moment. Possibly his family was very closed off emotionally so he has never learned how to deal with people close to him expressing their negative feelings. It is absolutely not fair for him to try to get you to stop expressing your normal human emotions because it makes him feel uncomfortable (possibly if you are crying every day/negative all the time, but I doubt that is the case).

So yes – seek help for him and for your relationship. Things can get better, but it is going to take some work and he is going to have to be willing to seek therapy and stick with it for a while.

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Definitely seek therapy. Both of you. He needs it because he shouldn’t be turning to thoughts of suicide in these instances, and you could use it to help you to handle this. You shouldn’t feel guilty or responsible for the feelings he’s having. Arguments or open discussion shouldn’t lead to suicidal thoughts. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if my Fiance told me this. We both had thoughts of suicide as teens, and we’ve had open discussions about it, but we both were suffering from depression at the time. You need to continue to encourage that he seek help with these thoughts.

Please remember, you can’t let yourself feel guilty. You aren’t causing his thoughts. You aren’t wrong for crying about things, and you should be able to communicate with your SO. In fact, you need to be able to without fear of what might happen if you bring something up in the future.

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@anonymousdddd:  OK, first it is NOT your fault. 

He definitely needs help, because many many people whom do not show emotion, or like to experience, do not jump to suicidal thoughts when emotion happens.  That is very unhealthy, as you know, and incredibly scary.

Second, you handled his honesty about HIS feelings in a way he should be able to handle your ’emotional outbursts’ by accepting them to be true, and then re-assuring the other person that it is OK, or will be OK.  It seems completely unfair for him to be asking you to stop sharing, so that he does not need to ‘feel bad’, all the while he is telling you that he sometimes ‘feels bad’, and you are re-assuring him that you love him no matter what!

That a lot for you take in, and Im sorry.  Out of both sides, I feel in this instance, he should be the one to change/adapt.  Being emotionally closed off is a hard mountain to climb, as far as being open for change.  Being emotional/open/honest, and sharing your feelings, especially with your SO/FI/DH is incredibly important.  Having fear that if you DO, he will get suicidal is frightening, to say the least.

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@anonymousdddd:  The only thing you can control in life is your own reactions. Your man can’t blame you for how he deals with stress. I absolutely hate crying and annoying displays of emotion too. It makes me want to just walk away (which I often do) and talk to the person when they are feeling more logical and in control.

However, I can go through life telling others how to behave. I can’t tell them that their feelings aren’t valid and that they can’t cry or put extra stress on me. All I can do is control how I react to that situation. Perhaps you do need healthy outlets for your stress, but it sounds to me like your man is the one who needs professional help.

If your partner is upset and crying, your answer shouldn’t be so extreme as to want to kill yourself to escape them. You should want to comfort them and work through the issue. Perhaps you two need to work on aligning your communication styles a bit more, but I definitely think anyone even considering suicide should seek help.

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@anonymousdddd:  It is NOT NOT NOT your fault that your Fiance is having suicidal thoughts.

He is deeply troubled on the inside, and he REALLY needs therapy.

Don’t let him deflect this on you–and it may get better but will probably get worse if left alone.

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@anonymousdddd:  My FI’s brother and SIL went through the same thing. This does NOT mean that you are at fault. His brother moved back to his parents for a little to regain focus but SIL stayed in their house. He also switched jobs because he was miserable there. He also went to counseling to figure things out. They have been happily married awhile and he is much better!! 

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